RERN Battle Rework 2019 Refund Thread

That all looks correct to me.

Eternalis: + 30000z, 400 BugFrags
Terra: +15000z, 300 BugFrags
Scourge: +5000z
Erysichthon: +5000z
Hex: Speed Upgrade x1 (5000z)
Ego: Speed Upgrade v1 (100 Bugfrags)

Hex: Level 11 > -3 > 8
Ego: Level 7 > -5 > 2
Looks correct. Approved.

Hex: +5000z, +100 BugFrags
-3 Speed Upgrades (5000+10000+15000z = 30000z)

18 -> (-6) > 12
That looks correct, you're approved ^.^

Rass.Exe: +30000z
*grumble grumble*

DruidMan has 3 speed upgrades, so 30k refund, minus 6 levels. Sim never got a speed up, so she's the same. FactoryMan and LanternMan are also unchanged, because they exist for no reason.
Sylk has 3 speed upgrades, 30k refund and -6 levels.

Katran has 1 speed upgrade, 5k refund and -2 levels
DruidMan GET: 30000z
DruidMan LOSE: Speed Upgrade x3

Sylk GET: 30000z
Sylk LOSE: Speed Upgrade x3
Katran GET: 5000z
Katran LOSE: Speed Upgrade x1
Joseph/Sparks.EXE: +30,000z, -3 Speed upgrades, -8 levels
Lucky.SP: +300 Bugfrags, -2 speed upgrades, -10 levels

Frio.EXE, GigaMan.EXE didn't have Speed upgrades, or SP's so they are fine.
I can approve that,

Sparks: +30000z, +300 Bugfrags