Sharo Research (Event OOC)

This is for all OOC for the event Sharo Research, go nuts ^^
Okay then. Strategy time!
...or at least, it will be when Squalo pops up. Right now we're just kicking the @$$es of these viruses.

And for any of you that didn't remember, multiple attack chips dispel wisps!
At least, I think they do...
Whoever said you were fighting Squalo?
I'll be at my mothers house this weekend and for spring break a bit, who sadly dosnt have a computer anymore. /blah So yeah, i doubt I'll be online at all, at least untill Wednesday I think. I'll try to post in sharo before I go. Should I fail to shake off that wisp, could I have Stryder go into coma or something? /rawr /lol
Just so you all know, the wisp is frozen, breaking deals double damage to frozen ^^
Well, I'm back. Thank god for painkillers.
Using the downstairs computer, and editing my post.

yay for inner mind.

Maybe sometime when Pianissimo isn't posessed, you'll see more of it.
Wisps, to NooBs, 10 HP weaklings, to other experts, do something before we all die!
We've been over that..... most people who have been around the block a few times actually realized that before they attacked. THis is supposed to be a thread for planning and the like, so unless it has a point, please don't clutter these threads.
Sorry, OOC threads attract me.
So with FZ's attacks, WispB should be dead and C at 1, if everything hits. HH's attacks should be ample to finish off WispB if any of FZ's hits miss. That leaves C at at least 1, the one that I'll hopefully ditch also at 1, and the Lark at 20. PA, you wanna try taking out the Lark? Whitey can probably take out C with one of his Vulcans and then wait for the last one to pop out of me and then hit that with the other one. At least, that's my suggestion if we wanna end things this round. Any other ideas?

QUick Edit: Ah, actually with FZ's attacks, WispC should also be dead if everything hits. Still, a Vulcan for good measure might prove wise.....
I agree. We should take good measure against the wisps, cause if they survive, it's only going to be more unnecessary turns of trying to pry it out. As for the lark, PA is more than adequate against it, so if he takes it on, I have faith.
No worries, guys.

That Lark has just about as much chance of surviving as someone eating one of Cut-Me-Own-Throat-Dibbler's "sausages", with the yellow and blue spots, and the green parts that you hope are vegetables...

Sorry. Discworld gives people very strange thoughts...
Right now, I'm almost done reading about the introduction of the infamous Gonne to Ankh-Morpork.


Sorry, though. I have little (read: no) opportunities for posting soon...
But still...

Bottom line: Expect a below average post next.
Note on the Bottom line: My averages have been getting better lately. It'll still probably be a good post. Just not as good.

The OTHER Bottom line: Wow. Discworld gives unbelievably random stupidity to the battle. And long posts. That too.
Sorry for the double post, but sadly Sir Whitey has until approx. 7:00PM today to post...

But still, all will die but the single wisp if we get lucky as hell.
Lol, well it shouldn't matter for this battle, but I see what you're saying. Stryder'll prolly just get dodges anyway, so I wouldn't worry.
Yep. And I just realized, that's 7:00 PM Mountain Standard Time. Just a note...
Yayz for Kawlorawdoe.
For reference, I believe Whitey said that he wouldn't be able to post until Wednesday or something like that.
So doth that mean that everyone has (in essence) posted?
I think so, but I'd really rather wait one more day myself. If Whitey posts, we can probably end things this round. If he doesn't, it'll take us an extra round and that means that all five of us will have to post again. What do the rest of you think?
Well, I just talked to whitey over the phone, and he said that he sould be at his dad's house tomarrow, and sould be able to post then. I figures I sould let the ya know this.