Triple Trouble in the Club

((From Jyve Club))

A small tear started to form in the panels just near the InternetCity portal, but started to grow. It appeared as if the panels themselves were being split apart by a some sort of seismic event, and started to reveal glowing red magma in the chasm that was created. The magma started to bubble before something started to rise out of the molten rock. KaijuMan's head burst to the surface, throwing a spray of magma over the area as more of his body emerged from the chasm. He slowly started to climb out of the tear in the ground as the other Navis logged in as well.

As soon as he climbed out of the hole in the ground, the panels started to shift back into their positions, and left the area seemingly untouched, as if nothing happened.
Ante appeared in her usual white light, accompanied by a burst of poker chips. The effect was far less impressive than rising up from a fiery crag, but she wouldn't have asked for anything fancy regardless. Again, she was forced to cope with the idea of stripping in front of her allies, but a mixture of elements calmed her. First of all, she was already slightly drunk from her limited experience with the NetVegas Royal Flush she'd tried to gulp down, although she still carried herself well. Secondly, she wasn't particularly certain that a giant monster would care much one way or another. Third, she remembered that the last time she'd been made to strip, it had been such a slow process that she was out before her hat came off.

"Oh right, Ante! Should we tell them about your... condition?" Teruko whispered to her navi, raising one eyebrow.

"Do not worry. I'll tell them when it becomes appropriate to do so," her navi responded with a calm smile. "I'm sure they're very battle-focused individuals as well. It's probably nothing to concern ourselves over in this case."

"Yeah... Battle-focused," Teruko sighed, slumping in her chair. "Bored... boooored..." she muttered quietly, tapping her hands up and down on the desk with apathy and mourning the failure of her game idea.
Blue light beamed from the sky...but immediately, it didn't form anything. However, the winds began to stir where it had it, which soon became a great twister. It then died down, revealing its source: ZephyrMan. He looked over at his soon-to-be busting companions, both of which were taller than he expected. Then again, he wasn't exactly small himself...just absurdly light. "Seems we're all here. Excellent! Ante, KaijuMan, it's a pleasure to see you in person!"

"Screw the formalities, we're here to kick ass and take names! And then take some money, and maybe chips if we're lucky!" The rest of Ariel's drink vanished, as she put it into her digestive tract. "And this time, we've got partners, so it'll be a piece of cake!"

"Indeed!" A gust surrounded the Navi, now eager to begin the process. "Is everyone prepared?"
KaijuMan towered over his companions by 3 feet or more, and straightened his posture to bring this height advantage to light. He wasn't too fond of having others with him, especially ones he assumes he's not allowed to crush. However, he didn't completely ignore them, both of them were interesting and new to him, especially the Navi named ZephyrMan. He glanced over towards both of them, giving both a slight nod.
Of course I'm prepared. I want viruses to destroy!

John looked over at his two female comrades and shrugged.
That's KaijuMan for ya.

John took another swig of his beer, and KaijuMan looked around his new surroundings, looking for any sort of movement or something out of interest.

((Ready for Battle #1))
"It's my pleasure to meet you two in person. I'm certain we will have many fine battles together," Ante addressed her new allies, doing a small curtsy and apparently failing to realize that curtsies had been out of style for centuries. A small hiccup escaped her throat as she finished, evidence again of the drink that had gone down earlier. "Excuse me," she muttered.

"Alright Ante, go get em! Don't let these guys show you up!" Teruko whispered all-too-loudly into her PET's receiver. "The least interesting bet is one that goes towards the odds. Because you're a girl, you've gotta beat that manly beard guy and that giant monster for this to be exciting!"

The navi looked somewhat alarmed, then shook her head. "You know as well as I do that my gender has no impact on my fighting capabilities."

"Yeah, but you'll also be getting gradually more and more naked!" she hissed. Ante shook her head in a distinct, jerky back-and-forth motion, indicating that it was far too early to reveal that tidbit. "Er, well, that is sort of a disadvantage, right?"

"I suppose you're right. All the same, they're comrades in battle, not rivals. Please try to think of them as such," Ante pleaded, then set her hat straight upon her head with precision and readied herself to look for viruses.

((Ready for battle 1))
Though no one could see it through his beard, ZephyrMan smiled widely, pleased at his comrades' responses. "Then let us begin!"


"What is it, Ariel?"

"Hold on a sec..." The young woman froze for a moment, as though her body had finally revolted from the amount of alcohol it had taken. "...BUUUUUUUUURP!!!...Sorry, everyone!" Maybe now she'd learn to stop. "Hey, waiter! How about another one of these?" ...Or not.

"Ahh, my apologies. She's normally not like this, but tonight, she's..."

"Drunk out of her fucking mind!" The operator raised her arms, as though it were some sort of accomplishment to be proud of.

"...I suppose I couldn't have said it better." He proceeded to follow the other two, though he was mumbling something nearly inaudible to the others, unless they concentrated hard on it.

"Oh, I dread the hangover she'll have in the morning..."

(Searching for Battle #1)
((Added in which panels the viruses were on. - CC))

All three traveled forth along the Club's network, noticing other navis getting quite inebriated as well. They all decided that nothing would happen if they just stuck around the main place so they all looked around for some more desolate area.


Soon enough, they came across a wandering Metool, it was walking quite oddly, and the navis could guess at why. There were drinks after all.

Before they could take easy pickings. Three Canondumbs rose out of the ground and surrounded the group while a Billy and two Bunnys dropped from the sky, landing on the Canondumbs, before hopping off and chattering in some virus language toward the navis.

The Metool looked around, quite confused, before waving its pickaxe drunkenly. In another instant, two Powies appeared at its side, trying to ease the Metool with a massage. The virus nodded in thanks before eyeing Ante weirdly. Chattering to the Powies, they all nodded at each other before making scary faces at the Poker navi.

The Billy jabbed at KaijuMan, chattering noisily while the Bunnies hopped up and down in aggravation.

The floor was really flashy for some reason. Hm.

Billy: 50 HP (Solar)
CanodumbA: 50 HP (Metal)

BunnyA: 50 HP (Solar)
CanodumbB: 50 HP (Metal)
PowieA: 60 HP (Solar)
Metool: 40 HP (Metal)
PowieB: 60 HP (Solar)

BunnyB: 50 HP (Metal)
CanodumbC: 50 HP (Solar)

50% Solar, 50% Metal (Checkerboard Dance Floor Arrangement)

KaijuMan.EXE: 170 HP
Ante.EXE: 150 HP
ZephyrMan.EXE: 150 HP

KaijuMan and the rest of the group spotted the Metool wandering lazily around, then somehow calling in a surprising number of reinforcements to the field. The reptilian Navi's spines twitched in anticipation as John already started to slot in a shotgun chip. He tried to select his target, before the Billy made the very big mistake of provoking him. Viruses should know not to piss off a Navi that's 8x their size, and almost 10x heavier.

KaijuMan whipped his head towards the Billy before his body caught up and lined up with the virus; his feet thumping against the ground heavily. KaijuMan leaned down and roared at the Billy, hitting it with a wave of hot air. The squat yellow virus could see a glow emerging from KaijuMan's throat, and it started to glow brighter and brighter until it seemed to shoot from the Navis mouth and make a beeline straight towards it. The projectile exploded with a violent spray of glowing shrapnel, which peppered the area with the sharpened slivers of metal, and hopefully perforated the Canodumb behind the Billy virus.

KaijuMan's yellow eyes then shifted towards the drunken Metool and the pair of Powie viruses at its sides. His mouth was still open, and he held his head low as he turned towards them. His tail swayed slightly as he turned, and the four spines on his head started to twitch continuously as they began to glow a deep crimson. A red glow started to appear in his mouth, which got brighter and brighter; enough for the light to shine even out of his nostrils. KaijuMan tried to keep the Metool directly in front of him as he fired a molten chunk of rock towards it. The red and black projectile literally burned through the air, leaving a trail of black smoke as it went. As soon as it hit something, it exploded in a large fireball, and covered the area with molten rock as well as a shower of flickering embers.

The heat from the fiery projectile caused his teeth to glow slightly, but they began to glow even brighter, until they literally became white hot. The air around his head rippled with heat distortion, but KaijuMan continued to watch the viruses in front of him carefully. He was waiting for one of those Powies to counter-attack, and he would be waiting to tear it to shreds with his superheated jaws.

1. Shotgun1: Billy, CanodumbA (50dmg + Splash2) [Mass Destruction]
2. Lava Mortar: Metool, PowieA,B (40dmg Fire + Blast2 + 2TCD) [+ Break]
3. Drain Crunch: PowieA (30dmg Fire Lifedrain + Melee Attack + Self Slow + 1TCD)


Lava Mortar: 2 Turns Remaining
Drain Crunch: 1 Turn Remaining
King of Diamonds
Nine of Hearts
Ace of Hearts
Seven of Clubs
Jack of Clubs


Seven of Clubs --> King of Hearts
Nine of Hearts --> Two of Diamonds


Ante frowned as she noticed the words "swap 2" read out in her strip glitch's programming. "What's this? Now the computer is swapping out two cards? This can only be bad..." she muttered, crossing her arms across her chest. She could barely focus on the viruses as she was preoccupied instead with thoughts of what further glitches might lay in wait beneath the walls set up by her hacker.

Her operator got her back in the game with one of her characteristic exclamations. "Ante, you gotta focus on the battle! That big guy will get all of them before you even move at this rate!" she warned her navi, shaking her fists in an antsy fashion. "I'm going to send you a powerful new chip I bought. It's so super powerful that it'll easily kill any of these guys in one strike!"

Nodding, the navi raised up her scepter and formed its club head. She noticed a new power surging through her... one that wasn't altogether familiar. Perhaps it was something the hacker had put in place, but she wasn't used to receiving any presents from that guy. Still, she was eager to test out a new chip and rose her staff into the air accordingly. "Ah, I recognize this one," she whispered with a smile, then rose her staff into the air. "Jack of Clubs!"

Slowly, the image of a large figure appeared in the air, transparent like an eerie ghost. The figure looked like a playing card Jack, but with a solemn expression and a clubbed scepter similar to Ante's own. With lightning speed, he flipped his scepter over and brought down the club towards the enemies, creating a massive explosion at the point of impact.

"Awesome! Now here's a shotgun! Get those right guys, quick!" Teruko urged her navi, jumping up and down with excitement.

Acknowledging her operator's wishes, Ante pointed her dispensers towards the rightwards group and loaded up a burst of chips. With careful aim, she fired them out, hoping to take out both of the enemies if she could.

"Shockwave, if you please," she asked her operator, then received the weapon and loaded it up into her staff. Another infusion of chips helped power it up, but in addition, she could feel the hacker's strange gift of power whirring inside of her. After raising her club into the air, she brought it back down with a smashing impact, sending a shockwave across the ground. The crevice erupted into more random cards, which scattered across the dance floor.

"Maaan, Ante! You're seriously messing up the dance floor. Do you hate clubs that much?" Teruko pouted.

1) Quake1 to Cannodumb B [100 damage bomb, C accuracy + medium area cracked terrain]
2) Shotgun to BunnyB and Cannodumb C [50 shot attack, A accuracy + splash]
*) Draw Hand to next attack [15 strengthen]
*) Swap Two to next attack [10 strengthen]
*) Variable buff to next attack [11 buff]
3) Shockwave to PowieA, [65] PowieB, [51] and BunnyA [40 ground attack, C accuracy + line]
ZephyrMan looked on at the enemy group, somewhat indifferent at them...mostly because they were busy giving looks at the other two. Apparently, he didn't stand out compared to them. "Ah, it appears that I'm the forgotten Navi of the group."

"Hey, don't complain!"

"This is a three Navi group...there should be equal damage taken throughout all of us!" Noticing KaijuMan was preparing a Shotgun towards the taunting Billy, the wind Navi began to alter the air around the electrical virus, in an attempt to push it between his enormous partner and the nearby Canodumb to ensure maximum viral destruction. Sure, the other two were doing a good job clobbering the group by themselves, but that didn't mean he couldn't tie the bow on it. "Ariel, let's focus on some of the enemies that aren't repeatedly under fire!"

"'Kay!" Let's see...aha, there was a chip. She didn't care what it was, so long as it made viruses go away. "BattleChip, Shotgun! Slot in!"

The tornadic Navi raised his right arm forward, in preparation for the incoming data...yet, nothing happened. "..."

"Uh, let's try that again. BattleChip, Shotgun! Slot in!" ...But nope, still nothing. "Huh? What the hell's wrong with this? I think my PET's busted!"

ZephyrMan brought up an image of the PET screen, immediately noticing something that Specifically, it was upside down. "Perhaps you should try flipping your PET around."

"Um, okay..." Flip! It wasn't a 180 degree change, but it would do. "Ahem! BattleChip, Shotgun! Slot in!" This time, the chip actually entered the appropriate opening, beginning the process of transferring its data. "Hey, it's working now! You're so smart, ZephyrMan!"

With a sigh, the familiar dark blue blaster formed over the Navi's right hand, which was immediately pointed forward. It took a moment, however, for him to determine what wasn't getting the tar beaten out of it quite as much. He settled on one of the pink, electrical viruses, positioning the black nose of the weapon towards it, and subsequently allowing the burst of yellow energy to escape from it. He took a moment to watch the Shotgun blast, before letting the weapon fade into his regular hand to make room for the next attack.

And it was a good thing he took that moment, as Ariel was forced to fumble through her various options, eventually getting something that didn't require entering the main fray, while still inflicting pain on the enemy. "Yes! Found it! BattleChip, Thunder! Slot in!"

Once again, ZephyrMan extended his right arm, this time opening his hand to reveal his palm. A ball of electricity formed in front of it, which he shifted to point at a Canodumb, and gave it a gentle push forward. The spark began to slowly travel, ready to shock whatever came too close. There wasn't much else he could do to influence it, so he awaited further instruction. Though, considering his operator's admission earlier, one had to wonder why he wasn't providing the instructions.

"Um...ah, screw it!" Suddenly ceasing to care about what the next move was, the drunken pilot grabbed a third chip and slammed it in, having absolutely no idea what chip it was. "BattleChip...something! Slot in!"

"Something?" Before he could receive an elaboration, a yellow and green shield formed in front of him, allowing him to realize that he had gotten their Guard. It appeared that his allies were too busy tearing apart the viruses to join him behind its protection, so the wind Navi began to manipulate his shield, trying to taunt the foe by moving it around a bit, so that anything left would try and blast him instead of the others.

[Order of Turn:
0a-Gust subtype ability on Billy (Pull Billy between KaijuMan and CanodumbA)
1-Shotgun chip attack on BunnyA (50, Spread 1)
2-Thunder1 chip attack on CanodumbB (40, Elec, Stun, Homing)
3-Guard1 chip on ZephyrMan (60-, Blocks and reflects one attack as shock wave]
KaijuMan, ever the diplomat, began negotiations for the utter destruction of all the viruses by charging up a Shotgun blast. Before he could do so, ZephyrMan helped him out a bit by pulling the two front viruses into a neat little line that KaijuMan subsequently obliterated. Meanwhile, Ante attempted to keep up by calling down less-than-royal wrath upon the second Canodumb and ruining the dance floor very efficiently. Unfortunately, the virus did get a shot off at its attacker before being wiped off the face of the Net (20). Next, KaijuMan unleashed hell on the inebriated Metool and one of the Powies near it. As he did, Ante and ZephyrMan each tried their hand at Shotgunning different viruses. Ante's shot ended up veering toward the Bunny, but the nimble virus hopped out of the way and spared the right group from harm. ZephyrMan's, however, managed to make contact solely because the target was too busy firing a ring of electricity at KaijuMan (10). The Thunder that followed attempted to corner the first Powie instead of its intended target, but the virus made a large jump out of the way to avoid it.

Finally, Ante prepared her staff and an array of powerups for it before bringing it down and launching a fierce shockwave along the ground. The attack tore through the first Powie and finished it off, but the second Powie was too far out of the way to be hit. Instead, KaijuMan took matters into his own hands and attempted to grab the thing like a chew toy, but the virus once again made a large jump away and ended up grouped with the remainder of the viruses.

Oh, and ZephyrMan put up a Guard. Then the last Canodumb decided to take action and fire at him, which didn't work. Go figure.

CanodumbA: DELETED

CanodumbB: DELETED

PowieB: 60 HP (Solar)
BunnyB: 50 HP (Metal)
CanodumbC: 30 HP (Solar)

40% Solar, 40% Metal (Checkerboard Dance Floor Arrangement)
20% Cracked (Totally ruined part of the dance floor)

KaijuMan.EXE: 160 HP (Solar) [Stun][Slow]
Ante.EXE: 130 HP (Metal)
ZephyrMan.EXE: 150 HP (Solar)
KaijuMan snarled as he felt his muscles lock up from the electricity that jumped through is body. He struggled to move and glared at the bunny virus angrily.
Grrr... John, shockwave.

John put down his beer as he fished the requested chip from his pocket and slotted it into the PET. KaijuMan felt the presence of the chip, and continued to attempt to overpower the stun, and regain his movement. His fingers, calves, neck, and tail twitched as he regained control. He managed to turn towards the group of viruses to his right, and slowly raised his right foot from the ground.

With a sharp jerking movement, KaijuMan slammed his foot down to the ground, causing the panel to slightly sink into the ground, and kicked up a circular wave of dust and debris from the shock of seismic energy introduced to the ground. The battlechip's power used the existing seismic energy and not only amplified it, but also gave it a finite direction. The result was a very powerful shockwave that churned through the ground in a beeline towards the trio of viruses.

KaijuMan watched begrudgingly as he felt his muscles painfully clench up again, and making him nearly immobile again.

1. Stunned
2. Shockwave: PowieB, BunnyB, CanodumbC (40dmg + Ground Attack + Line Attack)
3. Wait


Lava Mortar: 1 Turn Remaining
Drain Crunch: Ready
King of Diamonds
Three of Clubs
Jack of Spades
Jack of Diamonds
Queen of Spades


Three of Clubs ---> Six of Spades
King of Diamonds --> Three of Hearts


Red spilled to the floor as Ante fell back from the cannon attack, barely catching herself by using her scepter for support. The red that spilled to the floor wasn't blood, however... it was poker chips. Ante's boots had exploded into chips simultaneously along with the attack, which she supposed was a good thing. It wasn't likely that her allies would notice her lack of footwear or the chips during the heat of battle. "I wasn't expecting that particular virus to retaliate... my movement speed really isn't what it used to be," she muttered to herself, readjusting her hat on her head as she spoke.

She wasn't terribly troubled by the injury, since it wasn't all that severe. More so, she realized that their team synergy didn't seem as good as it had with Gale in her earlier busting run. KaijuMan seemed generally hard to connect with and ZephyrMan was agitated with his operator (by Ante's limited experience with Ariel, she figured he had reason to be upset). She also had a sense that he realized that their group was disorganized as well. "Perhaps if I were to take a supporting role while allowing him to take the battle in his own direction, he would feel more at ease," she reasoned to herself, then prepared a few Queen of Spades cards to mark her enemies. "The only chip that I require at the moment is Attack +10, Teruko," she requested.

"Hey, Ante, your shoes-!" the operator exclaimed, then clapped her hands over her mouth. She remembered that there was a good chance Ante wouldn't want to reveal that bug just yet. "Er, oh, yeah," she mumbled through her hands, then slotted through the chip.

Nodding, Ante accepted it and then loaded the black queen cards into her scepter. With a wide arc of her arm, she swung the spade-headed staff and released adhesive-backed, strength-sapping cards from its head. "This should keep us safe while you move in for whatever attack you have in mind, Sir," she explained to her ally with a small curtsy, which unfortunately revealed briefly the black cloth covering on her feet; the cloth hugged the feet in such a way as to make their elegant curve noticeable in a way decidedly different from a shoe's.

Ante watched the enemies cautiously, then waited to see how her ally would follow up on her setup. As she waited, she was especially careful to keep an eye on the enemies to make sure she didn't get hit with any cheap shots.

*) Draw Hand debuff to PowieB [15 (strengthen) debuff]
*) Swap Two debuff to BunnyB [10 (strengthen) debuff]
*) Variable debuff to CannodumbC [11 (buff) debuff]
*) Attack +10 debuff to CannodumbC [10 (support) debuff]
1) Dodge
2) Dodge
3) Dodge
Unlike the other two, ZephyrMan didn't have to recoil from the strike of a virus, due to the simple logic of him not actually getting hit. Still, he wasn't exactly thrilled with his allies being harmed, especially since they were the ones that had done most of the work so far. "Stay back, you two! I shall handle the rest!" ...Or perhaps not, as KaijuMan struck with some kind of ground attack, that happened to resemble a Mettaur. "...Or, perhaps now I shall!"

"Oh, I bet you want THAT, don't you?" And it wasn't even hard to get THAT, since there were only two unused chips left to pick from. "Got it! BattleChi-oh, wait, you should probably move over first. Just because I'm drunk doesn't mean I can be a total idiot!"

"Indeed!" With as much haste as he could muster, the wind Navi began to hover over toward the remaining Bunny virus, not stopping until he was practically next to it. He then began to increase the speed of his tornadoes, in an attempt to push in the paperweight not too far from him by stirring up winds behind it. "All right, send it over!"

"Yes sir!"! "BattleChip, RingZap2! Slot in!"

ZephyrMan's arms suddenly began to crackle, as two balls of electricity formed and began to revolve around him. He could rest easier during the attack than usual thanks to Ante, since he didn't need to worry much about getting hit. ...Speaking of which, even though he didn't take any damage from it, he needed to get some payback for the cannon blast he took earlier. Not wanting the final chip just in case, he began to stir the winds in front of him, creating a whirlwind. With a single, unspoken command, it spun forward, towards the Canodumb that had tried to induce harm upon him...

[Order of Turn:
1-Get within melee range of BunnyB (movement)
1a-Gust subtype ability on PowieB (Pull within melee range of ZephyrMan)
2-RingZap2 chip attack on ZephyrMan (40, Elec, attacks every action user is within melee range of enemy)
3-Storm Spin sig attack on CanodumbC (40, Knockback)]
The remaining viruses stood no chance, not even letting them attack back before they were completely pulverized!

CanodumbA: DELETED

CanodumbB: DELETED

CanodumbC: DELETED

40% Solar, 40% Metal (Checkerboard Dance Floor Arrangement)
20% Cracked (Totally ruined part of the dance floor)

KaijuMan.EXE: 160 HP (Solar) [Stun][Slow]
Ante.EXE: 130 HP (Metal)
ZephyrMan.EXE: 150 HP (Solar)

600z + 3 FXP
KaijuMan grunted as he saw the last trio of viruses fall. His muscles still tingled from the shock he received a few moments earlier, but he had regained full movement. He walked over towards some of the wreckage left over, and found some Zenny data. He looked back at his comrades, and paused for a moment. He seemed to be thinking rather intently, making a decision of some sort. He then started to move away, his tail moving over the Zenny data, and taking only a 3rd of it. It seems he decided not to just take all the spoils for himself.

He started to make his way forward and deeper into the Network. John took another sip of his beer, and watched to see what his Navi would do. It seemed as if he was just going to continue onward by himself, which wouldn't surprise John that much, considering his Navi's rather introverted personality. However, KaijuMan turned back and glanced over at his allies.
You two coming or not?

John shrugged as he placed his class on the bar, and glanced over to his female busting partners.
It seems he's ready for more, want to keep going?

((Ready for Battle #2))
"A pleasing outcome," Ante sighed, then walked forward to catch up with KaijuMan. "Really, he certainly is a busy one," she muttered to herself.

"You seem sort of calm, Ante. Hee hee, I'm surprised! What's got you feeling so good, huh? Is the alcohol finally setting in?" Teruko asked, tilting up her own glass to take another drink.

The navi shook her head, then pressed one hand to her chest. "I just feel comfortable in a group such as this. My allies are fighters who keep their mind on the battle in front of them. You might say I'm in my element in a setting such as this," she explained to her operator.

Teruko received the zenny, then smiled back at John. "Well sure, we're ready! That was totally just a warm up. The next fight is where we get serious!" she laughed confidently, crossing her arms beneath her breasts.

Ante took another swig of her drink for courage, then continued further into the net.

((Ready for Battle 2))
Having traveled to the viruses in order to eliminate then, ZephyrMan didn't even have to move to access his chunk of the reward data. It was just cash this time, so he figured he wouldn't say anything about it and avoid his drunken operator make a fool of herself. "Excellent work, everyone!"

"Oh yeah, those viruses were TOAST!" Ariel raised her arms in celebration, nearly causing her to wobble and fall out of her chair...nearly. "Let's keep going and kick some more ass!"

"...Perhaps I wouldn't word it so strongly, but, yes. We should proceed!" The wind Navi floated along, making sure to keep up with the other two as trio looked for more foes.

(Searching for Battle #2)
Making their way out of the partially ruined club area, Ante, KaijuMan and ZephyrMan began following a road of solar panels into a more standard section of network. There were still numerous floating signs around and the solar panels glowed a little brighter than normal, however. As the trio approached some of these floating signs, numerous viruses emerged from behind them! Apparently they had been waiting to ambush someone, although more importantly it was impressive how many of the things could hide behind a few signboards.

--Around Signboard A--
Lark A: 100HP (Normal)
Champu A: 60HP (Solar)
Champu B: 60HP (Solar)

--Around Signboard B--
Swordy-E A: 80HP (Normal)
Lark B: 100HP (Normal)
Swordy-E B: 80HP (Normal)
Metool: 40HP (Solar)

--Around Signboard C--
Lark C: 100HP (Normal)
Magneaker A: 70HP (Solar)
Magneaker B: 70HP (Normal)

60% Normal
40% Solar (Crossroad of paths meeting at center of area)

--Objects-- (Lined up horizontally along intersecting solar road from left to right, each a fair distance apart)
Signboard A: 100HP
Signboard B: 100HP
Signboard C: 100HP

KaijuMan.EXE: 160 HP (Solar)
Ante.EXE: 130 HP (Solar)
ZephyrMan.EXE: 150 HP (Solar)

Team Battle 2 Start!