It's happened: The Cybeasts have resurfaced once more.

Before I continue discussion on this topic, I must ask: Who of you, the NetBattling community, was active in the time of Infernos, Masunaga, and Wong?
I was. I remember those discussions vaguely.
I remember that Infernos was "Captured" in a SciLabs infiltration with a proxy Firewolf...
And I remember lots of stuff from the time that Requiem took on the Cybeasts.
I remember a lot of things, but this is about Cybeasts, right Kaz?

Cheshire told me a couple things, but neither Swift or I know much about it. I was indisposed until a month or so after the whole thing blew over, and Swift...

I dunno, I just knew him for a minute or two back then. Seemed pretty distant... I think he just didn't pay any attention. Gotta love ten year olds. Heh heh.

All I know is pretty vague. That Infernos guy went missing while studying the Cybeasts, right? And then another guuy, a navi, who was researching them went crazy and started attacking people. Name was, um... Sunrise? Something like that.

Sorry. Don't think I'm gonna be of much help with this discussion.

I was active as well, as you probably remember. Swing (my navi at the time, for those who don't remember me or weren't active then) himself fought the cybeast Drauchen.
-Duke Rigel
My brother may know stories about these people. The only thing I know is that they're back and they need to be stopped. I do somehow remember that Drakkas was linked to the Cybeasts in an odd way... I don't remember what the link was exactly on the other hand.

Area Darkholme
Oh... You're talking about that thing Area?
I have two letters for you, so I know you can figure it out.
B. O.
That's all for that, if you've heard of B.O. you can tell me, and we'll probably continue the discussion.
Hmmmm... Two good people who are first-hands experts on that subject are Dethis Harbin and Simon Stone. Don't really know where they are though.
Of course, this is Cybeast related, if you think really hard about it, well, not that hard.
Your information is a bit behind. Infernos is dead. It didn't make big news because it was covered up by the excitement of the tournament, but he was put up for ransom, then killed as soon as the police arrived on the scene. The police are blaming an entity called the NetMafia.

This, however, belongs on a rumor forum, not my debate forum. If any of you wishes to discuss this information, or information about Gabriel and Rhianna, or Elma and Surline (who I assume are still active) please post on Dethis' Rumor Forum, not here.

The reason for this post is that now that the Cybeasts have resurfaced, Masunaga and Wong's research is now relevant once more. They stated that Cybeasts draw power from the net itself, and that multiple Beasts may be encountered, each one a fragment of a 'Mother Beast.' They also argued that the Cybeasts did not need to be stopped, and furthermore, that it was a meaningless effort.

In the seven years that I fell out of inactivity, I never heard of aggressive Cybeast activity... until now.

Please post your speculations about the Cybeasts here, as well as your opinions about Masunaga and Wong's research. As one of the few who took their side, I look forward to them becoming active posters again, in light of the current situation.
Gunner and I have just encountered one of the Cybeasts. Our small team's pretty effective except for one member who hasn't got his bearings yet, and we're holding our own. This might not be appropriate to the discussion, since I'm more than likely just imagining things, but when it first appeared, its roar sounded... Odd. Anguished. I have no idea what this means yet, but I'm hoping to find out more any way I can. If any of you have an idea as to the reason, I'd be thankful to hear it.

As for another point... Kazu, you said doctors Masunaga and Wong claimed that the Cybeasts didn't need to be stopped. Why, then, was my team walled in by brambles and a jack-out barrier? The beast's trapped us. Unless it's feeling wantonly violent, I don't see a reason for this behaviour. After all, it just feeds off of the Net; it shouldn't have a reason to delete navis.

Of course, I'm making a couple of dangerous assumptions. We have no knowledge that the beast did indeed create the barrier, and it is true that it may be fighting in self-defense. In the case that my assumptions are false, things are even worse; it would mean that something even more powerful is out there, manipulating these things.

If the Cybeasts managed to pull themselves together and settle down for seven years, then it must have been something major to rile them up into activity again. I only know a little bit about Cybeasts, mostly common knowledge I've aquired since I've moved to the mainland, really, but wasn't it stated that Cybeasts only act in self-defense? If something caused the Cybeasts to start moving about again, then jack-out barriers and the like could easily be seen as simple self perservance, as no one could jack IN to those areas, either.

Of course, that's easy for me to say, but harder to belive, as my Navi is similarly trapped in Netfrica by Drauchen.

The real question here is; What could spook not one, but all four Cybeasts?

Remember, if you will, that all of our information is handed to us straight from Masunaga and Wong. Unless someone can cite another study, the only information that I have is their research at the very beginning of the phenomenon, and after Surline was labeled a cyber-arsonist, the two didn't release any more research.
I would like to note something in this topic. My operator and I encountered a wild cybeast on the Netopian Network. I can not say any more details due to special reasons, but I thought it would've been some type of help to your interest.

-KoF&T (King of Fist and Tea)
Yes, Jean showed me the news yesterday. The Cybeasts are making reappearances all over the Net. Titania and Oberon have them for themselves...

Steve brings up an excellent point. The Cybeasts were unveiled, then swallowed in the political/media frenzy that was the Rogues. After this they fell silent, leaving us to wonder what Masunaga and Wong would have said. Something awakened them back then and someting seems to have done the same right now.

This may be meaningless, but perhaps we should all speculate on what the cause for this could be...

~Kazuhiro Sachio Ishihara
Silly Gun, throwing my name around like that. Slip of the tongue, I guess. Don't really need to keep my head down anymore, though... Heh heh.

Anyway, wasn't there some kind of weird post on some BBS a while back? I don't really remember, but it was something like "Wood. Fire. Aqua. Elec. Of our darkness were they born, and to it they shall return." Kind of creepy, and really pointless. I mean, if this all some kind of plot, it's stupid for the plotter to go around gloating. I'd keep it under my hat.

Anyway, my point is, someone must have caused this on purpose. I'm not sure why, really, and any guesses I'd make would be really, really far off. I know more than Gun on the matter, but I'm not god or anything like that. What shut those guys up in the first place? The scientists said no one could kill them, right? They'd just, uh... Reappear.

That stupid kid... Killed a Cybeast?

<Arco Swift and Cheshire.EXE>
All reports from the Cybeast expeditions state that the Cybeast's weren't killed per se.
They were in fact, dispered into many "mini" versions of themselves and scattered across the net.
Thus the term, Mini-Cybeasts, will be presented.
An encounter with one of these Mini-Cybeasts should be reported to either, here, for no reason, or the NetPolice, probably to force them to release information that Cybeasts, really are running rampant.
Though, thinking about it, I think we all know that they really do exist, so just reporting it again would be kind of pointless...

-Fujiwara Shin
Sorry, Shin, butI must ask, where did you get this information?
((Going IC, he's not RS, he's Fujiwara Shin. >.>))

I can vouch that the operator of RedRidingHood.EXE was there to witness the destruction of the Cybeast Riccio. Therefore, he must have seen the same thing as I did: namely, the dispersal of smaller cybeasts upon the destruction of the former.

If you're asking why report it to the Netpolice, I believe that's a little obvious myself.

-Rania Firebrand

I must apologize for my failure to introduce myself, along with my Navi. I operate Titania and Oberon, a strange pair of Navis that participated in the battle against Riccio.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must be getting to bed. I'll start with a new post on this BBS tomorrow.
I can cite another source: "Falzar and Greger. The original cybeasts. Falzar, one of the sky, whose talons shredded many Netnavis..... Greger, one of the land, created from bugs, whose powerful roar destroyed many severs........ Both defeted, sealed." And another source: Megaman.EXE, who fought Falzar and destroyed him after he was unsealed.