Albel Art

Yeah, I'm still alive. I just draw a lot nowadays, here are two of my characters, Sieg and Gungnir.

Cool beans. Nice muscle work and Gungnir's... uh... Gungnir looks awesome.

So far as critique goes, I still think it might help to try giving your characters more of a forehead. The navi earplate things also seem quite large in comparison to his other facial features. The ear should also generally be kept so that it's on level with the eyes and nose.

I like his cool ab-wrap though. XD Wish I knew a better term for it.
1. I love that weapon for some reason. Does that sort of weapon have a name?

2. As if you matter anymore? Albel, you probably drew half the members' Navis. And probably will draw more, if people start asking.

Still, cool people. I improved my drawing in one thing. Faces. I can make faces/heads.

But the bodies suck.

But I'm trying.

Good job.
That weapon has several names...Though, I don't think there is anything official. In FFIX, that style of weapon is referred to as a twin blade.

Anyway, Albel...Damn your good.
The sword is called a Vulge. And thanks for the kind words.
Interesting name.

Looking forward to many more works of art. Now that you have your own thread I won't have to go hunting.
Wewt, Chaos for Zanallen

OOOOOooooooooooo.......... /dreamy Thank you soooooo much!

As I said, it's only a matter of time before more requests pop up.

But I don't know if that's good or bad.
Sorry for being an ass, but Chaos' feet just don't look right to me.

I'd ask you to draw Phoenix, but you probably don't have time for user requests.
I might do it. If people put up requests here, I'll probably do them as I find time.
*pushes Area and Divinity at Gun*
Draw one of them and I'll team up with you.[/blackmail][/lies]

Just an example of four of the forms Gungnirs sword can take when he uses his various Signature attacks. I still have to draw the last one, but I'm gonna take time and be careful on that one.
I...don't suppose you can draw Pianissimo?
Do those names mean something or are they just made up?

They look sweet. Of course, most drawings of yours are.

I can remember a select few. Like that Militiaman BeastOut. Man, that one looked too cool.

Man, I'm really flattering you.

You deserve it though, O Drawer of Rockman Neo.
The names of the swords are based off of Norse lore, arn't they?
They totally are.
Yes, All my sigature attacks are based off of Nordic Mythology. I can Add Pianissimo to my list of reqiests, and I will draw him when time allows me ^^

Divinity for Shuryou
Shuryou likes. Shuryou likes A LOT. You even made her better than I had in my mind. <3