The "What Are You Listening To Right Now" Thread.

I had no idea as to whether or not there may have been a prior thread like this, but noticing its absence, I felt obligated to post one.

Here, the rules are simple: Tell us the song(s) or album(s) you are currently listening to, and why you're listening to such, or even indulge us as to why you enjoy the artist or song. Please, no ridiculously long lists or current playlists; simplicity is sound: The less you list, the more you can post.

Like so:

I'm listening to this Song: This House Is Empty Now - Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach, Arranged by Bill Frisell; from the album 'The Sweetest Punch: The Songs of Costello and Bacharach'.

Why: Elvis Costello is one of the most versatile composers I've ever come across. From Jazz (Painted From Memory, North) to Fusion (Monofuku) to Rock (This Year's Model, Oliver's Army), from Country (Almost Blue) to a cumbersome list of Classical Endeavors, this guy has done almost everything. His collaboration with Burt Bacharach, creating the album 'Painted From Memory', is one of his most celebrated, and, to my regard, one of the greatest albums I've ever heard. About a year after it's '99 release, fellow musician Bill Frisell put out an album, arranging all of Elvis and Burt's tracks entirely, creating a more acoustic vibe of every jaw-dropping tune. 'This House Is Empty Now' is one of my favorite arrangements on the album; though it's not as good as the original version, it still is quite the tear-jerker. Right now, it's a good outlet to console the bad omens I've encountered lately.
For the last few days I've been listening to the few Blink-182 songs I've got from my friend, consisting of:

What's My Age Again?
All The Small Things
Adam's Song
The Rock Show
Feeling This

Mainly because they're mostly cheery, fun songs and I enjoy singing along. Also, three of the aforementioned songs came out on Rock Band on Tuesday, which prompted me to give them a listen.

The week before I was listening to Incubus' Morning View album because I started with Nice to Know You and ended up simply letting it run through. The final track is really weird, however.
Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger's Theme, 'cause I felt nostalgic.

Messenger From the Void - Salamander Factory - Super Robot Taisen OG1. It's a good theme, indeed.

Also: A lot of the SRW4, K, Z and OG soundtracks. Good music for playing games with crappy music.
What I'm listening to now: Successful Mission by Megumi Hayashibara

Why: Successful Mission is one of the songs used in the openings of one of my favorite anime, "Saber Marionette J." Because of the lyrics and how the music always reminds me of the "robot girl" anime it is heard in, I decided to adopt the song as a theme for Machman.EXE's Support Program, Aera. The lyrics basically portray that she was born to love (Mach), and though she sometimes feels lost in her existence, she can find the answers with the help of (Mach's) love.

((Huh, so the Angel of Death can be a sucker for love...))

I'm also listening to Stricken by Disturbed, from their album "Indestructible."

Why: It's one of my favorite songs by Disturbed, mainly because the song starts off very strong, and doesn't dip in intensity until it's absolute end. Edit: It also has a wicked guitar solo.

((There we go, much better. >:3 ))
Update time!

Current Albums are 'Yu Gi Oh Duel Monsters: Kettou I, Sound Duel, and Sound Duel 2' By Shinkichi Mitsumune.

Why: Jesus-tit-sucking christ, why not? I don't care what anyone says, these tunes either know how to pump your adrenaline or tug at your heart strings. An absolutely stellar score more than 90% of the time; these soundtracks are the best of the series.
If anything Yu-gi-oh has some fucking awesome music.

Er, for the past couple of days I've been listening to SKILL, VICTORY, and GONG from the JAM Project Best Collection.

Why: It's JAM Project, seriously. These guys are awesome.
Currently, I'm listening to Cave Story BGM, There She Is!! music, and this compilation.

Cave Story - Very detailed, even if it's 16-bit or something like that.
There She Is!! - Makes me feel hopeful because of its upbeat qualities.
This Compilation - Problem Sleuth reminiscing.
Dream Theater - A Nightmare to Remember

Why? Because it kicks ass, and after the concert last night I'll probably be on a DT high for the next week or two
"The greatest show unearthed" by creature feature

...and my HP lovecraft audiobooks, cause I need inspiration...
Well right now I am listening to my roommate watch the movie Push. Does that count?

As for why, because he doesn't have his headphones on and I can hear it xD
Been listening to lots of Guns n' Roses, since I began to drive quiet alot these days and had to listen to some type of radio to keep me awake. Also, a Korean group called "Clazziquai," Listening to that much more than usual because 만날 이 음학 드릴대마다 기분 조아~
PoP - Pop goes my heart. :3
Been listening to the same song, and the same record, non-stop today:

Aoi Hana - Color Bottle; Otherwise known as the Opening Theme for Casshern SINS.

Why - This song is absolutely beautiful. The lyrics are sentimental, thought-provoking, and the melody is one of those you can't quite dismiss from your brain no matter how hard you try. Casshern = Best Reboot of a franchise yet. Hell, Battlestar Galactica can't hold a candle to this. :lol: I might try singing japanese if this continues...

The album 'Aja', recorded in 1977 by Steely Dan.

Why - This, is my favorite record. EVAR. Donald Fagen and Walter Becker are the gods of cool, and this record has the Dan Duo at their prime. Aja has the best bridge ever created; Deacon Blues is the Faded Hipster's theme song; Black Cow was so awesome that rappers Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz chose to butcher it by sampling it in one of their hit tracks... The list goes on! Find this record! You'll betray your ears if you don't!

Quote (Goroke)

Been listening to lots of Guns n' Roses, since I began to drive quiet alot these days and had to listen to some type of radio to keep me awake. Also, a Korean group called "Clazziquai," Listening to that much more than usual because 만날 이 음학 드릴대마다 기분 조아~

I can pronounce the Hangul, but I have no idea what it means and I refuse to use babelfail. BTW: 이효리 is mai waifu and 빅뱅 sang at our wedding with Brown Eyes and Girl's Generation at a soundstage special <333333 (I can have dreams too, right?)

Also: Current playlist is my "Battle" playlist, full of battle themes from various games.
Song is EXEC_PAJA/.#Misya extracting, by Akiko Shikata, on the album Ar Tonelico Hymmnos Concert Side Blue -Reading the Stars ~Hoshiyomi~-.

Why? Because I'm about to go get my ass kicked as a spy in TF2, and need some epic music.


Listening to song: Android Warehouse by Steely Dan. (Written some time in the mid 70's.)

Why - This song was unlreleased; no official SD album has this particular piece, along with a slew of bootleg songs written by the Duo that were never released, only dispersed or recycled into later additions to their true repetoire. This song, however, a gem in it's own regard, should have been tacked on one of the earlier Dan records, like Countdown To Ecstasy or Katy Lied. The lyrics have such a dystopian feel to it, and when the track starts, you have this feeling of wonder, as if stepping into a world you've never peered at before. The narrative is top-notch lyric, and I can't help but picture something out of the Rockman X series, honestly.


Daytime you're to proud to brag
About the badge you wore
Nighttime you're to tired to drive
Your chains across the floor
All your guns are gone I'm told
Or in the Aerodrome
Did you die the day they sold
The ones you left at home?

Hold my hand in the Android Warehouse
Who's to know if you take a dive?
Ain't life grand in the Android Warehouse?
What a burner when you take off your goggles and find...
That you're alive!
That you're alive!

Did you really gobble up
The things they claimed you ate?
Were you fit to swallow it
Or scared to clean your plate?
Have you tried to calculate
The hours they'd applaud?
I would guess it's somewhat less
For just another fraud.

Last night I was forced out of my room due to my brother and WoW, so my usual cache of songs was inaccessible. I ended up listening to three songs in particular on my brother's laptop:

Superman's Dead - Our Lady Peace
Alert Status Red - Matthew Good
Fight Fire With Fire - Metallica

Don't ask me why I was listening to that combination, I just like them. I like singing Alert Status Red, and it's quite a meaningful song. Superman's Dead has an interesting sound, and Fight Fire With Fire...I don't know. I just felt like listening to it.