Let's Play: RERN

So yeah.

There are these things called Let's Plays (Or LPs) on Youtube.

They're stuff like This or This.

So of course, being the trendhopper that I am, I had to make one.



Well, I'm going to be doing a LP of Metal Warriors, Medic is going to be doing an LP of some... fish game... and Lori has started up will start up Might possibly in the near far future start up an LP of Super Mario World.

So... yeah.

This will be the topic for LPs.

Let's Play Metal Warriors: Part 1
Let's play Metal Warriors: Part 2
COMING SOON: Let's fail at Let's Play Metal Warriors: Level 3


And I'll be signing up to go through the first six megaman games!

As soon as I figure out just how recording the buggery things works. To the chat! If you can help me, go there!
I'm currently playing Final Fantasy 6 Advance and Golden Sun, but I'm only recording the boss fights...I still need to do some more FF6A bosses and some leveling up. But, they are not Let's Plays.
Whee, bandwagon.

Anyway, I'm debating LP-ing the Touhou patch to Pokemon FireRed, known to most people as Touhoumon, despite officially being called "Touhou Puppet Play" (really stupid name).
And by debating I mean will probably do it, but I may wait the few months (possibly few months after UFO's full release) it'll probably take to see if the guys who made it plan on doing a new version with the Touhou 12 characters.
That or I'll just do both.
I just need a program that lets you record the computer...I have some idea XD
Pirate Fraps.

Quote (English Ninja)




Not a bad job, for a beginner, actually.

Quote (Hiko)

Pirate Fraps.

I don't think fraps works for things like emulators, dude.

I also need a recording program (other than fraps). If someone could get a decent link, that'd be nice. I'd run through a few games.

Ask Twi.
Let's Play's have been around forever. I have a few I did a couple years ago someplace.
I've been using Visual Boy Advance to record my stuff. I can't add in any commentary due to lack of recording software and lack of recording device. And even then, it would be when A. no one's around or B. when my siblings are in bed and i'd be pretty damn quiet...so, at this moment, LP's are out for me. Just recording GBA games for gameplay purposes is more than able...if not somewhat laggy and slow. Poor quality too.

My YouTube page if anyone's interested.
Shameless advertising?! What? Why am I not involved?
I make TF2 vids. Glitches. How-to's. Funny stuff. Trolling. Check it out.

It seems like I won't be able to play any games...*cries*
side note: if you have a program that records the sound from speakers only, edit window's sound options to play the mic over the speakers...

that is all...
My favourite Let's Plays are from DeceasedCrab and his 80-part epic: "Let's Play La-Mulana". I've always wanted to try one. : D

my current favorite is Tatsudoshi, they have 3 people talking. also they are doing bioshock.

I do miss DC, he hasn't updated in forever...
If I ever manage the resources to do this, I'm calling dibs on LP: Battletoads(NES) and LP: Super Double Dragon(SNES)
I think I'll do Red Orchestra (gotten on Steam a few weeks ago, never played yet) once I get Fraps or Hypercam working. Gotta figure out the microphone thing.

Feel free to comment about how bad awesome my playing a fish is.

Oh, and the other stuff too I guess.