Well, It's finally come. I've always wondered if anyone on this board here has played or plays an MMO I play. I've felt like I've met one of you online, so It's always brought up some questions. Now, I've made a thread where you post MMORPGs you play and/or played. This is a good way to meet your fellow MMOers to meet you in game, and others to find games you reccomend.

By the way, I play Guild Wars, SilkRoad and Tibia, and have played many.
Steve. This thread is for people who DO play MMOs. Not jerks like you. Shoo, Monkey, shoo.
Actually, you asked a question, which I answered, you moron.
No, nobody here plays massively multiplayer online games online with massive numbers of players. In the whole world.

But, er, in all seriousness, I haven't played them for a while. Not since my internet went LAN and my interest / time faded.
I used to play Runescape when I was, like, eight, but after a month or so of grinding levels, and another month of scamming clueless newbies and P/King them, I got bored and said, "Screw it." And thus, my life of MMORPGs ended right then and there.

Runescape sucks.

Quote (Phoenix)

Runescape sucks.

Word to that.

MapleStory and FFXI... but I finished playing, not too fun anymore for someone with too high levels. So, I gave my account to someone else. Well, not the FFXI one mind you, can't really do that.
maple story sometimes, and I 'borrowed' a friends WoW account till he found a lvl 32 undead warlock that hadn't played...

but no, I'm on a mac, and those types of games for this system that are free are made by EFG.

Quote (SpaceMonkeySteve)

Actually, you asked a question, which I answered, you moron.

Well, the question you answered was "Does ANYONE here play these?" to which you answered "No."

You can't technically say that no one here plays MMORPGs because people obviously do. (See posts after the one I quoted) And even if everyone else is lying, I know for a fact that Kazu plays Guild Wars (because he spends so much time on Guild Wars that he forgets to call me... or leave his cell on... or go on gmail... or have any contact with the outside world).

So your answer is invalid and you are technically being an ass.

Thank you for your time.


P.S. Please don't kill me.
I still log in to the freeshard for ultima online from time to time. If my internet connection strength wasn't buggered I could send the install file to anyone who wanted it, as is it would annihilate my connection with it's 750 megs of pure, old school win.
Tom doesn't just play MMOs he pwnz them lawl.

In all seriousness, I used to be really big into MMORPGs. Back when I was in school and had little else better to do. Now I have a life and, well, my time is at a premium. I still manage to put about 10-40 hours of WoW in a month, depends on whether or not my friends are active and if so then how much.

I tried FF11, was completely done with it as soon as I hit level 16. I might pick it up again someday, but I highly doubt it.

Starwars Galaxy I tried for a month. The space combat was cool. The rest I simply couldn't get into. Also, level 30+ monsters right outside the starting city struck me as massively retarded from a gamer's perspective. In game, it was perfect, and it made having a Land Speeder more than just a handy way to save time, it was a way to avoid hazardous creatures that could one hit kill you. But from an out of game perspective, it was like, "Oh god, I'm too close to the edge! Landspeeder not up! GETTING GANKED." And the inner sections were so clustered with new players that I couldn't get a single kill in. So, dropped that like a bad habit after I pissed around in space for a month. (Again, the Space Combat was awesome. It just wasn't enough to justify paying 15 dollars a month for. Also, leveling up was sooo slow).

Everquest was my first and most played MMO though. I played it for years, from about the beggining of my high school experience to the end. At the time, it was awesome, one of the best gaming experiences I ever had. But now it's just outdone by so much else. WoW simply kicks it in the balls and call it it's bitch. Everquest was still cool though, the focus on team compatability and cooperation really made some epic experiences.

And then there's WoW... I've gotten a character to 42, so it's got me kinda hooked, but I still get on sometimes, do a few quests and say, "Huh, why am I playing this again?"

So, in short, yeah. Some of us play MMOs.
Wrold uff Werecrapt.

Guild Wars. I prefer a Monk/Warrior build focusing on protections, smites, and healing, plus hammer.
The List:

RuneScape ruined my life three years ago.
After two days of experimenting a few months ago, I have concluded that it is made of fail, AIDS, and heroin.

EVE Online is fun, but much too complicated for me.
I gave up in the first week of my trial.
Seriously, it's kick-ass tho'.

Erm, yeah, EVE is the only MMORPG that isn't complete fail.
Maplestory......and at times.....Guildwars
Currently City of Villains/Heroes. I might play Guild Wars again if I can find some people to team up with. Got rather sick of the solo fights constantly. Same for Perfect World.
I played RuneScape a while back too. Got bored around level 32. Also tried out MapleStory. Got bored around level 16. Then tried Asda story, which really did seem good, and it completely fucked up my computer. To death... So yeah, no.
ASDA Story?

ASDA's a retail company.


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Lothar waved his arms a bit.
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Currently City of Villains/Heroes.

I have the game, but I'm so bussy I haven't started yet. Nor have I actually instaled it (so I don't waste the free period). WHat server are you on?

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Quote (Shuryou)

Currently City of Villains/Heroes.

I have the game, but I'm so bussy I haven't started yet. Nor have I actually instaled it (so I don't waste the free period). WHat server are you on?

The European one. The one American people can't play on. Pity, huh? Hopefully that'll get changed in the future in some way.