What's your Super Smash Move?

January: Giga
February: Catastrophic
March: Super
April: Ultra
May: Destructive
June: Armaggedon's
July: Mega
August: Unstoppable
September: Annihilating
October: Unholy
November: Raging
December: Holy

01: Fire
02: Life
03: Dragon
04: Phoenix
05: Earth
06: Plasma
07: Light
08: Blood
09: Water
10: Bone
11: Lightning
12: Ice
13: Death
14: Energy
15: Soul
16: Griffin
17: Wind
18: Space
19: Darkness
20: Wolf
21: Spirit
22: Magma
23: Acid
24: Poison
25: Tiger
26: Moon
27: Sun
28: Force
29: Bone
30: Laser
31: Twilight

0: Cannon
1: Blade
2: Crusher
3: Assault
4: Ball
5: Blaster
6: Punisher
7: Beam
8: Buster
9: Slash

November 3rd, 1990 would be my birthday...So that would be:

"Raging Dragon Cannon"

...Bit cliche from an old anime show >_>;;
Armageddon's Death Ball!
Uhh...Raging Phoenix Slash?
How ironically coincidental...

Giga Ice Assault. :lol:
Super Sun Beam

Catastrophic Blood Cannon.

I love it.
Unstoppable Bone Blade! Wow. This actually backs the reason why I'm such a necromancy-loving freak.
Super Tiger Blaster.

Dammit! I hate tigers. And blasters. Unless they blow thing's heads off. And super is so cliche!
"Mega Lightning Blade", apparently.
Annihilating Earth Beam

I annihilate Earth with a beam.... Cool.
That is a good one. I like mine...Except for the ball part. "Ball" just sounds childish.
Change ball to orb or sphere plz! It would sound a lot better.
Mega Plasma Buster.

Look at me! I am t3h MEGAMEN!
Ultra Ice Slash!
...ehh, doesn't flow very well.
Catastrophic Water Ball!

Annihilating Blood Punisher. :3
uhh...why did I feel like all of the super smash moves have something to do with our Navis?
Holy wind slash? That reminds me of something from Growlanser. o_o Can't think of what.
Destructive Plasma Blade...? That sucks.
Where's my Flaming Chainsaw Cannon?
Unholy Ice Slash...

w00t!!! I kinda like it....(me freezing right now)

*ice element is my fav.*