Hello there. I'm [see name tag], I'm male, and I have too much time on my hands.

I had been looking for something new and different in the way of RPs, and stumbled across this place about a month ago. I'm a long time veteran of role playing games and online RPs, and this has the look of something different. Now I want to give it a try.

And on that note, I'm off to get lost in the rules again.
Hello, welcome to RERN! Feel free to stop by the chat if you want to get to know the other members, or to ask us any questions. We should be able to have you navigating through the rules easily.
Hello Hello. Stopping by the chat is a good idea, we are fun people. Enjoy your time here!
I appreciate the invitation, but I don't think it's working.

Hm, are you using a school network that's blocking Java applications? If not, try updating Java?
Try the following:
1) Update Java to latest
2) Using different browsers (yes, even the bastard that is Internet Explorer - it seems to work for the chat most of the time, hilariously)
3) Refreshing the page incessantly
4) Cursing the page incessantly
5) ???
6) Demonic rituals
Java based, huh? That would explain it. I'm on a company laptop. I work from 'home' *, but I'm on-call 24/7. When you see me lurking about here, I'm likely also dealing with someone else's problems.

I'm sorry, but I do not think I will be joining you guys in the chat.

* I'm not at home. I'm 400 miles away from home, and my precious PC. I spend as much time away from home as I do at home.

PS: I like step 4. :lol:
Step 4 is how almost all of us get it to work really. But welcome to the boards, great seeing another work from home type out there besides me. But hey there is almost always someone in chat or around to give ya a hand if you need it.

But yes, welcome and such, look forward to having you around.
Thanks. ^^

However, I cannot get into the chat on this machine. Local libraries are an option for free alternate machine access, but at 2:30 in the morning, I think the police would object a wee bit. That being said, would anyone much mind if I go ask noobish questions somewhere on the forum?

[stares meaningfully at the Suggestions and Questions forum]

I have quite a few already, but I am a little reluctant to go digging through over 1,000 posts of Q&A, across multiple threads, hoping one of my questions was answered within. I'm an RTFM kind of guy, but even that is a little intimidating. :ph43r:

I'd also like to know if it's okay to PM staff members with questions and to get opinions on character design aspects I do not want to spoil ahead of time.

Go ahead and ask anything in here if you want. I do admit that our system, painstakingly balanced and rebalanced and re-rebalanced over the years, can be a bit intimidating at first. :'D

I could give you an opinion on whatever you'd like to put in for registration, and I think a few other mods/admins here wouldn't mind either. Just ask them first. It's much easier to give help over the chat, by the way, since it's real-time, and we prefer it over PM.

Glad to see you're the reader type, anyway. Have fun, and again, don't be afraid to ask.

PS: If you're kind of stuck on how exactly the signature attack system works, I put a pretty succinct summary of it. Hope that helps.
Here's fine? Alright then, thanks.

I'm not even as far as signatures yet. I am still contemplating a subtype.

Quote (This one.)

Wind: A Wind Subtype's advantage comes from a certain amount of control over the virtual environment itself, which can be used to either augment their own movements or manipulate the positions of enemies and other objects.

Quote (First off.)

Passive: Airstep. When you jump as an action, an updraft is created beneath you that launches you into High Altitude. The updraft dies down when you land, but while it is active, any non-Melee or Ground attacks can be caught in the updraft and blown up to you.

Let's play Moses Supposes.... Let's suppose I have a Navi who wishes to use this ability in combat. Let's say this Navi used it to jump way up into that thar high altitude thingy. I get that that means a fair distance off the ground, and I really don't care exactly how high that is because it really does not matter, but--

Let's say the Navi did this jump with a running start. Does the draft lift the Navi only a few feet before it flies out the other side and face plants? Or, does the draft follow the Navi's forward movement, and carry it onward and upward? What if the Navi had some means of propulsion that worked in the air? Would the draft account for that, or does the Navi swiftly crash 'n' burn?


Let's say the Navi is in the middle of an airstep. Stationary, is fine. Let's say a virus came barreling into the updraft. If the draft can lift my Navi, I'm pretty sure it is going to lift the virus at least a little, if not a lot. Still, with the virus below, does the Navi's updraft get cut off, and the Navi falls? Do both the Navi and virus rise up?

Can this updraft lift objects?

Okay enough, about Airstep.

Quote (Lastly)

Ability: Gust. As a free action, you gain one instance of Knockback or Pull. This can be added to an attack, or used freely on it's own. (One Per Turn)

Can I use this on my own Navi?

Can I use this on enemy attacks?

Can I force someone else to go airborne, even a little, with this?

I think I'll stop there.
- Air Step can be used to vault your Navi over objects, and travel a decent vertical and lateral distance.

- I wouldn't imagine the updraft like a fan based on the ground (unless you design it that way), but more like a natural current of air, which isn't susceptible to being "cut off." Even if something were to disperse the updraft, the amount of lift exerted on your Navi would give him/her enough velocity to keep him/her from just immediately falling to the ground, "Looney Toons"-style.

- Any objects/viruses/teammates caught in the updraft can be brought up to your Navi's height, so there's a chance of meeting your enemies mid-jump.

- Gust can be used on pretty much anything. Moving your Navi is simple enough, but trying to move enemy attacks is much more difficult. Some attacks are simply unaffected by wind (electricity, beams, plasma, supersonic rounds, etc. etc.), but you could blow some enemy attacks off target, the success of said action would be heavily based off your level of RPing (RP quality is a huge factor in nearly every aspect of battling; Excellent RPing is often required for high-difficulty/complex actions, but it sounds like that shouldn't be a problem for you)

- You can possibly push viruses and objects airborne, but it all depends on what you're pushing. Extremely heavy targets will likely only do a slight hop, while those rooted to the ground, like CannonDumb-series viruses, will shrug off the gust like it never happened.

Really? I'm allowed that degree freedom? Are you serio--


Thanks for answering all my questions, and promptly to boot. I think I am good to go for the Navi I had in mind. I suppose now I'll have to tackle le dreaded signature system, so I will likely have more questions.

Thanks again.
I suggest you read the thread linked below to see a navi named Winter use the Wind Subtype's Gust ability to great effect.


I never even imagined someone would be allowed to do some of the things I just read there. I'll have to take notes.

On a related note; if I have adventures like these to look forward to in this forum, I'm really going to like it here.

I have a question about Graphic Model Overrides, which might be very important to my Navi. I am a little hazy on the details, but what are they overriding? Are all Navis the same underneath, like generic Navis, and you get a GMO at the start to make your Navi look custom? I really hope this isn't the case, but the GMO thread really isn't clear on this. It doesn't explain a thing about whatever the default is.

Next, I have a question about Custom Weapons.

Quote ()

Custom Weapon: (Your weapon replaces a NormalNavi's buster and does exactly the same damage as everyone else's. This section does not have a minimum number of sentences you need to write.)

My question is, can I have more than one Custom Weapon? Can I have a Buster too? (Can I have my cake, and eat it, too? :lol: )

Oh, and I have a question about signatures.

I was planning to make a laser type attack. Would it be acceptable to add Slashing and Seeking to it? It's not a sword, but doesn't light pierce shadows? As for Seeking, this isn't exactly some kind of missile attack. It's not going to chase the target around, but I figured the laser would nullify optical camouflage, or cloaking, or invisibility, or whatever it's actually called here (I haven't looked yet, but I think the chip was called Invis in the games..... ). Is seeking reserved for missile-like attacks, or could it work for me like that too?

Finally, I'd like to thank Fera for the alternate explanation of the signature attack system. Seeing it explained in the rules, and then explained again in a different way really made it click for me.
Your Navi's registered description is considered his/her "default" appearance. Say you design your navi like a robot; that's the default. But what if you wanted to give your Navi a more human-like apperance for some sort of mission? That's what .GMOs are for. All they do is simply alter the Navi's appearance, a costume or disguise, of sorts.

As for custom weapons, we normally stick with 1 weapon. However, said weapon can have both ranged and melee capabilities.

When it comes to what signature effects you can apply to sig attacks, anything goes if you can provide a coherent explanation. Just be aware that by adding Slashing, your signature attack also inherits the accuracy debuff associated with the Slashing effect.

You might be getting Homing and Seeking a little mixed up (since you ask if Seeking is limited to missiles, etc). Homing allows attacks to miss, but continue to chase a target for one more action. Seeking just allows you to hit targets that are in High Altitude, or Invisible. Consider Seeking like an advanced targeting system, while Homing is more like the stereotypical "WTF THE MISSILES FOLLOWED ME HOME" sort of effect.
[silly] Aww, the cake is a lie. [/silly]

Alright, I'll keep it to one Custom Weapon system. I will have to explain it in parts, though. It does have ranged and melee capabilities, but how they work is somewhat different.

I do not mind one bit about having to pay a cost every time I get something I want. If nothing else, that adds a little something to the character. I think I like that.

Sweet, thanks again.

I think that's the end of my questions. I found the answers to everything else registration-related by poking around here and there, so expect my characters to appear pretty soon.
Something that may interest you, and that is allowed in the rules is to register your Custom Weapon as a variety along the same line. A good example is my own navi's weapon which you can see here. She uses a bow, but if ever in melee can take an arrow to use for melee attacks.

This was done because stated in the rules, any style of attack not registered as your custom weapon, signature, or battlechips, is considered improvised, and does a base of 1 damage.

So by registering both a ranged and hand to hand version of the weapon is allowed, and just helps in those RP situations that might come up. Though it is probably best you don't go to overboard with the idea.
I must say, I may have ended up with 3 methods of attack from the same weapon system. Ranged, Melee, and a Hybrid. I only see charged as an increase in effect and power to any given method. Those are my thoughts based on what I saw from your profile.

Should I send someone a copy of it for some feedback just to be safe?