I'm Ledah, your new resident, terribly hyperactive creepster. I have a weird sense of topsy-turvy, backwards logic (like Christmas in the summer, if you're in Australia).

Basically, I'm here because your friendly admin Asator (who I totally know as Satori) "accidentally" mentioned this here RP forum while he was on another, totally unrelated RP forum. I thought it was time for a tiny bit of change and now, here I am. Whoo.

I've loved the Megaman BN series since I first saw the anime as a tot, and to be honest, I've got more nostalgia through the blue bomber than Pokemon. Really. Which is why I instantly got clung to here!

Sure, I don't think I'm terribly smart. These fancy-schmancy mechanics are sliiightly overwhelming, but I think that's really what makes it more fun! So, yeah. What else should I mention...? Well, I'm single, I love cats, and I much enjoy long walks on the beach. :3

That's about it. Spam/flame/welcome/doodle as you will. o\

(I'm not feeling like a doodle since it's 9 minutes to class.)

No, not really. Go find the chatroom for help and shit.
Life's alright.

The chatroom is indeed a great place to get questions answered.

Yo. Life is hectic, but good enough. You?

The chatroom is the best/worst place to have your questions answered depending on who is active at the time. I look forward to seeing you RP here and I hope you enjoy yourself.
Satori... Hehehe... I'm so going to tease him with that.

I won't deny the mechanics are overwhelming. I've had many friends who were interested, until they saw the mechanics. But it isn't that bad. Stop by the chatroom for more information.

AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW I ALSO LOVE CATS. IS THIS FATE? OR JUST REALLY COINCIDENTAL? Or is it just verification that cats are the master race.
All glory to the cat gods.

Also, yeah, welcome, chat, bluh bluh.
I am also single, love cats, and like beaches. Though I don't go to beaches all that much here in California... Hmm. I should get on that.

Anyways, I have been trying to grasp all the mechanics of this game since starting here a year ago, and I have learned a great deal. Though some of the stuff will forever be lost to me until I become a moderator... assuming I ever get the chance.

Also, I like the chat we have here. I am almost always on it when I log in.

Question: Is that avatar picture, you?
Hello newbie, the name's Darkstar1006. I am the resident furry, fail and (susequently) the punching bag of the site. Been around for a few years now, so I GUESS that makes me a vet of the site, if only in title. Anyways, chat is the place to go and I hope you stick around for a while.

Also, cats are nice (had a catgirl navi during the beginning of this site), but I'm a rat person myself.