Wiki Logo and Banner Contest

As you know, we now have that. Since we plan on keeping that, it means we will also need to get this... and maybe one of those.

If you are interested in making one of those and maybe also this for that, wonderful, this contest is for you. We would be very appreciative to both serious participants and winners.

Silliness aside, this is a logo and banner contest for our wiki site. We will award Zenny to serious participants in this contest simply for participating. Winners will get their work featured on the wiki site, and a single-chip shot at the trader. You'll have to give up one chip, but in return you get a spin minus the junk chips.

This contest is open until November 1st. That's a bit over a month to churn out your entries.
Gonna do this. Gonna do this. Gonna do this.

[casts Inspiration on self]
[not enough MP]

What are the file sizes and files types needed for the page? Can it be any style? Am I allowed to use characters from the site in the banner?

I would love to do this, if I win might even get me back into rping here xD, since I'll have game reasons lol.
The banner you can use Greco's sample as a size/quality gauge.
Logo is about 216x162.
*plans his comeback*


Quote (Fera)

The banner you can use Greco's sample as a size/quality gauge.
Logo is about 216x162.

216x155 is the height and width for the logo.

hurf durf
Double post ftl.

Click for 100% Fabulous version.

(Left to right: Montag (NP Dept. of Justice leader) Liege (NP Dept. of Internal Affairs leader) and Gridlock (NP Dept. of Navi Prosecutions leader))

The damage has been done.
I am prepared to die.
I regret nothing.

Left to Right:
Keys: Dept. of Investigations Leader
Montag: Dept. of Justice Leader
Gridlock: Dept. of Navi Prosecutions Leader
Liege: Dept. of Internal Affairs Leader/NP De-Facto Leader
Arche: Dept. of Technology Leader
Patcher: Dept. of Public Safety Leader


Click for 100% Delicious Version.

Azrael and Kevlar TBA.

Quote (Fera)

Click for 100% Delicious Version.

What is this- I don't even-


Yea um... Since this was basically me desecrating Chardes' Test banner via Meleeman Copy Pasta... I don't expect to win anything.

So, have fun surfing the MeleeMan FistNetwork Wiki : D

Finally finished @_____@

(If anyone's interested: there's a link to the same pic with no title here)
What it was:

Test Network

What it became:

Click for the semi-monochrome version.

okay these are awesome shit I'm done for
Holy heck is that awesome Chardes.