Player Battles

I was wondering who might be willing to encounter others players on the net, lets say other violent players out to kill them.

This works both ways of course, basically I am wondering who would be willing to be in a game world where they could be attacked, if not at any time, then at least sometimes by other players by no fault (or at least formal instigation) of their own.

Mostly I am looking for a list of people who might be willing, anyone else?

I, for one, would be in (and who doesn't want to kill me).
Some PvP into the RP wouldn't hurt but couldn't people already join into other people's topic as long as they notified the mod and the user of the topic?
Perhaps, but that player can always just say 'no' at any time for any reason.

I am not saying that people should be doing this constantly to attack eachother, but it currently you can't interact with a character if they don't want you to, you can't really surprise them.

Goroke, for example would you be willing to have another player, for example me, attack you on the net if I had a good reason to and you were not currently doing anything of plot importance. What about if your mod was willing?

Basically I would like there to be a list of people who wouldnt mind that happening from time to time.
Yeah, there's nothing wrong with PvP. I can almost guarantee there will be instances of RP-driven PvP scenarios. And I see nothing wrong with PvP outside of the Colosseum, so long as there's a solid IC reason for it and it doesn't generally force people into it when they're against it. Just fighting to PK someone, I frown upon.

I'm not really a fan of PvP combat myself, but if an IC reason to fight presents itself, I would participate. I wont go looking for one, though. If it happens, it happens. I'll just deal with it then.

EDIT: It would be nice to hear from some of the other players on this topic. I'm very interested to see what people think about this. Your opinions may change the way I do things.
I personally like PVP. (Which may be seen in the fact that I was one of the first people to use the coloseum in forever))

And I like the concept of having PvP battles, too, based on story.

So, as a player, I support this.

During one of the NP VS NM topics, Persephone just started shooting at Seraphim. Because she's a bitch. And evil.

If you're already in someone's topic, I don't see any problems with attacking him/her even if you don't have any reasons. You could even provoke it by 'accidentally' shooting the other. If you're going to ENTER the thread, however, ask first. It's the polite thing to do.
In the event that two players fight outside of the colosseum and one person is eventually defeated (and EJO'd), would they lose anything?

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In the event that two players fight outside of the colosseum and one person is eventually defeated (and EJO'd), would they lose anything?

Their pride.
Well, I really think that PvP is a hassle unless you've arranged it beforehands and like Pally said, you have an excellent IC reason for it. "HEY I JUST SAW YOU LET'S FIGHT IT OUT" doesn't really qualify; no non-faction battles usually happen except real-world based netbattling (in the game, at least).

So, tl;dr explanation? I'd rather not go with RoboTek's idea. I mean, I wouldn't care because I wouldn't be 'on' the list, but it seems silly as I think you can arrange that either way.
I is not a PvPer, that one time with lux, I just went along with things on my second busting run and my first team thread in ages, too bad we couldn't gain more FXP, but, oh well, but, I wouldn't care either way, as long as there was some sort of limit on what levels can fight whom, just so that the bigger players don't snap and go on a killing spree of those that would be killed without a sweat by said bigger player.

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"HEY I JUST SAW YOU LET'S FIGHT IT OUT" doesn't really qualify;

That is actually one of the better reasons around here for someone to start fighting someone. Same goes for "I don't like the look on your face. Do you have a problem with me!?" But of course... None of the Navis here on RERN are short-tempered. Except the late Persephone. And maybe MeleeMan, seeing as he seems to be the kind of guy who would go 'MY FISTS ARE OUT OF PRACTICE. LET ME USE YOUR FACE.' PvP isn't immediately 'player killing'. It could also be testing out one's skills. Thinking about the latter... I might challenge Broadside and JT. That ought to be worth a good PvP session. And we can still try to arrange tournaments.
Alright, you have a pretty good argument there.

Enigma can get pretty pissy. Not that I've really had a chance to do anything yet though >:C
I like player vs player battles. In fact, I don't see any reason beyond that to do grinding... I mean, what, I kill dumb viruses so I can kill more dumb viruses? Participating in plot/events is not connected to strength, so no reason to grind for that, roleplaying is quite possible to do without having to shotgun metools in the process, so the only thing left is... PvP battles!

That's what I think anyway... Oh and I'm quite sure you battled most of your friends in MMBN+Mr Famous and a bunch of other guys on the basis of "hey, wanna netbattle?". Yeah, pokemon mentality...
I like the idea of a "PK Enabled" group of people. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that everyone on it is going to go around punching babies and such at every turn, but if they got the itch for a fight they could find someone else on the list and set themselves up as the next battle in that person's thread (unless it was explicitly stated that the thread was unable to be interrupted, which really isn't too hard to point out). Or perhaps a mid-battle reinforcement, depending on the situation.

I've played enough MMO's that are all carebear to the players and have no real PvP. They get boring and I personally lose all will ot play them once I realize that I'm grinding for the sake of grinding, because that is not fun to me. At least with PvP involved I have something to look forward to once I get bored with killing stupid npc's (no offense mods).

Buuut... when was the last time you saw ME do any rping, amirite?