Name: Sparky.SP
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Subtype: Speed

Appearance: Sparky is a small dog, about thirty centimetres or so from foot to head. His physical appearance is not modeled after any specific breed, so Sparky looks a bit like a mixed breed. His long, downy fur is a light shade of brown, streaked with yellow on his underside. His four stumpy little legs, however tiny, carry him tirelessly over many miles, with programmed speeds that most dogs have never thought of reaching. He has a medium-length snout, with short ears that point out enough that they don't flop down, black eyes of joy, and a tongue drooling useless graphical bits of saliva every now and then. He doesn't have a collar, as there is no need for one; the SP's identification is a network tag.

Personality: Being a dog, Sparky doesn't have much personality as human SPs do, except that he is faithful to his masters, just as all domesticated animals are. He's also quite playful, jumping around, easily excited at any cause for doggy excitedness. He's very fond of Aurora, even more than Eternalis himself, and she always seems to understand his little whimpers and barks. In battle, however, even faced with fright or danger, Sparky generally exhibits a very composed and calm appearance, very much unlike any other dog.



Flight: Planeswalking: Grants protection from Terrain effects as if SP had Floatshoes. The SP does not necessarily float. [+3 Level to SP] [Cost: 100 Bugfrags]
Speed+: V1: +1 Max action for SP. [+5 Levels to SP] [Cost: 100 Bugfrags]
Hit Point+: V1: +10 to Max HP for SP. [+1 Level to SP] [Cost: 10 Bugfrags]

Level Up: Sparky: 0 to 9
Level Up: Eternalis: 17 to 18

Total: 210 BugFrags
Have: 211 BugFrags
Remaining: 1 BugFrag (lol)
I present to you: Antigravity dog!

Upgrades: HP+ V2

Bugfrag Cost: 20
Bugfrag Remaining: 32

SP HP Change: 50 -> 60
SP Level Change: 9 -> 10
Navi Level Change: 19 -> 20

Now get out of normal net.
Flight: Fly: Allows an SP to fly and ignore panels as if it had Omnishoes. Prerequisite: Planeswalking.

Bugfrag Cost: 200
Bugfrag Remaining: 9

SP Level Change: 10 -> 15
Navi Level Change: 25 -> 26
Hover-dog ascends!

All good, approved.
Second Chance: Ability to survive a killing hit at 1 HP.

Bugfrag Cost: 109
Bugfrag Remaining: 9

SP Level Change: 15 -> 18
Looks good, APPROVAL
Upgrades: HP+ V3, HP+ V4

Bugfrag Cost: 30 + 40 = 70
Bugfrag Remaining: 88 - 70 = 18

SP HP Change: 60 -> 80
SP Level Change: 18 -> 20
Navi Level Change: 36 -> 37
Sure sounds good, approved.