Netfrica Research (Event OOC)

This thread is for all OOC for the event Netfrica research! Go nuts ^^
.....are they any viri left for me to hit? You guys just let the chips fly and all I could do was watch. WHATS LEFT???
I think FirebatC... But yeah, the Misty still needed some hits, and I'm not entirely sure that the Spikeys will be done either... well, I guess that's for Shur. Speaking of, where are you, Shur??
ooc eh? shnazy. Heh, wow this fight is going pretty smoothly. Nice rping guys^^
I'll just add the magnifecent "Whatever's left" clause to my targets... And I was chasing my muse. And my head hurt from an abudance of other information...
well shiznit, howd it blow through my gaurd?
Mine too! Was it my rping or something?
Nah, it's cause these viruses are super leet. I just hope I don't die a horrible death.

Quote ()

Druidman: Dude, I died.
...cguck norris can beat them >.>
Mayyyybeeeee, Ya most likely.

It BROKE teh Guard?!? Oh NOES!

While in realtime...

Wow, breaking guards, they must be some powerful enemies to do that and go in for the kill at the same time.
It's possible, since Guards are only 40% met--*gets shot in the head*
I though it was 47%? or maybe 50% if they rounded it. *TO ALL NEW GUYS OUT THERE, THIS IS A JOKE... REPEAT, THIS IS A JOKE!*

EDIT: you know Shuryou, you change you avatar so much I keep thinking you are new member. But still, nice avatar anyway.
Some players are a little slow around here. I'd really rather not have them taking you seriously when you're joking, Cindy. Like I said before, its hard enough getting the rules into some without having weird made-up data fed to them.

Also, to all you taking a beating in here, just a friendly word of advice so this post aint completely off topic: make sure you have Subchips. If you don't, running to the shop in between battles might prove wise.
so is the virus on top of me or what?
One posted, four to go.
Yes, but you can throw it off without fear of failing. It's not supposed to have a mechanical effect; that's just how I described a demonstration of how deadly the InfernoSpikeys are.

Sorry for the unnceccecarily harsh screwing of you two. I'll be gentler.
Do I even have to justify that response with an innuendo joke?
*roars at the lack of posts*
Double post, but it's not like anyone will notice... Anyway...
I'll be leaving tomorrow for a three day trip, therefore being unable to post. I'll be back home Friday around 1:30 PM my time. I hope Raikotsu, Lunarlion and EonOmega have posted by then...
I hav ea tobn of work to do. But if everything goes as planned, I should post today or tomorrow. SORRY!