LinkMan.EXE VS DruidMan.EXE

As the Navis jack in, their Net Operators are shown a 3-D model of the arena their Navis will be fighting in with various features labeled and highlighted as the presentation runs. At the end of the presentation, the environmental statistics for this arena are displayed for reference.

Quote (Crumble Hill)

A ring of hard bedrock, 5 feet from side to side, encapsulates something not so hard: Crumble Hill. This precariously assembled mound of pebbles and rocks is stacked a tremendous 30 feet high with a colossal 100 foot diameter to match. Its massive size makes the hill's incline fairly shallow, around 15 degrees, but scaling it is no less daunting since the ground under your feet could give way with any step. Should you fall and be swallowed up by Crumble Hill, you'll soon be surprised to discover that the hill's core is completely hollow. Inside lies nothing but a flat plane that reaches all 100 feet from one side of Crumble Hill's walls to the other. Should the hole you fell through reassemble before you get out, you'll have to figure a way to dig yourself out.

It didn't take long for Crumble Hill's designers to realize scaling it unassisted was insane, and they remedied the situation thusly: 4 sturdy stone bridges arch up and over the sides of the hill, and come to a nexus right at its peak. There, where all 4 bridges meet, lies the crown of Crumble Hill: the Holy panel. It stands there alone in its majesty as it waits for combatants to bask in its glory, and is perhaps what allows the hollow hill it presides over to stand and regenerate so quickly. Outside Crumble Hill lies a lovely green landscape and blue, cloudless sky, but any who would try to reach for it would discover that tournament officials have placed an invisible area around Crumble Hill's circumference, making the otherwise far more appealing field mere eye candy to competitors. Entrants are initially set on the outer bedrock ring, with each fighter facing an opposite bridge.

Terrain: 38% Normal (Bridges, Arena Border, Inside Crumble Hill), 61% Cracked (Hill), 1% Holy (Bridge Nexus)
Special Effect: Re-Crumble (Cracked Terrain regenerates after only 1 turn)


Arena Barrier (Immortal, Stationary, Invisible)
There are absolutely no signs that tell you this barrier is in place, other than the bleeding nose you might get from running into it.

Satellite Camera x3 (10 HP, Moving, Flying)
Cameras designed by SciLabs to record the events of the ONB Tournament for the entertainment of spectators. They are compact and fast, but fragile, although they were made with an expectation that some would get destroyed in the cross-fire. There are 3 cameras on-field at any one time, and a new one will be substituted if any get destroyed (at each modding).

Once the information is relayed to the Operators, they are given a few moments to strategize with their Navis before the match begins...
A gust of wind blows across the net, bringing in leaves that swirl to form... DruidMan.

He landed on the ground, and stood up straight. "Sim." he said simply, and with a burst of flames, Simurgh flew a tight circle around Druidman before settling on his shoulder.

"Well, now to wait for our opponent, dude." Druidman said aloud.
Dropping from the sky was a small ball, possibly made of rubber as it started to bounce in place once hitting the floor. As soon as the ball had stopped moving, it started to grow arms and legs and eventually Linkman's face appeared. "Why do you keep dropping me from the sky!?" Linkman whined out loud at his Operator, lifting his arms above his head.

A small window appeared close to Linkman in which Soryu was staring very seriously at Linkman. The Operator remained quiet for a bit until he glanced downwards and shifted his glasses ominously up on his nose. "Because it's heroic," he said, immediately turning the visual window off and returning to his casual business.

"That makes no sense!" Linkman shouted at the position where the window was, then turned around to face his opponent wherever he was. "Druidman, right... I hope he's nice..." Linkman quietly muttered to himself.
"Well, I'll be." Steve said to himself. "Druidman, I thought that Linkman sounded familiar. That's the chip shop owner's Navi."

"Huh, so Linkdude does all of the trades, right? I bet he has some strong chips normally. Good thing we have assigned folders, man." Druidman said somewhat nervously.

"I guess." Steve said, thinking back again to the chip shop duo. He was pretty sure that Soryu was Area's brother, but he wasn't certain. Half brother, maybe, he forgot. Regardless, he wondered what she was up to now, last he heard something had happened to Divinity and she had started operating Persephone, which was why Soryu now had Linkman. Maybe he'd talk to Soryu after the match.

Moving his mind to the matter at hand, however, he said simply, "I'm more curious to what his fighting style is really like. I think I remember seeing him use cables to tie people up in the first round."

"Really, dude? That's not good!" Druidman said again, "I won't be able to hit him back if I'm tied to the ground, man!"

"Well, I'd advise you dodge those rope things, then." Steve laughed. "At any rate, we're being rude. Introduce yourself properly, Druidman."

"Right, sorry, man." Druidman said sheepishly to his operator. Sim sang a few notes of a melody, she seemed to be in a better mood than Druidman was. "Heya, Linkdude!" Druidman said, calling aloud to the distant Navi. "I'm Druidman! Pleased to meet you, man!"
Linkman blinked first before he turned his head towards Druidman's location and a sudden feeling of bliss stretched over his face. "I don't think he's a bad guy. I think this'll be fun!" Linkman said happily, but was quickly stopped by a virtual slap in the head by Soryu.

"Everybody is an opponent!" Soryu exclaimed, waving his arms around spastically even though his Navi couldn't see this due to the lack of visual windows. "Kill! Kill! Let's burn down this guy's grove!" Soryu continued to shout, followed by a loud sound as if someone had bitten a wooden object.

Still staring at Druidman, Linkman faked a smile and quickly turned away from him and whined quietly so only he could hear it, "Sorry, but we can't be friends..."

((Ready if Steve is.))
Druidman shrugged. LinkMan seemed like a decent guy based on the few posts he had read on the trade boards, but now he seemed rather distant. "Oh well. Ready to start?" he called.

"LADIES AND GENTLE--OH, WOW, THAT'S A LITTLE LOUD, ISN'T--errr--there we go. Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to round two, Linkman versus Druidman! If the opponents would please take their places across Crumble Hill from one another -- that will do, thank you! Round two starts in three, two, one--!"

Druidman.EXE: 250 HP (West side of Crumble Hill)
Simurgh.SP: 40 HP

Linkman.EXE: 400 HP (East side of Crumble Hill)

[[color=green]Round two! HERE WE GO![/color]]
Sim took wing off of Druidman's shoulder, and, in a display of- er... wingmanship... dive bombed into the side of the hill and out of sight.

Druidman, meanwhile, started to make a dash for the top of the mountain, before he was abruptly halted by Steve's voice.

"Whoa, there, chief! Why walk when you can be there... RIGHT NOW?" Steve said, slotting in a few chips for his Navi.

With a display of warping time and space around him, Druidman stepped into a fold of nothingness, instantly reappearing at the top of the hill. "That's one way to climb mountains, dude!" he chuckled.

"This hill needs better scenery, man." Druidman complained as he looked at the rather bleak landscape. "Let's add a river!" he said, as his eyes shifted into a deep blue color for a moment before he closed them. Beginning his chant, a cool, serene feeling washed over him... Wait, that was merely healing mists coming off of the swell of water that was forming, gushing down the predetermined path of one of the existing bridges! "NOURISHING FLOOD FORCE!!!" Druidman added as surges of water and chunks of driftwood fell freely down the side of the hill.

"The sky is boring, too." Druidman pouted. "Needs more clouds!" And once again, he was chanting up a... well, storm, as several thick, black, storm clouds formed up above, rolling with peals of thunder and brief flashes of lightning. One of those bolts of lightning licked downwards, arcing toward Linkman. "Oops!" Druidman said "Here, take these!" And with that, he hurled a few large, sharpened pikes at his foe.

Suddenly remembering that he was in a battle, Druidman reached into his belt pouch and produced a small blue orb. "OH, better take this too, Linkdude!" he yelled cheerfully as he flicked it down the hill towards his opponent. Holding up his other arm, Druidman channeled his final chip into his gauntlet, and a large ironwood shield sprouted from his arm, protecting him.

1.)AreaGrab Battlechip to Holy Panel.
2.)Nourishing Flood Force down East Bridge at LinkMan. (6 hits of 10Aqua/5Wood, 15Heal+StatusRecover, possibly washing Linkman down to the edge again.)
3.)Driving Storm Force at LinkMan. (60Elec/40Wood)
4.)Minibomb Battlechip to LinkMan. (60Norm)
5.)Guard1 Battlechip to self. (Reflect60)
*)Holy Terrain: Half damage taken.

1.)Move into hill.
"Kya ha ha ha ha!" Soryu chuckled as he dramatically slammed his hand onto the object beneath his chips, causing four chips to jump into the air and then promptly got snatched out of the air by Soryu self. "Just as planned," he said and looked at the chips curiously, "Just kidding~" One by one, he slammed the chips into the PET and kicked back as he awaited the result.

"At least pretend you care!" Linkman shouted, noticing his Operator's way of handling fights and pouted while controlling the chip data, "Fine..." Slamming his fists into his chest, they started moving into his body while he seemingly kicked at his chest with his legs too which also started going into his body. Within an instant, he moved his body into himself thus creating a minor implosion and disappered from trace. At the holy panel he reformed himself and fell with his knees on the floor. "That always feels so wrong..." he mutters as he stands on the ground with arms and legs, his back expanding and forming a giant shield like a turtle would have.

"Now, Linkman," Soryu shouted enthusiastically, "Use the 'Scared Turtle' manuever!"

Linkman whined quietly as he moved his arms and legs inside his body, under the shield, as he softly muttered to himself, "Don't call it that while acting proud of it..." He then activated the coming pair of offensive chips and remained in his turtle position while holding two arms into the air from underneath the shield. "Two short of a six pack," Linkman muttered as the wooden logs came from his chest, were sent into his arms and then got launched out of the ends like rockets heading for the enemy's base. In this case, Druidman's face.

1. AreaGrab [Teleport] on top of Holy Panel
2. Guard1 [Reflect60]
3. Ringlog1 [50 + Ground Attack + Wide Attack + Double Attack] @ Druidman
4. Ringlog1 [50 + Ground Attack + Wide Attack + Double Attack] @ Druidman
The battle began with both combatants teleporting to the Holy Panel right off the bat. Druidman arrived first which may have been advantageous to him seeing Linkman warp right in front of him. Fortunately, the Holy panel was just large enough to accomodate the both of them. Within the EXTREMELY close quarters, The two immediately began to exchange blows starting with Druidman's river of jetsam. Linkman pulled up a shield to reflect it back at his attacker, but the constant flow of the water pushed past it and almost pushed him off the square. Linkman endured (37 damage) and managed to put a dent in Druidman's armour (7 damage), but the hazy aftereffects of his river completely negated the damage (15 heal). Druidman followed up by summoning a thundercloud, aided by the misty condensation. A bolt of lightning struck Linkman directly in the chest with just barely enough force to force him off the Holy panel (30 damage), while a thrown spear added insult to injury (40 wood). Linkman had already been preparing his own counter attack and rolled two logs at Druidman's feet. The logs rolled in, one after another while a Minibomb soared overhead. The first log connected with diminshed damage (25 damage) as the Minibomb exploded on Linkman (60 damage). The second log also managed to connect (25 damage) and forced Druidman to topple over on his knees though he was still under the protective effect of the panels.

Terrain: 38% Normal (Bridges, Arena Border, Inside Crumble Hill), 61% Cracked (Hill), 1% Holy (Bridge Nexus)

Druidman.EXE: 200 HP (Holy Panel)
Simurgh.SP: 40 HP (Inside Hill / west area)

Linkman.EXE: 233 HP (A few steps east from Holy panel)

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"Whoa, dude." Druidman said as he felt the power of the Holy Terrain. "This ground is groovy."

"Yeah." Steve replied. "Hey, listen, Druidman. I think I have a plan. We'll use SeraphCross to boost your power just enough to finish him now. Sound good?"

"Yup yup, man." Druidman replied. "Lay it on me!"

As Steve popped in one of his rarely used Cross chips, he noticed something...

It was the same style as the Holy panel.

"Oh, damn!" Steve yelped. "I put in the wrong one!" but it was too late. Druidman was surrounded by a bright white pillar of light, and a heavenly choir sang out as a cool wind whipped around Druidman, stripping away his leather armor, revealing a brilliantly polished steel plate armor underneath, trimmed with brass. The decorative leaves on his gauntlet drooped, and then fell, giving way to a gauntlet set with several sapphires the size of marbles. Large, brass feathered wings erupted from his back, still perfectly armored in steel. Druidman's scimitar welded itself onto Druidman's other arm, and twisted and reformed into a large steel cross. As a pale grey visor swept across Druidman's eyes, a small strip of white hair fell across his face, which he quickly tucked behind his ear.

Steve's PET flashed: "DRUIDMAN DIVINECROSS ACTIVE" and added several statistics and meters to the side.

"Shoot." Steve whispered. "Oh well. Druidman, we'll just have to deal with it." he said. "Basic plan remains the same. Push LinkMan away from you, then hit him hard from afar." he added a couple of new chips to help accomplish this task.

"Yes, Steve." Druidman replied. "Be careful, LinkDude. These wings aren't just for show, you know." With a quick purple aura flowing across his visor, Druidman began flapping his wings rapidly. "RAZOR TORNADO FORCE!!!" The wind blast scattered some leaves up from nowhere, flinging them at LinkMan at high speed.

As Druidman stopped flapping, he looked at the desolate hill that they were standing on. His earlier attempts to improve it had been futile, but perhaps now, with spirit and faith working in unison... "And on the second action, He said, 'Let there be grass.' RAMPANT GROWTH FORCE!!!" Steve rolled his eyes as life burst into existence on the side of the hill. He supposed that Divinity made Druidman a bit more corny than usual.

Druiman then pointed his gauntlet down towards LinkMan. "I smote thee, man." As a large white hot ray of heat energy issued from his finger, lighting some of the fresh grass ablaze. Steve was biting his tongue. The sheer cliche doofy things coming out of Druidman's mouth were going to give him a stomachache.

Druidman then reached up to the front of his chest, somewhat to one side, swirling his hand around, as if he were holding something spherical, DruidMan conjured something that WAS spherical: a minibomb. Pulling it away, Druidman, (with a inexplicable somewhat reluctant look on his face) threw it lightly at LinkMan.

Sim, having no orders, flew around like a dumb bird.

1.)Activate DivineCross. (Type Change: Wood/Ground -> Normal/Recovery, +10 to Normal Battlechips)
2.)Razor Tornado Force to LinkMan. (30Wood, 30Norm, Microburst)
3.)Rampant Growth Force to LinkMan. (1Wood(x80), Large Grass Terrain)
4.)Heatshot Battlechip to LinkMan. (40FireX2Terrain, Splash1)
5.)Minibomb Battlechip to LinkMan. (60+10Norm)
*.)Holy Terrain: Take half damage.


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Linkman launched himself at Druidman with a surprise Airshot and suddenly froze mid-air. After implementing his cross, Druidman's attacks cut through Linkman's body with no visible effect like some kind of permanent afterimage. There was no explanation for the strange outcome of events until the referee's voice boomed overhead, "Due to connection issues on Soryu's part, Linkman is no longer able to continue. The winner, by default, is Druidman."

The crowd booed lightly at the announcement but a win was a win. Right?

Terrain: 38% Normal (Bridges, Arena Border, Inside Crumble Hill), 61% Cracked (Hill), 1% Holy (Bridge Nexus)

Druidman.EXE: 200 HP (Holy Panel)
Simurgh.SP: 40 HP (Inside Hill / west area)

Linkman.EXE: [Jacked-Out]

Winner: Druidman.EXE

Druidman.EXE GET: round 3 approval
Linkman.EXE GET: 3000z OR one of the following: FireKnife / ElecKnife / AquaKnife / BambooKnife
"Darn it!" Druidman exclaimed as he pounded his fist into his palm, sending splinters of metal shrapnel outwards, a tell tale sign that the battle was over: his cross was rapidly fading and losing power. "I wanted to win on my own. This Colosseum must have the cruddiest connection known to man. Did I jack in through a tin can and a tangle of string, dude?" he fumed. "Actually, that'd be pretty far out, man." he said, now totally back to normal.

"Well, I doubt hanging around here will help us next round." Steve replied. "I want to try and crunch out some more experience for our next opponent, who will no doubt be powerful."

"Well, Peace out!" Druidman said as he burst into thousand leaves, which were quickly scattered on the winds, followed by a small trail of embers, as animal companion followed it's master.