Returning from the massive mission

Duke Rigel here, organizer of the group for the mission you guys apparently assigned Detective Espial. The mission was a success, from what I can tell.

~Duke Rigel
I subbed for The Crimson Royale. My name is Soulman_Junior.EXE. I suppose I post here for whatever he gets and then I negotiate with him, if he wants a cut of it or something.

Detective Espial reporting in. Duke, thank you for making this topic. The mission was a success. We had to battle Twi.ADM, well it was more of a duel than anything else, but we have learned the purpose of the Support Programs. It seems that they are devices designed by Twi himself. They can be modified much like a Navi to take on any appearance, with a few restrictions, and seem to be able to aid in combat. I shall be attaching a battle log with this summary in case you have any questions.

~ Det. Zanallen Espial

[Attach: Battlelog.DAT]
Bo, one of the members of the mission who just wanted his GMO. Nothing else, nothing special.
This is Fujiwara Shin reporting. I think the above persons have summed up the event quite nicely. I wish to have my Level 6 .GMO compensation as a result. Thank you.
-Fujiwara Shin
Timmy here, we survived and we don't want a GMO, if you can, give us zenny, if not, i guess i'll take the GMO and find a use for it.

*Nikko.exe is currently resting*
((Lolol, pretend Netpolice))

Hmm... good work. I suppose we'll leave this Twi.ADM fellow alone for now... eccentric and unstable as he is, he hasn't really broken any laws by dueling the lot of you, seeing as how there was no real danger. Besides... we still need to question him about these 'Support Programs' he's created.

[Attached: GMOs for all! Huzzah!]

Oh, um, thank you.
So, I guess I keep this Support Program that I received as well.
See you again.
-Fujiwara Shin

Hmmm... Now what to make it?
"Sweet, a GMO thingie. I need to start collecting these. Thanks."


¤ Area Darkholme & Divinity.EXE ¤ ¤
i guess i'll take it, though i don't realy have a need for a GMO file. thanks.

*Nikko.exe is taking a cat nap*

~Duke Rigel
Thank you for your prompt response.