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Test Arena Registration Form

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Net-Op Name:
Navi Name:
Element/Type: (Navi's Element and Type)
Level: (Navi Level)
Event: (The name of the event you're signing up for.)
Entry Fee: (Fill in the amount, and hand over the payment with the form)

Event Summary

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Event: Planeswalker System Test
Difficulty: Unknown
Participants: 1 to 3 per Test
Requirements: At least one participant must have an Element. If no participants have an element, a Navi Customizer override will be used to grant them an Element for the duration of the test at the choosing of the Test Administrator Navi.

Registration Fee: 500z
Purse: 250z
Bounty: Zenny Award
Bonus: Elemental Battle Chips
Bonus Conditions: Excellent combat performace data (Excellent Role Play)

Overview: Battle against 5 waves of enemies in a new type of Net Environment. The environment is fully interactive, and will greatly affect the outcome of the battle. The statistical settings for each aspect of this system will be posted at the beginning of each battle or as conditions change.

1- You are allowed (and encouraged) to interact with your environment.
2- You are encouraged to use any and all aspects of the field to your advantage.

1- Do not attack the Test Administrator Navi.
2- Do not attempt to delete Allied Navis.
3- Do not use Stage Changing chips.
Net-Op Name: Sieg
Navi Name: Valkyrie.exe
Element/Type: norm/sword
Level: 3
Event: Planeswalker
Entry Fee: 500Z

I'd like to enter my navi for this event. I've asked her to put up a BBS for participants who'd join her team. If noone comes, or none of them have an element, Valkyrie would probably prefer fire.

Attached: 500Z
Net-Op Name: Rania Firebrand
Navi Name: MeleeMan
Element/Type: Fire/Break
Level: 6
Event: Planeswalker
Entry Fee: 500Z

We'd like to go ahead and sign up for the event as well. I don't particularly mind who my navi is teamed with; anyone will be fine.

Attached: 500 Z
Net-Op Name: Whitewasher
Navi Name: Triggerman
Element/Type: Normal/Cursor
Level: 6
Event: Planeswalker
Entry Fee: 500z

...Frankly, I don't give a damn about the navi I'm teamed with, as long as I don't have to do some babysitting.

[Attached: 500z]
net-op name:timmy
net navi name:Nikko.exe
entry fee:500z

my navi Nikko is going to team up with Valkyrie.exe, if my navi is given a type make Nikko's aqua.

Net-Op Name: Wes
Navi Name: Soulman Jr.
Element/Type: Normal/N/A
Level: 3
Event: Planeswalker
Entry Fee: *attached 500z*

Just sending my registration a while. I'll be there as soon as I finish my business in the Navi Shop. I already have a partner picked out, so as soon as her and her netop show up, we'll only need one more navi.

Net-Op Name: Fujiwara Shin
Navi Name: Red Riding Hood.exe
Element/Type: Normal/Wind
Level: 4
Event: Planeswalker
Entry Fee: *attached 500z*

This is my registration for the Planeswalker Event. I'll be heading over to the Colosseum after I finish my buisness at the Chip Store.
I'm Wes' partner by the way.
Net-Op Name: Suien Matsumoto
Navi Name: Rass
Element/Type: Normal/Recovery
Level: 5
Event: Planeswalker
Entry Fee: 500Z

If MeleeMan is indeed selected, I believe my navi would like to join with him. However, we realize that it is equally important to broaden our horizons by seeking out new partners, so anyone would be fine.
"There is no selection process. You were always free to make your own decisions and arrangements on how you wished to participate. How you make those arrangements is up to you. I am quite flexible. However, if you wish to be called upon at my whim, that can be arranged. We are quite capable of holding several events at the same time. I'll await your participation..."

~ Admin Navi (no name given)
Net-Op Name: Polonius Carbonum
Navi Name: DNR.EXE
Element/Type: Elec/ Sword
Level: 1
Event: Planeswalker
Entry Fee: *500z attached from Wes*

. . . . . . . . . . we'll be there to join up Wes's group as soon as possible from my Medical School assingment.
Net-Op Name: Area Darkholme
Navi Name: Divinity.EXE
Element/Type: Normal/Recovery
Level: 5
Event: Planeswalker
Entry Fee: 500z
Note: I'd like to get started as soon as possible. Don't mind who is together with me. I don't mind to go alone either.
NetOp name: Duke Rigel
Navi Name: Pianissimo.EXE
Element/Type: Normal/Sword
Level: 6
Event: Planeswalker
Entry Fee: 500z
Note: Will team up with just about anyone.
Duke will be fine as team member. I'd like to get this on as soon as possible. I've got some bad experiences with missions. And I'd like to keep it to two people in my team, including myself.

š Area Darkholme š š
Net-Op Name: Shigeru Yamada
Navi Name: Voltman.exe/MiniVolt.exe
Element/Type: Elec/Sword
Level: 7
Event: Planeswalker
Entry Fee: 500z (Attatched)

Shigeru Yamada here! I'd like to sign my navi up for this little fight, and if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to go it alone. I won't be here for a while, however, so keep an arena open for me!


And no, that's not a glitch on the "Navi Name" slot. Let's just say that I'm... not myself, sometimes.

Net-Op Name: Anthony
Navi Name: Edgar
Element/Type: aqua/Recover
Level: 5
Event: Planeswalker
Entry Fee: 500Z

I kind of don't want him to go alone, so if anyone wants to join this with me. I would appreciate it.
Net-Op Name: Jean Kiyomi Ishihara
Navi Name: Kitt.EXE
Element/Type: Elec/ Wind
Level: 1
Event: Planeswalker System Test
Entry Fee: 500 Zenny ((Attached))

Kitt: Ooh!! Pick me!! Pick me!!
Jean: Yeah, pick her.
Jean's face is utterly emotionless, as usual.
I'll fight with you. Let me go find my wife. I think she'll like this opportunity.

Ah, she beat me here.

Net-Op Name: Kazuhiro Sachio Ishihara
Navi Name: Titania
Element/Type: NORM/NORM
Level: 7
Event: Planeswalker
Entry Fee: 500z [attached]
Alright, I'll party with you two. I'll be there after this battle and some shopping.

[Attaches 500 Zenny]

Enough data has been collected to allow the mass implementation of the Planeswalker Net Terrain System. Thus, this event has run the course of its useful lifespan. The event will continue until all ongoing battles have ended. However, no new participants may register for the event.

Registration for this event is now closed.

Thank you for your help and support.

~ Lady Alexander
-- Director of Division 1, Sci-Lab


Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are ending the Planeswalker Field Test early. Anyone who signed up, but has not participated, will be refunded their Zenny.

Also, these Navis will be sent their rewards via Net-Link:

Little Red:
- RiskyHoney1
- Ice Zone (Rare Chip)

- Heatshot
- Magnet Zone (Rare Chip)

Soulman Jr:
- Boomerang1
- Grass Zone (Rare Chip)

Thank you for your help.

-- Bastion.EXE
-- Test Arena Administrator
Just posting for confirmation that the rewards were recieved. Thanks a ton and sorry we didn't do more to assist.