The quest for gelato money.

It was quiet. Too quiet... well, until Yuki came Jacking in and began to investigate. It was a lot bigger than the PET or even the AC system in Aoi's house. Giving herself a bit of a stretch, she looked around through her goggles. While she was meant to be more of a cooling navi for Aoi's house, she had some battle potential in terms of dealing with viral intruders that try to mess with the AC.

Taking a quick look of her surroundings, she can hear her operator calling her. "...C...come in Yuki! Can you hear me?" Giving a faint smile, she nodded and replied. "Loud and clear Aoi. Are the fans holding up out there?"

"Yup, I'll be fine for a while. Did you find any viruses yet?" Shaking her head she took another scan area. "Nothing yet, I'll probably have to look a bit first. Keep the chips ready. I'll probably need the support soon enough." Giving a nod on his own end, Aoi responded quietly, "Be careful Yuki." Smiling gently, she began to look around for some viruses to deal with.

<<I would like my first battle please.>>
And find viruses to deal with Yuki-Onna did, as she came upon a trio of metools. They appeared to be slacking off and doing whatever they pleased, given that two of them were playing a strange game with chips of stone dug up from the ground, and the third was off to one side, upside down and trying to spin itself like a top.

Once they noticed the navi, however, all three stopped what they were doing and scrambled for their pickaxes (the third taking considerably longer than the other two) and tried to make themselves look threatening.

Metool A: 40 HP
Metool B: 40 HP
Metool C: 40 HP

Yuki-Onna: 100 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

(ummm, I have the Hp50 navicustom equiped with undershirt)

As Yuki did another scan of the area, she finally noticed the three Metools doing what seemed to be some sort of game. She would have to find some way to sneak up and record what they do sometime. It would be very interesting to leak the spin as a video, but she had to deal with the threat right now.

Deciding that it would be best to deal with them in one burst before they do too much damage, she quietly called to Aoi. "I need the Rage Claw chip right now Aoi. We have 3 metools here." Hearing his partner, Aoi quickly responded. "Right! One Rage claw, coming up!" Within moments, her hand had became a beastly claw.

Deciding to deal with the Metools as cleanly as possibly, she rushed at the one that was just getting up in a attempt to scoop it up with her claw. If she was successful, she invert the poor helmet head and send it spinning like top right at one of the other metools hoping to get a strike with her metool bowling. Either way she will follow up by using the same rage claw on the remaining metool to see how tough those rather interesting helmets are.

1: Use rage claw to send MetoolA right at MetoolB(20 damage +impact)(1/6 uses)
2: Strategically move close to MetoolC
3: Slash MetoolC with Rageclaw1(40 damage + slashing)(2/6 uses)
((Sorry, my bad.))

Yuki-Onna managed to throw the first of the metools sliding across their makeshift game board into the second, where their helmets comically knocked into each other. She then ran to the third and cut it apart with little effort, perhaps due to the fact that it fell over backward out of dizziness right before she hit it.

The remaining two metools meeped angrily at Yuki, pointing their pickaxes down at the game board, then shaking them at her. They proceeded to slam them against the ground after a good shaking, producing small shockwaves which hit the snow navi.

Metool A: 20 HP
Metool B: 20 HP
Metool C: Deleted

Yuki-Onna: 130 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal
As Yuki smiled at her "Strike", she didn't realize the strike that was given to her by the metools causing her to lose slight footing and take some damage. Giving a surprised look, she gave a cold glare at them. "Oh? You didn't run away? How... unfortunate..." Flexing her claw, she readied herself to pick up the only Metool she didn't pick up and slammed it right into the other with the same finesse a quarterback does when they spike a ball at touch down.

Regaining her composer she checked if she was alright and if the metools were still alive. If so, a quick slash to each of them will help them sleep. She was still not use to being damaged seeing as it was her first actual net combat. Still, she needed to learn to toughen up. For her and Aoi.

1: Rageclaw1 picks up Metool B and smashes it into Metool A.(20 damage +impact)(3/6)
2: Slash Metool A(40 Damage +slashing)(4/6)
3: Slash Metool B(40 Damage +slashing)(5/6)
((Slammed it right into the other... godmoding. Try to avoid it in the future, please? :< Try 'gripped her claws and executed a swift throwing move.' That way, you don't imply that you were successful in grabbing something, which is up to the mod.))

Yuki first tried her hand, literally, at slamming two Metools together. The first Metool went into her hand, and went... towards the floor, as the other Metool sidestepped just in time. However, luck was not on its side, as Yuki followed up with a slash, deleting the remaining Metool.

Metool A: Deleted
Metool B: Deleted
Metool C: Deleted

Yuki-Onna: 130 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Battle 1 - Victory!
Rewards: 120z, [Guard1] Battlechip

Guard1 -
Effect: Reflects one attack, bouncing back a maximum of 60 damage
Accuracy: S
Description: Sends one attack back to the enemy
Duration: Once
Element: None
Special: Negated by Break.
((Sorry... didn't mean it like that. My bad x_x; I'll try to be more cautious in the future.))

As Yuki calmed down from the fight, she made sure that the threat was dealt with before dismissing the rather large claw. Calling her operator, she reported her findings. "Looks we got a little spare change and a present Aoi. Did you recieve them yet?" As the data went through, Aoi responded. "Roger. Looks like a Reflect chip. Want to jack out Yuki?"

Taking a look around, Yuki shook her head and replied. "Don't worry Aoi, it's just a scratch. Besides, since we're here we may as well get some training in proper net battling. Besides, more zenny means more gelato!" Hearing her persuasive argument, Aoi agreed to letting her progress. "Alright Yuki. Whenever you're ready."

<<ready for battle 2>>
Scuttling across the tranquil ACDC net, few viruses came towards Yuki with hops and bops. Upon closer inspection, it was three petit green bushes slowly approaching the navi with a concerning expression on their face, but there was another virus behind them...Something...Terrible...

The hiding virus hopped up in excitement, revealing its identity to Yuki to be the dreadful bunny virus. Though it was cute as hell, its attack will hurt like hell with its electric rings!

ShrubbyA: 50 HP
ShrubbyB: 50 HP
ShrubbyC: 50 HP
Bunny: 50 HP [Behind Shrubby Group]

Terrain: 100% Normal

雪女.EXE: 130 HP

As Yuki noticed the next wave approached, she readied herself. Shrubbys were a set up from metools indeed, but nothing overly worrysome... that is until she heard... it.


Those long curved ears.


Those beady soul devouring eyes.


The cutesy look that hides a Aqua serial killer.


Truly this is not a creature Navi is not meant to fight. Yuki was shaken a bit. Aoi was confused. "Is it really that bad? I mean, it's just a bunny virus." Yuki gave a cold response of pure seriousness to the reaction of her poor, naive operator. "Don't let it fool you. The bunny is a mass murderer. It's entire species feasts upon the remains of the poor Aqua navis it slaughters. I heard they killed a group of Aqua Swordies that got to close to them.

Aoi was rather surprised about the dark tail of this bunny. "Really? Wow. Wish we had a Holy Hand Grenade chip handy. Alright, I'll slot in Shotgun and Reflect. Fire at the Shrubby in front of the bunny. If it dodges, try to bounce one of the shrubby's attacks at it with reflect. Either way, do your best to evade." Nodding her head, Yuki received her chips and began with the plan. If it works, she may just survive this.

1: Use shotgun on the Shrubby in front of the Bunny and hope to hit it as well.(50 damage plus Spread.)
2: Use Reflect to bounce ONE of the Shrubby attacks at Bunny to deal damage to it if it survives or back at the enemy.(can take 1 hit up to 60 and bounce it back)
3: Dodge for the love of blue berry gelato.
Let's all do the BUMP!
Yuki fired the first shot towards the Shrubbies with her shotgun, only pinning down a single virus due to her fear and anxiety. The bush-like viruses began to lob a pair of logs towards the navi, one hitting against the reflective guard, shooting a powerful shockwave right back at the shrubby, while another swept across her leg. Though Yuki was down, vulnerable to the Bunny's attack, she was able to dodge the lethal chakram the second before.

ShrubbyB: 40 HP
ShrubbyC: 50 HP
Bunny: 50 HP [Behind Shrubby Group]

Terrain: 100% Normal

雪女.EXE: 130 HP
(Song Yuki is humming.)

The situation was getting out of hand to quickly. While she did manage to get what she aimed at, she missed that screwy rabbit. Good news was she managed to miss the electric ring of death by the skin layer of her virtual body. Bad news was she was flat on her chest. It was not the best of positions nor the most flattering. She still had a few chips, but Cannon wouldn't get a clear shot and the bunny and rageclaw would open her up to a bush waking the likes the world had never seen before.

She needed to calm down first though. She was scared and it wasn't helping the situation. Deciding to try and relief her tension, she quietly began to hum to herself. As she continued humming, snow began to fall down as the place began to feel much cooler and relaxing to her... but something didn't seem right. The floor seemed to be loosing friction and seemed to be rather slippery. Then it began to dawn on her that she maaaaay have turned the entire place into a ice rink.

This was perfect for her though. The position she was in was perfect for sliding. Since one shrubby was gone, there was a gap between them. If she could squeeze through them and hopefully right pass the bunny. An icy surface would likely give them trouble. All she had to do was use the cannon to try and push the bunny into the shrubbys and hope there is a crossfire. Either way, she needed to remain cool and collect like the ice she was body sliding on. For Aoi.

1: Winter Wonderland.(entire battlefield is now ice.) 2 turn cool down.
2: Strategic movement: Channel the spirits of those that survived Frostman's Stage in Megaman8 and Slide Slide pass the group so the bunny is closest.
3: Use Cannon to shoot Bunny into ShrubbyC in hopes of them colliding.(40 damage plus pushback)
Yuki decided to act quickly despite her compromised position, humming a tune and turning the entire field into ice.

Then, without warning, she tried sliding as best she could over the ice, right at the bunny, who hopped to the side, only to get blown back by a Cannon into a Shrubby, rendering both of them stunned for the moment.

The other Shrubby, however, spat a log at Yuki, knocking her across the body with the wooden object.

ShrubbyB: 40 HP
ShrubbyC: 50 HP [With Bunny]
Bunny: 10 HP [With ShrubbyC]

Terrain: 100% Normal

雪女.EXE: 120 HP
<<In the real world>>

Aoi was watching with the entire thing through the pet as the battle raged on. As he continued to view the battle in progress. To say the least, she was doing rather well for getting flattened by random logs. Still, it gave him an idea as he held the rage claw he used before. As the log just left the screen, he shouted to her over the fans on his PET to "Grab it before it rolls away!"

<<On the net>>

Yuki grinned as she managed to smack some sense into that Bunny. Sadly, the feeling of superiority only lasted a short while as she got the steam roller treatment by the one shrubby's log. As she could feel some parts flattened a bit more than others, she could feel her main hand turn into the now familiar claw with her owner shouting orders. Seeing a chance to deliver some sweet justice, all she needed to do was grab the log before it left her reach and deliver some payback for all that happened. She hoped all that stretching payed off.

1: Use RageClaw1 to try and grab log and use as a potential weapon.
<<turn splice>>
((Not sure if it would work or not so being safe than sorry))
And with that, Yuki tried to get a hold of the log that was rolling away and just barely managed the catch. Yuki has now equipped SHRUBBY LOG. Well, now what?

ShrubbyB: 40 HP
ShrubbyC: 50 HP [With Bunny]
Bunny: 10 HP [With ShrubbyC]

Terrain: 100% Normal

雪女.EXE: 120 HP [Wielding the mighty SHRUBBY LOG] (2 turns left)
Yuki squinted as she used all she could to reach for the log. It was just in her clawed grasp. As she heard the thunk of the nails catching the wood, she grinned as she held the large log of potential destruction. With her claws sunk in and patting her hand with her makeshift bat club, smirked at the potential damage this could do.

Getting herself into position, she slided right at stunned Bunny with her log at the ready in her clawed hand. As she came close, Yuki swung back and prepared to deal with both of those virii. Who knows? Maybe she could make it a 3 for 1 special if she played her cards right?

<<Action GO!>>
2. Use the now rage claw gripped ShrubbyLog to preform a home run strike on Bunny(unknown damage, but I assume the rage claw now has 4 uses left.)
3. Grapple ShrubbyC with the rageclaw and hope to send it flying into ShrubbyB(20 + impact each 3 uses of Rage claw left.)
Bump and then some.
With Yuki's newfound blunt object safely stuck on her claw, the Navi charged forward and and bashed the helpless Bunny. It never stood a chance. While still near one of the Shrubby viruses, Yuki managed to claw it and send it flying at the other Shrubby. Said other Shrubby was unprepared to be smacked bodily with its ally and both ended up slightly dazed and facing Yuki.

ShrubbyB: 20 HP
ShrubbyC: 30 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

雪女.EXE: 120 HP [Wielding the mighty SHRUBBY LOG] (1 turns left)
((You keep forgetting that the battlefield is ice now))

Yuki smirked a bit as the Bunny was sent flying via the sheer force of the strike. It was a beautiful site indeed. To see the one thing that made her quake in her ski boots sent flying like a T-ball really improved her confidence As the two shrubbys were stunned by the throw, she grinned at them. Once again, patting the mighty shrubby log.

"I must admit, you did very well in this fight and I learned alot in this fight as well. How ever..." Spoke Yuki as she readies her log in her claw, her voice cold as she smiled at them. "If you really think I will forgive you for flattening me not once, but TWICE, I think we may have hit a impasse." Skating right at them on the ice, she readied her log for petard hoisting that would fit the group she just faced.

1: Skate at them to increase momentum and close the gap.
2: Smash the weaker Shrubby with the log claw combo(claw 2 uses left)
3: Follow up that swing with one at the other shrubby(Claw, 1 use left)
((D'oh. Sorry about that, Juroko.))

Yuki quickly made progress by smashing everything into a pulpy goodness. Yum.


Terrain: 100% Ice

雪女.EXE: 120 HP [Wielding the mighty SHRUBBY LOG]

Battle 2 - Victory!
Rewards: 320z