Double Trouble in Unparadise

As she started walking once her area jump was complete, SplashLady realized the fact that if Voulge immediately followed and they started looking for things to smash up, she'd be up a creek without an operator. That needed to be fixed. "Hey, Sabrina!!!"

"Hi. Something happen?"

"Sorta...I bumped into Voulge, and we decided to team up again!"

"Oh, cool. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess you're in Hades Net again."

"Yep, we decided we should continue where we left off. And this time, we can Untrap any Mystery Data we find!"

"Right! ...So, if we're pairing up, where's the other half?"

"He should be here shortly. I left a data trail for him to follow here." With that, she leaned against her trident, waiting for her busting teammate to show up.
Voulge arrived at the unbearably hot Hades Net, but neither the navi or Ignis were particularly bothered by it, except Licht, the lone black sheep SP who wasn't a fire type. "Geeze, common sense, tinhead. If you're gonna take a girl, or at least a herm, out for a date, do it someplace nice like a beach or something." Ignis joked as he fluttered through the hot air.

Not paying any attention to the crystal's remark, the spearman walked up to Splash as he had his spear hanging from his shoulder. "Well? Lets get started." Quick to the point, Voulge pointed north and began to walk into the dangerous Hades Rogue.

"Yep, let's!" Despite not having an SP out, SplashLady proceeded further into the Net, also not overly bothered by the sweltering heat. Apparently, being a water-based Aqua Navi helped keep one cool in such times.

(Searching for Battle #1)
Hello Hades...

Look at SplashLady, now back to Voulge, now back to SplashLady, now back to Voulge. Sadly, she isn't him, but if she continued to bust in this thread, she could look like him.

Look down. Back up. Where are you? You're fighting Drixors with the navi your navi could look like. What's in your hand? Back at me. I have it. It's two rewards with that chip that you love. Look again, the chips are now Drillarms. Anything is possible if you finish fighting in this thread with good RP.

You're on Furnace terrain.

DrixorA: 170 HP
DrixorB: 170 HP
DrixorC: 170 HP
DrixorD: 170 HP
DrixorE: 170 HP
DrixorF: 170 HP

Terrain: 100% Furnace

Splashlady: 350 HP
Voulge: 250 HP
Ignis: 115 HP
Licht: 90 HP

[Battle 1 - Begin!]
"Urp...I'm getting dizzy looking up and down, side to side, and whereve-, WHATEVER..." Ignis was swaying side to side, unable to concentrate after blindly following the strange, yet soothingly bold voice's directions. "I...Urp...I can't help you on this one." The red crystal began to flutter away from the burning battlefield while Licht, being a good sibling, followed along as he tried to help as best Ignis as best as he could.

Voulge wasn't worried about the lack of support from his...Support Units, as he was brimming with confidence as he was able to team with Splash once more. The field was entirely compromised of sizzling furnace panels, warping the air with its heat, but the spearman wasn't affected by all of this whatsoever. "Marius, are you there?" the navi calmly asked as he began to form a red-hot, earthly shield from bits and pieces from the furnace.

"*Yawwn*...Somewhat. I thought you were at the council meeting? Why are you at Hades all of a sudden?" The operator, just waking up from his nap, was quick to shoot questions after questions at his navi. "Wah? Now you're with SplashLady? Where did you meet with her? Is there a reason why you guys are suddenly teamin-" "Marius." "...Okay, okay. I'll save it for later...Damn, I almost started to sound like that damn red chatterbox." Marius broke out his folder and inserted three chips into his PET. After letting out yet another yawn, the operator crossed his arms and dozed off again on his chair...

The spearman readied his weapon as he loosely held it with both hands. The enemies were the Drixors, an enemy Voulge hasn't fought before, but the look of their menacing drill has already put the navi in high alert. "Lets do it like we always do, Splash." Voulge asked his partner as his eyes were still fixated on the viruses. "Split the group half and half. I'll take right!"

After telling his strategy to his partner, Voulge raised his spear towards the sky. He leaned the end of his spear against his head as he concentrated on the viruses' movements and behaviors while the weapon began to glow red from the heat it was gathering. The moment the spear reached its limit, Voulge shifted the spearhead straight towards the ground and gave it a stab into the furnace. "FLAMELINE!" The light from the spear began to drain as a trail of crimson light maneuvered its way beneath the group of viruses, slowly growing into a giant circle. With a twist of the spear, the light ignited like a trail of gunpowder and caused the circle to explode into a fiery geyser.

"Next...? What in the?" Voulge tried to pull his spear out from the ground, but it barely budged from its place. "...It's stuck."

"WELL, THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU STICK THINGS IN A FURNACE, YOU DUMB ASS" Ignoring Ignis' witty comment, Voulge quickly made the decision to leave the weapon as it was. He unhooked the chain connecting him and the weapon and dashed away in case the viruses were to take advantage of his immobility.

The navi then took out a set of six throwing daggers from his vest, the first three was laced from top to bottom with dried black oil, while the other three's blade was made entirely out of a small, translucent gemstone. Voulge quickly measured the Drixor's position and swung the three green daggers across the hot air as if it was a fan. "Come!" As the blades began to glow dimly under the distorting heat wave, three torrent of wind began to blow through the viruse, hopefully dragging them closer to Voulge.

Whether the wind was able to bring the viruses closer or not, the navi threw all six daggers at once without second thought. The green daggers immediately covered itself in white, visible winds, morphing into giant wind bullets. The oil-covered daggers, on the other hand, spontaneously combusted from the furnace's heat and created a wall of flame that swept across the field.

Satisfied with the result, Voulge backed away and moved back to the spear's location, somehow pulling it out of the furnace with ease this time. "Huh...What's up with that. I wonder why it was stuck in the first place." The navi looked down at his spear and shrugged, hooking back the chain at the spear's end and patiently waited for any retaliation to come.

Ignis: Move away from battle
Licht: Move away from battle
* Phalanx Aspis [2-hit Shield]
* Tempero Flamma [Strengthen [40]]
1. Take Aim
2. FlameLine2 [120+[color=red]15[/color]+40 / Ground / Wide] {B+Take Aim} @ Drixor D/E/F
Ignis: Make a smart remark
3. Dodge
4. AirStorm2 [60 x 3 / Variable Targeting / Pull3] {B} @ Drixor D/E/F [Pull & Attack]
5. Phoenixshot2 [90+[color=red]15[/color] / Wide] {A} @ Drixor D/E/F
6. Dodge

Drixor...she was pretty sure they battled some of those right before Voulge got warped off, though she didn't entirely remember how they worked, though she DID recall them ramming with those drills. Which was fairly self-explanatory anyway, but whatever. That wasn't what immediately caught her attention, anyway. "These panels are kinda hot on my feet...Sabrina, what are they?"

"Says they're called Furnace panels. Let's see...they spread Fire attacks, and if Aqua attacks hit them, they create steam to blind everyone for a little bit. That's the basics, anyway."

"...That doesn't sound very helpful. Voulge should get along fine, but what about us? I wouldn't mind if it was just me, but I'm not about to fog up things and screw up a teammate!"

"Yeah, I see what you mean...well, anyway, let's think about it while we try and get free stuff, okay?" Man, she was really loving this chip. But then again, she loved free stuff. And who didn't like free stuff? "Battlechip, PickPocket! Slot in!"

A Bandcoon pseudo-virus appeared in front of the mermaid Navi, and immediately started hopping around...presumably because the heated panels were a bit hot on bare feet. But it managed to muster up its courage, and rolled up into its signature ball to move more efficiently. And it did, though instead of the smooth rolling it usually did, it seemed to be content to rapidly hop about the furnace panels, to confuse its target with agility instead of raw speed. Once it saw what it felt was the best opportunity, it quickly extended its interrogative tail, hooking a piece of data within the drill virus, then tossing it to its Navi summoner in one smooth motion. The raccoon quickly dematerialized afterwards, more than happy to get out such an unpleasant environment. Not that SplashLady particularly noticed any of this, trying to think of a good way to eliminate the Drixor assigned to her without water. "...Any ideas?"

"Nope. You?"

"Nope. Not unless I cross."

"...That counts as an idea, you know." Cross button, pressed. Now there were several Navi emblems staring the operator in the face, wanting to be selected. Voulge...fitting, but that would probably come in handy later if they saved it. Eternalis...they were trying to get AWAY from the Aqua element., they used that earlier. Summoner...the Drixor would shatter any objects they made. Which left...Binary. Kind of a plain cross, but she couldn't think of reason it wouldn't work. ...Well, aside from one big one. "Any preferences?"

"No, I trust your judgement!"

"Then I choose...this!" Binary emblem, select! "Cross system, online! BinaryCross, activate!"

The entirety of SplashLady's body glowed a brilliant white, as she shifted from her usual, watery state, to a more...basic form. Extremely basic. With her skirt and shells no longer anywhere to be found on her, she almost looked like a Navi that had yet to receive extensive customization, due to now being completely white in color, aside from her face and hair. Sequences of 1s and 0s occasionally flashed across her body, almost as if displaying her own internal processes. As perhaps her one sign of uniqueness in this form, four long, squid-like tentacles extended from her back, though they were retracted to avoid getting in the way. "SO, THIS IS BINARYCROSS...ACK! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY VOICE?!" Her vocal programs also appeared to regress, now having scratchy, nearly robotic speech.

"Holy cow, do NOT talk unless you absolutely have to!" That kind of voice was going to give everyone headaches really fast. "Anyway, I think I know what we need to do. Make sure you take full advantage of BinaryCross's powers when you use it, though!" Blue area turning red...check. Guy in blue with a fan for a hand...check. 'ATTACK+20' clearly labled behind a green streak...check. "Battlechip, AreaGrab! Battlechip, WindRacket! Double slot in! Extra chip, Attack+20, slot in!"

The not-so-mermaid Navi instantly teleported from where she stood, reappearing behind a trio of the squid with drill mantles. One of her own tentacles, however, now resembled the fan on the inserted chip. It quickly became infused with binary code, rewriting part of the chip data to make it stronger. Even the following chip served to make the attack more powerful...apparently, this was to be an all-or-nothing strike. And in a single motion, the upper right tentacle viciously slapped at the enemies, utilizing the power of wind to knock them into the great beyond, as well as good old fashioned kinetic energy from smacking things with a fan. "DRIXOR, BEGONE! ...DID I REALLY JUST SAY THAT?"

"Yes, now stop saying it, and dodge quietly!"

Flinching at the admonishment, as well as her own voice, SplashLady returned her tentacle to its base position, and prepared for the avoiding of painful drills, in case any ended up spinning her way.

[Order of Turn:
1-PickPocket chip on DrixorA (steals reward data from one virus)
2-Activate BinaryCross (LV 1, become Normal/Variable, +10 to non-elemental chips)
3-AreaGrab chip to behind DrixorA-C (teleports user)
4-WindRacket chip attack on DrixorA, DrixorB, and DrixorC (100+10+20+50, Microburst and Northwind on impact) (Cross Bonus) (Attack+20 attached) (Buff subtype ability activated)
5-Attack+20 chip attached to WindRacket (adds 20 power to each hit of attached chip)
With the Navis deciding to take three of the viruses each for themselves, the Drixor did the same as well, splitting up into two. While Voulge's SPs moved a bit away from the battle, one of the Drixor saw the opportunity for easy meat and dashed towards them. Unfortunately, the heat from the furnace paneling distorted its view and caused it to miss. It then disappeared into a portal. The remaining two Drixor decided to face Voulge head-on, meeting his FlameLine. One of the viruses was deleted while the other skirted by. Fortunately, Voulge managed to dodge the second Drixor's first attack as it disappeared into another portal. Then, the two reappeared from behind both Voulge and Ignis, ready to attack!

However, the warrior Navi was ready for them, swinging a fan of daggers that created a vortex of wind, while pulling the Drixor away from their intended path and damaging them! The Drixor saw that this was an inopportune moment to continue on the offensive, and instead went into dodging. Voulge threw a few more daggers at the drill viruses, one of which dodged them. The other was not so lucky and received a fiery flame in its face, nearly deleting it.

Meanwhile, on SplashLady's front...

A lone Bandcoon was sent out on a hunt for loot and fame, but only received a whacking on a drillhead and failed its conquest. The Drixor leapt into the air and drilled their way through the air towards the mermaid Navi... but not before the Navi reappeared behind them in BinaryCross form and whacked them to kingdom come! The powered-up WindRacket deleted one and severely damaged two, disorienting the Drixor enough to make them want no more, switching to a more cautious stance.

DrixorB: 50 HP
DrixorC: 50 HP
DrixorE: 110 HP
DrixorF: 5 HP

Terrain: 100% Furnace

Splashlady: 350 HP
Voulge: 250 HP (2-Hit Shield)
Ignis: 115 HP
Licht: 90 HP
It wasn't perfect, but her trio of viruses were severely weakened and too incapacitated to counterattack. That probably qualified as a successful attack. Question was, how was she going to wrap things up? "SABRINA, AWAITING FURTHER ORDERS. ........" Ugh, she was going to have to get some paper and just write what she wanted to say when she used BinaryCross.

"Yeah, I think you know what you just did wrong...but as for those Drixor...just use your buster and finish them! Nothing fancy, but it'll work!"

SplashLady's right arm shifted from a while silhouette of her hand into an equally white silhouette of a regular buster, then raised it towards one of the drilling squid viruses. They looked attentive and on guard, so she elected to take a little time to calculate the proper way to position her buster for maximum viral erasage. And with that...PEW! PEW! A pair of light green energy shots rapidly emerged from the tip of the weapon, in an attempt to instantly end one of the enemy's participation in the battle.

...But, there was another Drixor she was charged with removing from the battlefield. But there was no panic on the not-so-mermaid Navi's face, as she simply started to lock onto the enemy once again, and subsequently letting out a dreaded PEW! PEW! noise, as two more green buster shots were released from her arm towards the squid. ...Come to think of it, she only needed a single blast to hit, so two per virus was a bit unnecessary. Oh well, it increased the odds of things ending in her favor.

After taking a moment to ensure her three Drixols all ceased to exist as viruses, SplashLady decided to look over at Voulge, to see if he'd done the same by that point.

[Order of Turn:
1-Take aim on DrixorB
2-Buster shot on DrixorB (50)
3-Buster shot on DrixorB (50)
4-Take aim on DrixorC
5-Buster shot on DrixorC (50)
6-Buster shot on DrixorC (50)]
"Oh. No. You. Fucking. Didn't."

Ignis and Licht were able to escape from harm when one of the Drixors tried to attack them, but the hotheaded crystal was more than ready for a counter attack. Two tiny speck of flame appeared on Ignis' side and began to grow into giant, burning pair of arms. "This is what you get for messing with The Igninator" "That's a horrible name." "...THANK YOU, SPACE CAPTAIN OBVIOUS."

Giving his arms a flex or two, Ignis focused on the foolish Drixor who dared attacked him and swung a quick hook. The moment the fist came into contact, it exploded forward with a powerful explosion and ripped it right off the SP's body. "Uh-uh, that's not going to be enough!" Still having one more round of exploding arms, Ignis stiffened his left arm straight and lined it up with the virus. "Rooooocket Pawn-ch!!" As his hot-blooded cry echoed, the arm literally launched itself forward as a trail of black smoke followed, heading directly at the Drixor.

"He seem to be having fun." Marius stated as he woke from his nap, again. "Leave him be. He's just getting excited because he's able to fight again." Voulge was focusing on the virus that was mortally wounded from his last attacks. Though he regrets the fact that he wasn't able to finish it off before, it still didn't change the fact that it was soon going to meet its end.

The navi held his spear vertically in front of him, soon transforming it into not one, but three silver javelins. The spears constantly expelled high voltage electricity, causing it to shine in a dim golden light and crackle with yellow electric arcs. Holding all three with his right hand, Voulge raised his other hand towards the sky for balance and pulled his right arm back as far as he could. "Pierce my enemies straight and true!" With a powerful throw, the three javelins soared up into the air, but began to move on its own accord like a guided missile, leaving a trail of golden sparks all over the sky.

"W-woah, don't you think that was a bit of an overkill?" Ignis questioned the amount of attack Voulge threw against the already beaten down viruses. "You can never be too sure." Following with his response, the spearman created yet another shield despite the fact that the last one still stood. "Let's hope that Splash is alright with her end."

Licht, on the other hand, was starting to get dizzy by the intense heat wave and decided not to participate in the battle as it silently stood at the corner...

Ignis: FireHit2 [90+[color=red]25[/color] / Impact / Double] {A} @ Drixor E
Ignis: FireHit2 [90+[color=red]25[/color] / Impact / Double] {A} @ Drixor E
Licht: Dodge x3
* Tempero Flamma [Strengthen [40]]
1. Arrow2 [130 / Homing] {B} @ Surviving Drixor
2. Arrow2 [130 / Homing] {B} @ Surviving Drixor
3. Arrow [100+[b]40[/b] / Homing] {B} @ Surviving Drixor
* Phalanx Aspis [2-hit Shield]
4. Dodge
5. Dodge
6. Dodge

All the viruses were deleted without anyone getting injured but only one virus on Voulge's side yielded the coveted Drillarm2 chip. The rest of them exploded into zenny, bugfrags and friendship.


Terrain: 100% Furnace

Splashlady: 350 HP
Voulge: 250 HP (2-Hit Shield)
Ignis: 115 HP
Licht: 90 HP

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Splashlady get: 1800z + 4FXP
Voulge get: 1260z + Drillarm2 + 4 FXP + 54 bugfrags
"Yea! Victory!" As Ignis and Licht danced in joy, unusually excited about their victory against the group of virus, Voulge simply gathered his side of the reward and prepared to set out further into the net. "Looks like no one got hurt. That's good news." Voulge let out a small smile to Splash as he also went on to collect the javelins from the ground.

The navi looked out to the horizon of the arid Hades net and tried to look out for a place "less" warmer than their current location for the sake of Licht and Splash. "Lets continue heading north." With no good lead to such cooler place, the navi pointed out the way and began to walk up north.

After another flash of white light, SplashLady found herself in normal mermaid form as her Cross was forcefully removed. "Ugh...BinaryCross is pretty strong, but as soon as I'm back in the PET, I'm ripping out that voice program with my own hands!" Speaking of hands, she extended her free hand, transferring the remains of her three Drixor over to her assigned electronic device.

She then looked over at Voulge, noticing he and his SPs were completely fine. That was a relief. "Guess there's not much else to do here other than move on, huh?" And since the fire Navi appeared to choose a direction, she decided to follow...oww, her feet. She wouldn't be surprised if her boots had grill marks on the soles after this...

(Searching for Battle #2)
Moving further into the Rogue Hades Network, Voulge, SplashLady, and the team encountered a group of viruses in their path. A trio of Momogro stood slightly further in front of them, while further back, a group of Buffy, HauntedCandles and Tromby sat back for support. The Momogro brandished their shovels in anticipation of attack, and moved cautiously.

(2 moves away)
Momogro A: 130 HP (Front) (Normal)
Momogro B: 130 HP (Behind, left) (Normal)
Momogro C: 130 HP (Behind, right) (Normal)
(3 moves away)
Buffy-F A: 200 HP (Tromby's left) (Coal)
Buffy-F B: 200 HP (Tromby's right) (Coal)
HauntedCandle2 A: 200 HP (Tromby's front) (Coal)
HauntedCandle2 A: 200 HP (Tromby's back) (Coal)
Tromby2: 150 HP (Furnace)

-- ALLIES --
SplashLady.EXE: 350 HP
Voulge.EXE: 250 HP
Ignis.SP: 115 HP
Licht.SP: 90 HP

30% Coal (Surrounding Furnace)
5% Furnace (Tromby's spot)
65% Normal (Everywhere else)

Despite waiting a couple of moments, none of the recently appearing viruses budged an inch. Admittedly, SplashLady wasn't sure if some of them were even capable of it. "Hoo boy...guess they're not gonna make things easy and come walking up to us, huh?"

"Eh, nothing wrong with going over to them. Tell Voulge that he should handle the moles, and that we'll take care of that virus bunch over there, since most of them are Fire. Sound like a plan?"

"Yeah, but I think he'd be happier with their chips...ah, whatever, I'm sure we'll whip up a trade if we get something fiery, anyway!" The mermaid Navi waved her trident, to get her fellow spear user's attention. "Voulge! Leave the Fire viruses in back to me! You handle the Momogros, okay?"

With her undoubtedly awesome plan relayed, Sabrina began the usual routine of slamming battlechips into her PET until her fingers started to go numb. Not blindly, of course; each one was carefully selected before being sent into the fray semi-carelessly. "First, let's get you over there real quick, and say hello! Battlechip, AreaGrab! Battlechip, WideShot3! Double slot in!"

The aquatic fighter's body promptly dematerialized, rapidly moved across the battlefield, and reformed near one of the blowfish. One key difference, however, was that her left hand now possessed an odd, gun-like weapon. Thanks to the teleportation, there was no having to use fancy, long-range aiming that an eagle Navi would have problems with. Instead, she could focus normally, and casually release a water blast with power that an ordinary Navi couldn't possibly possess without surrendering obscene amounts of money. And obscene amounts of money was something she couldn't possibly possess. ...Why was she thinking this? Sure, having a V3 chip was cool, but...ugh, she was still kinda thinking it. Focus, SplashLady, focus! ...Hmm? What was that in the middle of the virus clump? "Hey, there's a Tromby here! I didn't see it before..." In fairness, she had been too far away to properly see it earlier, and at first the floating Buffy visually blocked it even after her warp. "Um...I know they play music and make something bad happen, but I forget which one does what. What does Tromby do, again?"

"Uh..." Well, shoot. And she put her dad's virus notes into data storage earlier, too. "...I don't think it's the one that makes all the enemies invincible. Other than that, I don't remember..." However, there was a very easy way that this lack of information wouldn't cripple them. "Let's just hurry and wipe it out along with those HauntedCandles!" One chip, in. Two chip, in. Three waiting, since only two were needed at the moment. "Battlechip, WaterLine2! Slot in! Extra chip, Attack+20! Slot in!"

WideShot's gun faded from SplashLady's free hand, only to be replaced with a Raingear...or its upgraded form, at least. She didn't really recall what it was called at the moment. Not especially caring about the lack of remembrance, she held it forward, causing it to open its mouth, revealing the watery abyss that was its innards...however, that was little more than a distraction, as three patches of ground began to cool and moisten, instead of the hot rocks and metal that should've been there. With a mighty eruption, a trio of geysers rose from the ground, each of which pumped water slightly more powerfully than normal thanks to the support of the additional chip. It didn't last long, however, and just as quickly as they formed, the pillars of water dissipated into nothing capable of harming viruses.

Which was why the third grabbed chip from earlier made its way into the Navi's designated electronic device, all ready for its destructive purpose. "And now for the other Buffy! Battlechip, IceWave! Slot in!"

At last, the mermaid Navi's free hand became free once more, and was quickly used to grasp her trident as its middle prong began to frost over. A polygonal snowflake formed in front of it, and with a light thrust, she pushed the icy attack forward, softly undulating as it rapidly moved forward in order to smack something with its frigid presence. Elegant, yet painful. And that meant all of the group had been targeted. She backed off a bit, deciding to try and avoid any retaliation that could result from screwing up before.

[Order of Turn:
1-AreaGrab chip to beside Buffy-FB (teleports user)
2-WideShot3 chip attack on Buffy-FB (100+15, Aqua) (Aqua Boost)
3-WaterLine2 chip attack on HauntedCandle2A, Tromby, and HauntedCandle2B (130+15+20, Aqua, Ground Attack) (Aqua Boost)
4-Attack+20 chip attached to WaterLine2 (raises attacking chip's power by 20)
5-IceWave1 chip attack on Buffy-FA (80+25, Aqua, Freeze) (Single Target Aqua Boost)
"Hey, look up ahead." Marius and Voulge saw the horde of virus lined up to fight against him and Splash, but neither of them panicked or even prepared for battle."They are...quiet far from here." said Voulge as he leaned against his spear. The navi saw the predicament in the battle: Unless one of the group, the navis of the virus, make a move now, this would only end in a stalemate. Despite the disadvantage of closing the distance between the two, Voulge decided to take the offensive...and it was most likely that Splash and Sabrina would agree as well.

"Heh, they don't look so tough." said Ignis as he measured up the group of viruses in front of them. "But they need to grow some pairs if they wanna fight against Me. Seriously, backed up all the way like that, it's like they're already prepared to run away at a given chance!!" The SP toughened up with his egotistical comments while his sibling stayed quiet.

"We're going on the offensive." said the spearman as he turned towards his partner. But like many time before, Splash had chosen the same attack strategy as she quickly took off towards the row of fire viruses on the back. "...Then I'll take care of the mole viruses!" With an assuring nod of his head, Voulge pointed the tip of his spear towards the virus and let out a mighty roar to signal the start of the battle.

"To battle!"

Licht was smart enough to determine the threat of the Tromby viruses and began to dash across the field like the wind, quickly covering the distance between the viruses in a blink of an eye. Three miniature tornadoes formed around the SP and began to revolve around the body the tornadoes they were. One by one, Licht fired the tornadoes through the Momogros and towards the lone instrumental virus, hoping that the unstable effect it causes would somehow stop the virus from using its trumpet.

Voulge fortified his defense with creating his earthly shield as usual, but it was placed on the navi's back on the sole purpose of fighting against the mole viruses. "Huh, you still remember what happened last time you fought against the Momogras, don't you?" Marius pointed out as he began to pick the chips out from his folder. "I guess so." Holding the spear behind his right arm, pointing the spearhead downward, Voulge took in a big breath of air and disappeared into thin air...

Reemerging between the group of viruses, facing towards the Momogros, Voulge also noticed that Splash has also taken the same action as he did with the teleportation. "Should have guessed that we thought alike!" The navi plunged the spear into the ground with a quick stab and the normal panels around the Momogros began to glow red. One by one, each panels began to explode upward with a pillar of fire and burned everything into black ashe.

"Aw, come on! That ain't fair at all!" Ignis, left behind by everyone, dashed his way across the field to catch up with everyone. But at the rate of how fast he was moving, he began to fear that he would miss out on everything. As soon as the spearman pulled his spear out, with ease this time, he slipped out a small red sphere the size of a marble from his palm and let it fall down to the ground. The marble cracked the moment it touched the ground and ignited into a smoky puff, revealing the ever-so smiling Totem facing opposite from Voulge's. Knowing that the Moles would always go for a back-stab, both Voulge and Marius had the object and the shield ready as a counter-measure. The Totem began to break into its obnoxious laughter and its creepy grin before it began to spray burning inferno onto the viruses.

Voulge took this chance to make a quick retreat from his current location as the Totems distracted, giving him plenty of room to follow up with the two pervious attacks. "SnakeEgg and Drain is coming up. Use it to make sure no virus make it out alive." The navi faithfully nodded his head and clenched both his hands onto his spear. Charging the Avaria-Lancea with the chip's data, Voulge created a small cut on the ground with the swing of his spear, causing the crevice to flash in a golden light momentarily. Soon, a long golden serpent crept up from the cut mark and quickly made its way into one of many holes created by the Momogras. "Ouch, that's like...Pretty brutal, to kill a virus with its natural predator..." Few seconds later, all the holes flashed in the golden light like it did before from the cutmark. "...An electrified version of your natural predator...That's actually dope."

The navi was satisfied with the attacks he's done so far, but he could never be too cautious about anything. Taking in the final chip Marius has loaded, Voulge clenched his left hand into a fist and a swarm of small Skeetos covered it in a blink of an eye. "..." Admittedly, the navi slightly grossed out by all these bug viruses suddenly covering his hands, but he took comfort in knowing that they were out to suck the blood out of his enemy's, not his arm. Voulge stuck his index finger and his thumb out to form his hand into the shape of a gun and aimed it at the nearest, viable virus he could find. "...Go!" With the pull of the imaginary trigger, the Skeetos instantly flew off the navi's hand and headed directly towards the virus, seeking out to fill their hunger.

Ignis: Tough Ego [Hardbody (2 turns) / 2TCD]
*Licht: Vel Drive Movement forward
*Licht: Gust to push self forward
Licht: Attack [10 / Glitch] @ Tromby2 (x3)
* Phalanx Aspis [2-hit Shield] Behind
* Tempero Flamma [Strengthen [40]]
1. AreaGrab [Teleport] {S} Between Virus Group
Ignis: Movement forward
2. FlameLine2 [120+[color=red]15[/color] / Ground / Wide] {B} @ Momogro A/B/C
Ignis: Movement forward
3. Totem2 [140+[color=red]15[/color]+Spread 2 /or/ 70 Heal / Changes When Hit / 3 Turns / 100 HP] {A|S} Behind Voulge @ Momogro A/B/C
4. Dodge
5. Snakegg2 [140 / Stun / Ground] {C} @ Surviving Momogro
6. Drain2 [70 Drain] {C} @ Surviving Virus

Tough Ego: USED
While Voulge focused his fire on the Momogro group, SplashLady went for the five-strong group out back. Here's what happened.

Voulge equipped a shield on his back while he teleported towards the viruses for a surprise attack with his firestorm. The Momogro hilariously did the same, so they ended up switching positions and doing generally nothing at all, except for one Momogro which didn't get out in time and died. His SPs did some walking around and stuff and were kinda ignored by the Momogro. Licht focused his fire on the Tromby, hitting it with a few shots of mini-tornado, while Ignis ran up to the virus group. Strangely, it seemed to have no ill effect at all, instead giving some beneficial effects to it instead! It then played a terrible melody, stopping everyone in their tracks.

SplashLady, meanwhile, was poofing up to the fat fish thing and shooting a WideShot at it. She hilariously missed by a wide margin for some inexplicable reason, but did hit the Candle near it. The WaterLine later also destroyed the middle virus lineup as well as the Buffy missed earlier; the Tromby's cacophony stopped permanently, letting everyone move again. An IceWave made its way towards the remaining Buffy and iced it, so to speak. (ha)

Meanwhile, Voulge got to move again, and summoned a Totem battlechip behind him. With good timing, too, as the Totem proceeded to toast the remaining Momogra behind him, finishing the battle.

(2 moves away)
Momogro A: DELETED
Momogro B: DELETED
Momogro C: DELETED
(3 moves away)
HauntedCandle2 A: DELETED
HauntedCandle2 A: DELETED
Tromby2: DELETED

Totem2: 100 HP [2 turns left] [Attack-Mode]

-- ALLIES --
SplashLady.EXE: 350 HP
Voulge.EXE: 250 HP
Ignis.SP: 115 HP (HardBody)
Licht.SP: 90 HP

30% Coal (Surrounding Furnace)
5% Furnace (Tromby's (original) spot)
65% Normal (Everywhere else)



Voulge: [Mole2] Battlechip, 1650z, 69 BugFrags, 5 FXP
SplashLady: [HeatSpreader] Battlechip, 1900z, 5 FXP
That was...actually harder than she expected. Especially those Buffy. For something that didn't really move, it really felt like they were tricky to hit. Oh well, at least she held up her end of the battle, and it looked like Voulge had similar luck. Woohoo. With a twirl of her trident, she accessed the data that remained from the fiery viruses...and the Tromby. "Cash, transferred! And, Battlechip, get! And it's..."...Nope, not a nifty Timpani, or even a BurnSquare2. Instead, she got...HeatSpreader. Something she honestly had no interest in. "...Ugh. Sabrina, check your chip library. See if it still counts as getting it if I don't send it to the PET."

"Sure thing!" Let's chips, 100. Wow, one hundred chips. She needed to get a life again. "Yep, we just got credit for HeatSpreader. Why?"

"Because...there's something I want to do with it." Still holding the chip-shaped data in her hand, SplashLady walked over to Voulge, holding it up and showing what kind of chip she'd gotten, complete with a picture of a Buffy. "Here ya go, Voulge! I'm pretty sure you can use this HeatSpreader a lot better than I ever could. No strings attached, just take it!" Surely he'd want it, what with him being a Fire Navi and all. And once her gift was received, she'd start the process of finding more viruses. Ideally, something a little less fiery, but given their location, that would probably be asking an awful lot of the Net.

(Giving Voulge the HeatSpreader chip, then searching for Battle #3)
"Wow, that frikken sucked. I didn't do CRAP in that battle...Oh well, at least I was like THIS doofus who somehow helped out his enemy!!" Ignis was at his usual tantrum again, even going far as to pick on Licht for his unfortunate effect from the glitch tornadoes. Voulge paid no mind as he grabbed his half of the reward. "These viruses aren't getting easier to fight..."

Just before the navi was about to proceed further into Hades, Splash suddenly offered him the chip she got from this battle without second thought. Though Voulge was reluctant to accept the offer, he pondered about it for few seconds till he could make a response. "...Thank you Splash. But here, this is a gift to you. Completely unrelated to the chip you just gave me."

Taking the HeatSpread into his folder, Voulge drew out his DrillArm1 as well and handed it over to his partner. "I already have the 2nd version from the last battle and I have plenty more break-chips at my dispense. You don't have to worry about me." said Voulge with a bright smile. Sliding the spear on to his back, the navi closely followed Splash's lead towards a cooler place.

(Give [DrillArm1] Battlechip to SplashLady)

[+1 FXP for Tradebros. No, you can't have any more.]

After an impromptu trade occurred, [[color=green]"Hey, what about me?!"[/color]] the team moved forward into the Hades network. They happened upon a wide lava river, and conveniently found a metal bridge just up ahead to cross it. Deciding to do so, they walked up to the bridge, but just as they reached the midway point of the bridge, they saw a curious pot sitting at the end of the bridge. However, just as they noticed the pot, the Navigator group was ambushed!

From the lava river itself, two FirePhoenixes burst out from the molten rock and flew towards them at a high speed. In front of them, near the bridge, three Skullavia viruses rose up from the lava and climbed onto the bridge. Behind them, two black shadows emerged from a couple of holes in the bridge beside the pot, brandishing dark blades. A blue dragon's head peeped out of the pot before hiding inside again. Finally, behind the group, two tanks rolled up slowly, aiming their cannons forward.

... A shine of green emerged from behind the pot, then disappeared again.

WaterDragon: 250 HP (Hiding in Pot, 3 moves, in front)
BluePhoenix A: 180 HP (Flying from left, 2 moves, High Alt)
BluePhoenix A: 180 HP (Flying from right, 2 moves, High Alt)
Cateen A: 200 HP (Rolling up from behind, 2 moves)
Cateen B: 200 HP (Rolling up from behind, 2 moves)
Skarab2 A: 200 HP (In front of Dragon, 1 move)
Skarab2 B: 200 HP (In front of Dragon, behind-left SkarabA, 2 move)
Skarab2 C: 200 HP (In front of Dragon, behind-right SkarabA, 2 move)
Blackmare A: 180 HP (Left of WaterDragon, Missing, 3 moves)
Blackmare B: 180 HP (Right of WaterDragon, Missing, 3 moves)

Green Mystery Data: 50 HP (Directly behind WaterDragon)

-- ALLIES --
SplashLady.EXE: 350 HP
Voulge.EXE: 250 HP
Ignis.SP: 115 HP
Licht.SP: 90 HP

60% Metal (Bridge)
30% Lava (Sides of Bridge, 15% Each Side)
10% Missing (Holes in Bridge)

Before the battle, SplashLady found herself gifted with a chip. A DrillArm, no less. Somehow, she doubted it was a spur of the moment decision by him, since it'd be a creepy coincidence if it was, but she was by no means ungrateful. "You really don't have to...but, if you insist, thanks!" Woo, DrillArm. It seemed like a useful chip, so hopefully Sabrina would get it in the folder ASAP. "Bet ya LinkMan wouldn't be too happy about this, since it'd probably look like a trade to him!"

And suddenly, lots of powerful viruses, including a couple that invoked chips she'd used in the past. Come to think of it, it looked like they got lucky and actually found mostly non-fiery viruses. Whew. "I guess it was about time...hmm, wonder how we should handle this?"

"Well, with those Skarry around, I bet Voulge wouldn't mind trying out his new HeatSpreader. So, how about we handle the Cateen, then the Blackmare? You should have enough cutting power to beat both yourself. And Voulge can handle the rest. How's that sound?"

Sounded pretty sound. "All right, I'll relay..." The mermaid Navi took one more look straight ahead, noticing the three Skarry up ahead. Hmm...something about this looked familiar...wait a sec. Three Skarry, with a hazardous area behind them...perfect. "Change of plans, Sabrina! Voulge, handle the Cateen so we won't be attacked from all sides, okay? I'll work on the Skarry and Blackmare!"

"...Hang on, you want the Skarry? Why?"

"You'll see in a sec. But first..." First, getting rid of the frontmost skeleton was in order. But, there was something in the far back of the virus formation...something green and shiny. And that needed to be preserved at all costs. With little protecting it, she needed to a result, SplashLady snuck a bit towards the right, ensuring her next move wouldn't destroy that green and shiny thing if went sailing through. Once she ensured that her target and the green and shiny thing weren't lined up, she tapped the metal bridge with the tip of her trident's side prong, suddenly causing it to become wet. Water began to rise from it, circling the Navi as it went from mere trickle to intense stream, and even beyond that. Soon, it rose completely above her, and began flowing in a figure 8, which allowed her to point her weapon forward. Instead of it actually doing anything directly, however, the buildup of water suddenly broke its pattern, with every last drop of it suddenly being compelled to launch straight at the lead Skarry.

Now for Part 2. "Sabrina! Now's our chance! AreaGrab and WindRacket!"

WindRacket...?...OH. Now she knew what was going on. Not wasting any time, the Netopian girl whipped out the pair of requested chips, slamming them into the portal that would transfer their data into the cyberworld. "Then hurry it up! Battlechip, AreaGrab! Battlechip, WindRacket! Double slot in!"

As had occured many a time before, the mermaid Navi disappeared from her current location, taking a split second to transfer herself to a different spot before reconfiguring herself to her usual state. Or at least, mostly usual; her trident's head had vanished, making room for a medium-sized fan, made from a material that she couldn't quite discern from looking at it alone. Not that she bothered looking at it, as two skeleton viruses currently occupied spots in front of her. She reared back, preparing to attack, then struck hard with her WindRacket. However, her goal was, in fact, not to damage them, but knock them back. Back straight into certain holes the Blackmare pair was hovering over...they might become invincible upon being hit, but even they probably wouldn't enjoy falling into the abyss. Or whatever was at the bottom of missing panels...if anything.

"All right, now let's work on one of the Blackmare real quick!" Which meant...another chip. More work for Sabrina. Woo. "Battlechip, Yo-Yo! Slot in!"

As her trident returned to normal, SplashLady's left hand found itself transformed, becoming some sort of...thing vaguely resembling a crab claw or something. Fortunately, while she had no idea what it was, she still knew how to use it, and thrust it forward towards one of the cyclopian shadows. As she did, the 'claw' opened, revealing that it was hollow, and a buzzsaw-like disc attached to a string spun forward from it. As it approached the Blackmare, it slowed its progression, content to spin in place and shred whatever was next to it, even the air. After a moment, however, just like a regular yo-yo, it began to return to its original sender, who maintained the 'claw' for precisely that reason. The disc entered its home once more, and with it, the apparatus closed. It didn't immediately fade, however, which was troubling considering it weighed the Navi down slightly.

"Guess you shouldn't try moving around with that thing on you, so..." BAM! Yet another chip. Oh yeah, she was good at it now. "Battlechip, IronShield2! Slot in!"

A large, towering wall of iron formed in front of the aquatic Navi, who wasted no time in hiding behind it. Trying to outmaneuver the enemy's attacks wasn't happening with the Yo-Yo's tendency to take a while to unform. Seriously, couldn't they design it to just go away immediately like other chips? It made no sense.

[Order of Turn:
1-Get Skarab2A out of line with Mystery Data (movement)
1a-Reserve Tank R (passive buster charge)
1b-Reserve Tank L (passive buster charge)
2-Water Splash charge attack on Skarab2A (200, Aqua, Spread 1)
3-AreaGrab chip attack to in front of Skarab2B and Skarab2C (teleports user)
4-WindRacket chip attack on Skarab2B and Skarab2C (100, Gust, Wide Attack, Microburst and Northwind on impact) (Gust: Try to blow them into the Missing panels)
5-Yo-Yo1 chip attack on BlackmareA (40, Slashing, hits thrice, blocks frontal attacks, lowers user's evasion for rest of turn)
6-IronShield2 chip on SplashLady (4-hit shield)]