Mill's Chip Exchange

My Navi obtained a SandWorm1 recently, but it doesn't really suit her fighting style. Does anyone have anything they'd like to offer for it?

--Mill Alidine
I think it would be proper to trade a snake for a snake. This one's not sandy though, but will turn enemies as crisp as well done steak. Over here I have a Flameline1 and willing to trade it. So if you agree, let's trade and then split.

Uh... right, sounds good.

--Mill Alidine
Attached: SandWorm1
Thank you.


[Attached: 1x Flameline1 Chip]
Cool rhymes.

NBA GET: SandWorm1
NBA LOSE: Flameline1

Mill GET: Flameline1
Mill LOSE: Sandworm1

The trade is made!

I haven't been using this chip in a long time, so I'm offering up a Minibomb for sale. 300 zenny or so should be fair, right?

--Mill Alidine
Right. Now gimme, mama needs more Chip Trader action.

- Sabrina Jetto
That works too. Hope this is a lucky one.

--Mill Alidine
Attached: MiniBomb
I've got to get Soryu to give me some credit for that machine...

Sabrina GET : MiniBomb : Mill LOSE
Mill GET : 300z : Sabrina LOSE

- LinkMan.EXE
So I've got one too many chips now, apparently. Can't fit one of them into my folder registry. I'll open my folder for anyone curious, hoping that someone will buy one off me for the space. Not everything is on sale, of course.

-- Mill Alidine
[Attached: Folder.dat]
I'm liking the looks of that Kunai1 chip you've got. I'll take it off your hands for, let's say, 1800 zenny.


[Attached: 1800 z]
Wow, that was quick. Uh... I guess I'll take up the offer for the Kunai. Sorry Des, I can only trade off one chip right now. Thanks for the trade, NBA.

[Attached: Kunai1]

NBA GET : Kunai1 : Mill LOSE
Mill GET : 1800z : NBA LOSE

- LinkMan.EXE
Yo, is the Binder2 up for trade? I could use another one of those. I got a LavaCannon2 recently but I dunno, it's not for me. Interested?

Fire chip...? I guess that could help for MeleeCross... Sure, I'll take you up on that offer.

--Mill Alidine
[Attached: Binder2]
Sweet! Let's DO this!


[attached: LavaCannon2]
Have a nice day, everyone!

Des GET: [Binder2] Battlechip
Mill GET: [LavaCannon2] Battlechip

- LinkMan.EXE
Yup! Got the chip. Thanks!

I see that you have a number of chips that interest me, however I have but 2000 Zenny in my budget. Would that be enough to purchase, say, the two Bubblers in your surplus chip list?

-- Winter
Bubblers...? Oh, yeah, forgot about those. Anyis shouldn't miss those much in light of an extra 2000z...

--Mill Alidine
[Attached: Bubbler x2]