Winter's Chip Trader

This is my shop, such as it is. I am open to offers against the contents of my Folder, but spares will certainly go for cheaper. Make an offer if you see anything that piques your interest, and I will consider it.

-- Winter

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Um, this is going to sound really weird...but is there any way I could get you to temporarily trade me one of those Poltergeists? Like, trade one to me, then I give it back? You see, I'm working on my chip library, and I don't exactly see a Poltergeist every day...or ever. Actually, I don't have SnowFort2 or GrabStop, either, so if you could loan me those as well...

And, uh, if you're wondering why you should trust me about this...well, I do a lot of trading in the name of my chip library here. If I didn't hold up my end of the deal, I'd look like a total jerk, and any chance of my being able to do anything else here would be shot in the foot...and the heart...and the head...and probably the knee for good measure.

I'm not asking you to do this all for free, of course. I'm asking you to give up a super rare chip, even if only for a minute. Since you're named Winter, I'd think you'd like icy chips, right? So, I'll give you this IceBall1 I don't use. It's yours for doing this for me. You don't need to return it like I'll return all of yours. Keep it, you'll make better use of it than I ever would.

- Sabrina Jetto
ATTACHMENT: IceBall1 BattleChip data
This is a very strange request from someone I do not know. However, if it means that much to you, I will chance this exchange if you offer up temporary collateral for the chips I will be exchanging with you. A first tier, a second tier, and a top tier rare, exchanged temporarily in presumably good faith.

I do want them back, however. -- Winter
If that's what it takes for you to believe me, sure thing. But I'm serious about you keeping the IceBall1. Don't give it back. The others I do want back, though, since...yeah, they're pretty rare themselves.

- Sabrina Jetto
ATTACHMENT: IceBall1 BattleChip data, Magnum2 BattleChip data, FullCustom BattleChip data
Very well, then. -- Winter

[Attached: GrabStop, SnowFort2, Poltergeist]
Nothing like kicking off a new trading board with some complex trades, enjoy both of you!

Sabrina LOSE: IceBall1, Magnum2, FullCustom
Sabrina GET: GrabStop, SnowFort2, Poltergeist

Winter LOSE: GrabStop, SnowFort2, Poltergeist
Winter GET: IceBall1, Magnum2, FullCustom

And...registered. Thank you SO much for this! And not to drive it into the ground, but don't return that IceBall1, please! The other two, though, gimme.

- Sabrina Jetto
ATTACHMENT: GrabStop BattleChip data, SnowFort2 BattleChip data, Poltergeist BattleChip data
You've kept your word. Alright, here are your two rare chips in return. Maybe I could convince you to trade away this FullCustom of yours someday. -- Winter

[Attached: Magnum2, FullCustom]
Wait, I'm pulling double duty...? Shoot, I should've read through the pretext!

Sabrina LOSE: GrabStop, SnowFort2, Poltergeist
Sabrina GET: Magnum2, FullCustom

Winter LOSE: Magnum2, FullCustom
Winter GET: GrabStop, SnowFort2, Poltergeist
Err, sorry for coming out of nowhere, but would you mind parting with that Sword you have listed? I meant to buy one, but I accidentally picked up an AquaKnife instead... Would a straight trade interest you?

Yes, I would. -- Winter

[Attached: Sword]
Thank god, I was about to be in so much trouble...


[Attached: AquaKnife]
Approval out of nowhere!

BreakerRed GET: Sword
Winter GET: AquaKnife

- LinkMan.EXE
Me again! Don't worry, this time I'm here with a regular offer. You've got a HammerToss1 that I want, and I'll offer MistConvergence1 for it. It's neat and all, but I've got too much good stuff in my folder already, so I can part with it. But, HammerToss is pretty rare and how about I add 500z and sweeten the deal?

- Sabrina Jetto
ATTACHMENT: MistConvergence1 BattleChip data, 500z cash data
That is a good offer. I accept. -- Winter

[Attached: HammerToss1]
Bonk goes the trade hammer.

Winter GET: MistConv1 + 500z
Sabrina GET: HammerToss1

- LinkMan.EXE
Your Poltergeist chip is just what I'm looking for. We have plenty of objects in store. Trading for it I offer the chips written below. It's a lot but I really want that chip you know. I will hear from you whether you take it or not. Otherwise this post was for naught.


[OFFERED: 1x AquaDragon1 chip; 1x SonicWave chip; 1x Barrier chip; 3000 zenny]
I like your offer. I gladly accept.

-- Winter

<<Attached: Poltergeist>>
Rhyming and rare chips, what more could you ask from a trade?

Winter GET: AquaDragon1 BattleChip data, SonicWave BattleChip data, Barrier BattleChip data, 3000z
Na'im GET: Poltergeist BattleChip data

- LinkMan.EXE
I have just come into possession of a 3-Way and a FireHit2, neither of which I have any use for. If anyone wishes to make offers for them, please contact me here.

-- Winter