J.T.'s Chip Trade Page

I'm looking to trade out some of my old chips and chips I just don't use for a little variety. Take a look at what I have here, and if you see anything you like, feel free to make an offer.

-- J.T.

Shotgun - x3
Damage: 50 + Spread 1
Accuracy: A
Description: A basic shotgun blast that may attack enemies behind
Duration: Once
Element: Null

Airshot1 - x1
Damage: 20 + Microburst
Accuracy: A
Description: Sends an enemy flying backwards. Has other uses...
Duration: Once
Element: Null

TwinFang1 - x2
Damage: 70 x 2 targets
Accuracy: A
Description: Launches two fangs. Hits cannot be stacked on one opponent.
Duration: Once
Element: Null

TankCannon1 - x1
Damage: 80 / 80 + Blast2
Accuracy: A / C
Description: A cannon that can be set to single shot or wide area blast.
Duration: Once
Element: Null

Candle1 - x1
HP: 100
Properties: Anchored. HeatBody
Object Damage: 100 Fire + Impact
Damage Method: Telekinesis
Healing Effect: Regen 5 + To-All-Clause(Allies)
Accuracy: S
Description: Creates a healing candle in your area.
Duration: 3 turns or until destroyed.
Element: Fire
Special: HeatBody: Immune to Fire damage.
Your DBLBeam1 and BambooKnife chips intrest me, please take a look at my folder and pick out any chips you want...though...the Rageclaw2 and ElemWood chips are off limits.
-Jack Magi

Attatched: Folder.DAT
Would my HeatShot or Shockwave be sufficient for your Guard1?

-- Destin.
Anyis might like that MagBolt... I got a Sensor1 not too long ago. Would that be a good enough deal?

--Mill Alidine
@Jack: Would a DBLBeam1 suffice for either a TankCannon1 or a DashAttack? I'm willing to part with two of them.

@Destin: Yes, that works out fine. I'm willing to trade my Guard1 for your ShockWave.

@Mill: A Sensor1... Man, that takes me back. Yeah, I'm all for exchanging my MagBolt1 for it.

-- J.T.

<<Attached: Guard1, MagBolt1>>
Cool. Maybe this MagBolt will be kinder than the one from the tournament...

--Mill Alidine
Attached: Sensor1
ShockWave for Guard1.

-- Destin.

[Attached ShockWave.]
A TankCannon is acceptable for the DBLBeams, now then, about that BambooKnife of yours.
-Jack Magi

Attatched: TankCannon1
The Sattelite2 is interesting. Anything you'd like for it?

-Shigeru Yamada
....Would you like a Shake1 or a BubbStar1 for that BambooKnife?

-Fujiwara Shin
...I'll come back later...

J.T. LOSE: Guard1, Magbolt1. GET: ShockWave, Sensor1.
Mill LOSE: Sensor1. GET: Magbolt1.
Destin LOSE: ShockWave. GET: Guard1.

Pleasure doing business with you.

-- Destin.
Ack. I didn't see the Bambooknife last time. Regardless, Mr. Shin made an offer first, so he has priority. If his offers prove unsatisfactory, I'd like to offer something as well.

...No idea what, mind you, but I would.

-Shigeru Yamada
@ Jack: Alright, deal. One DBLBeam1 for your TankCannon1. My Navi wiill make especially good use of that chip, and the one you're getting has served us well. Win, win.

@ Shigeru: That TankCannon2 of yours interests me, and seems like an even trade.

@ Fujiwara: Nice, a BubbleStar1. I'll gladly part with the BambooKnife for it.

@ Destin: Likewise.

-- J.T.

<<Attached: DBLBeam1, BambooKnife>>
Agreed. I'm sure there could be some use for it...

-Shigeru Yamada

[Attached: Tankcannon2]
We have a deal.

-Fujiwara Shin

[Attached: BubbleStar1]
@ Shigeru: Try combining the Satellite2 with your Windbox. You may be surprised at the results.

-- J.T.

<<Attached: Satellite2>>
It's times like this I wish I got paid to do this...

Just kidding. Anyways, enjoy!

J.T GET: BubbleStar1, TankCannon1, TankCannon2
J.T LOSE: BambooKnife, DBLBeam1, Satellite2

Shin GET: Bambooknife
Shin LOSE: BubbleStar1

Jack GET: DBLBeam1
Jack LOSE: TankCannon1

Shigeru GET: Satellite2
Shigeru LOSE: TankCannon2
Thanks a lot.

You're quite welcome.

I've updated the trade list, for anyone interested.

-- J.T.