Tradeing/selling chips.

i am selling some of my chips right now. here is what i have up to sell, i'll also trade some of my chips if you don't have much money on you. the list is as folows.


looking for in trades
chips that hit multiple enemies
elemental chips

Got a couple there I'd like, but I know that I can't afford most. I'd like your Magbolt1, Firehit1, and an Energybomb, but I only have 500 Z and maybe a heatshot to trade, so I know I won't get everything I want.

Care to strike up a deal?

if you come back with more money we can strike a deal. i'm sure the chips you want will still be here when you have the money.

*nikko.exe is curently fighting*
I'll buy your MagBolt1, and your DBLBeam from you.

How does a Varitail1 and some zenny sound?

-- J. T.
3600z added in with the varitail and you have a deal.

*nikko.exe is curently in battle*

Attached:DBLCube and Magbolt1

-- J.T.

Attached: Varitail1, 3600 Zenny
...Are any of you guys familiar with cooking books? I can't make any sense of these files I have. Ah damn! Sorry, quick quick quick!

J.T. gets: 1x DBL chip; 1x Magbolt1 chip.
Timmy gets: 1x Varitail1 chip; 3600 zenny.

thank you for the trade. this will come in handy for the battle we are in. also Persephone, try teaching shoryu something simple.......he's less likely to try and eat the table.
I'll trade you 1000 Zenny and a Heatshot for your Energybomb and FireHit1.
hmmm.......ok, sounds fair.

Attached:Energybomg and firehit1

ATTACHMENT: Heatshot, 1000Z
Another bunch of Operators. Poor Tempoman, he never gets any visitors at his board. Shows who's the most popular one! What? Chip trading again...

Steve gets: 1x EnergyBomb chip; Firehit1 chip.
Timmy gets: 1x Heatshot chip; 1000 zenny.

When will people come for ME instead of CHIPS!?
thankyou for the trade steve, this will help my navi out big time.
(bump, got a couple new chips on the list)
i'll take anything I can get for 600 zenny...

...I need to make up for my lost chips.

-- Damian

<void is busy battling>
Hmm...I'm interested in the TwinFang1 and AquaNeedle1. What would you be willing to sell them for?

-Sabrina Jetto
Available for trade that you might be interested in:


Things I have realistic interest in
Zenny (Obviously)

Suggest any trades you might be interested in and I will accept or give you a counter-offer

Damian:offer for a battle chip, and i will see what i can do.

Sabrina:make me an offer, but i'm not taking anything less than 6000z for both.

Chad:how much do you want for your ringlog1? as for my cannon, vulcan1 and about 1600z for all three? that would be resonable, right?


*nikko.exe is currently in the middle of something*
How about 4500z, a ZapRing1, and a Recover10 for TwinFang1 and AquaNeedle1?

-Sabrina Jetto