Online Battlechip Services

Greetings. I'm J.T. Farnam.

If you've been on Soryu's trader pages at all recently, then you've probably seen my trading tread, which has been very active recently. Some of you, I may have even dealt with there. I do so much business in my trade thread mainly because I live on the other side of the world from the chip makers, and I rarely, if ever, find what I'm looking for while surfing the networks. Let's be honest, flying around the world to find something as trivial as a battlechip is a little excessive. With that in mind, every time I'm in Electopia, I make sure to check the shops, because it's certainly not a quick car ride down to the nearest shop in Netopia. Even so, there really isn't anything I want from the Electopian chip shops these days.

I'm kinda sick of that state of affairs.

And because I'm tired of it, I think I'll make an effort to do something about it. So, I'm starting up a sort of small business in my spare time. I'm calling it Online Battlechip Services for the time being... at least until I or someone else comes up with a better name. My goal with this venture is to go out and get chips you simply cannot get in a store, chips that are not traded easily, chips that are sought after; all of this. I plan to go out and try hard to get these things, bring them back, and make them available to people for a fair price.

But, first, I need to know what people want. I want to know what the Net Battlers and the Virus Busters out there have on their wish lists and their want lists. I want to know what things they'd like to have made available to them that the shops just don't have. And here is the place where those people, Human and Navigator, can suggest things to get and make available, or wish for aloud. Post what you want here in this thread, and I'll see about making at least some of it happen.

Here's to the start of a mutually beneficial venture.

-- J.T.

PS: If you need to contact me for something, send a message to the following address:
Greetings, I happened upon this BBS message while at a local coffee shop here in Electopia, and having only visited a few stores I have noticed that the chips they offer seem to be more of a standard set that can be acquired with some given effort. Which is true of any chip if you have the skill for it. My interests are simple for the most part, my navi is a fire type navi with a love for long ranged fighting. However at the moment I've yet to find to many chips that can properly reflect someone wanting to keep their enemies at a distance and unable to close the gap. I'm sure there are chips out there that could help with such a task, and would like to hear form more experienced battlers on if there are.

My second request is more centralized, I have found myself a good listing of many chips that can be seen throughout the net, but it gives no real placement on just where you can find them. My interest in particular is the HeatDragon chip, I believe having such a chip would be of great benefit not only to my navi, but to her own confidence as well. However I am at a complete loss on where to find the chip, or even what would drop it. If possible could you help in locating this chip, or at the very least where one could go to try and hunt for it.

Also, just wanted to thank you for putting yourself and your service out there for others to come to, such kindness will always be rewarded in kind.

I also find the current state of affairs frustrating. There are many chips that I have read about, even low tier chips, that are not found in any shop. Also there are times when a particular chip datum, even from a relatively common virus, becomes hard to acquire. For instance, I have been wanting the DashAttack chip, but have been unable to find the datum string, even when it seems that everyone else has the chip.

As my navi becomes more powerful, I will of course have access to the deeper networks and a more thorough understanding of the code. And I would be willing to help in the acquisition of chips for your services site.

-- Destin Obscura.

[Attached: D.Obscura@ACDC.Net.]
First off, i would like to applaud you for your ideas and efforts. It's pretty nice to see someone going out of there way to lend a hand to others like this and trying to make a change. I've never been quite happy either, which seems to be the average response so far, with how things are for acquiring vital stock. I know I'm always forced to go out hunting for my own stuff all the time, for lack of a way to purchase them, and i usually end up with something better suited to other navis. In fact... now that i think about it, i may have an interesting proposition for you, but i can just e-mail you those details later.

As far as stock requests, I'm sure my navi would love to see more status effect and counter type chips available. She has this thing about controlling the battlefield which... is actually really interesting to watch i think (and usually quite deadly for her "prey"). At least, it will be once she fleshes out her arsenal a bit more.

- Rei Tylien
Heya, Mr. Farnam. I'm glad that there's someone who's willing to do this sort of thing, I've been scouring everywhere for it. Anyway, if you don't mind, I'd like to request a certain Recovery chip or two. Specifically, either Recover80 or Recover120. My Navigator is of a Recovery-type, and I'd like to have some battlechip-based fallback plan for when his signature system doesn't make the cut.

Thanks in advance.

- Harke Ezarith

(PS: Your name sounds kinda familiar. Did we meet somewhere before?)
Hello Mr. Farnam. It is nice to see those who go out of their way to help supply Net Battlers with chips that they otherwise couldn't get. I would have to say that Breaking chips would be in high demand for I have seen few that actually carry or sell them, not to mention chips like Elecreel, Recover80's and above as well as Magnums, as well as second and third series chips. I would be more than willing to buy if you have any of these on sale and, once my navi gets to be stronger, I could maybe help out in this endeavor.
-Mr. M.
You know, I gotta say, this sounds pretty cool. My dad actually does something like this for a living, so I can appreciate the effort you'll be putting into it. That said, I've read about a chip recently that sounds neat called IceSlasher, but I have no idea how to get it. If you find one, I'll definitely pay for it. But at the same time, I'm not going 'OMG I WANT IT', so don't go out of your way to find it, okay?

- Sabrina Jetto
To any and all this may concern,

Greetings. My name is Rei Tylien. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have been left in charge of this project by Mr. Farnam. Since I am far less known it seems than he was, I found I should at least introduce myself and give an update on the general progress of the shop. I'm just your run of the mill operator, but it's because of that i have known how hard it is finding and obtaining those sought after chips, which I'm sure most of you can relate to. With Mr. Farnam's faith placed on me, I will do all I can to make this idea into a great reality. With the aid of a few friends, of course.

I have completed a lot of the general work, and am currently working on the finishing touches. So to those who were waiting for the grand opening, it will be soon at hand. I look forward to seeing you there.

If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding the OBS, you can reach me at this e-mail :

I will try to respond to any messages as quick as i can.

Thank you, and as Mr. Farnam said, here's to the start of a mutually beneficial venture.

- Rei Tylien

P.S. - To anyone who has and is willing to part with a certain chip, specifically [pickpocket] , please do let me know. It is one I am currently in search of myself, and would definitely benefit the OBS. Thank you for your time.