Neo-Shogun Public Council: All Welcome

An open invitation to all interested parties: the first public Neo-Shogun Council will be held soon in ACDC Net.

Several of our leaders will meet to discuss issues and answer important questions. Attendees will have their chance to ask questions about the Neo-Shogun Army and seek induction of their own. The event will include:

- The chance to meet the Neo-Shogun Army's generals.

- Open question and answer session for all attendees to address their questions to the generals.

- Seats to watch the induction of three new generals into the fold of the Neo-Shogun Army.

- A chance to inquire about exciting career opportunities withing the Neo-Shogun Army. We are always excited to see new recruits.

If you're at all interested, please reserve a spot by posting here. This event will give all navis valuable face-time with the Neo-Shogun Army. Being known by us and in good relations with us could ensure you riches in the future, so if nothing else, think of it as an investment.

P.S. We're not disrupting the peace in any fashion with this event. As such, we expect to receive no hostile action from the NetPolice.

~Yasu.EXE, First General
After your last public showing, we can assure you that armed NetPolice operatives will be in attendance.

-Bayonet, NP Department of Internal Affairs
We would like to reserve a spot in the listings.

-- Destin Obscura and SINNBAD.
This seems interesting...please, reserve a spot for me and my navi. This seems like a good opportunity to see your army.
-Jack Magi

Make that three spots, jackie here forgets his navi has an SP, me.

How the hell did you post when you don't have hands?

Claws, Jackie my boy, Claws.

(Freya.EXE is currently unavailable for comment at this time)
I would like to reserve a spot in this event for my Navi, Terra.EXE.

- Scarlet
Well, I know one Navi group that thinks highly of themselves. But, I'm half interested in why, so I guess I'll check things out. Consider one spot reserved.

- SplashLady.EXE
Thank you all for registering; the Neo-Shogun Council will begin soon in ACDC Net. Please download the coordinates if you plan to attend.

Also, it is not too late to register. If you have any interest in attending the council, please reserve a spot.

~Yasu.EXE, First General
I would like to reserve a spot for this meeting, if it is not too late.

- Voulge.EXE