Massive group for a mission.

I just thought of something while looking at the netpolice mission board and seeing the occasional team-up for missions.

What if someone tried to put together a massive group for one of them? Say maybe 10 or more.

Naturally, it was too good of an idea to let go, so...does anyone else want to do it and see what happens?

I'm currently seeing how much interest there is before trying to put together a group.

~Duke Rigel
That would be very interesting, and I am wondering if they have stuff for that size of a group. So count me and my Navi in.
Oh boy, this is just too good of a chance to pass up. It's like a small army just ready to raid something like a Strike Squad. Like I said I can't pass this up right now, it's just so huge for just a Mission. It's like were plotting to blow something up, plotting against the government! Quadruple D guys, rocking around the clock! American is a little indisposed at the moment, but he would say close to the exact same thing.
--Bones "Bo" Pasimontito--

--American.EXE is in Electown Fighting--
In all honesty, I need to work on my tactics that involve others. You should know this, Duke. I'd take the opportunity to study more in these kind of battles. Not to mention that with such a large group of NetBattlers, they can send us out for bigger tasks.

It shows promise and I was already planning on assisting the Net Police to gain a GMO file. I need them for a bigger purpose. Either way, I'm in. It'll also bring us closer to each other as NetBattlers. I haven't seen a lot of faces of NetBattlers lately.

★ Area Darkholme & Divinity.EXE ★ ★
Meh, I'm in. It sounds kinda fun.
-Fujiwara Shin

<Navi is currently in battle>
As an emissary for the NetPolice, I would be honored if you would allow me to aid you in this team up. I would like to see how well such a group would be able to function in battle. Though, really, it just reminds me of my youth. I'm in if you'll have me.

~ Det. Zanallen Espial

Yes, it would be good to battle with comrades once more.

~ Runeknight
Sounds interesting.... I guess we're in.


Well, since he's not giving his name, I'll guess I'll give mine. I am known as the Crimson Royale and I look forward to working with you all.

-Crimson Royale
Were in.... but only if I can make it in time. This'll be tenative for now . . .

-Polonius Carbonium

DNR is currently acting out history with Maruballs in Netopia
Nice to see there's some interest. Good to have you on board too, Area.

And Polonius, don't worry about time. I've got a few things to finish before doing this anyway.

~Duke Rigel

<Pianissimo is currently defending his castle>
Whee~! Group missions!

Look forward to seeing you all.
-Fujiwara Shin
"TEN Navis? What on earth are you planning on hunting, son? Jeez, a little overkill, don't you think? But, whatever's out there that would be willing to challenge a group of custom Navi's in the double digits must be cool enough to to warrent me wanting to see it. I think I may tag along."

If you do have anymore room, please let me know. I'm rather interested in this mission you've mentioned.

DUDE!! the last mission me and alphonse had was awesome! i bet this one will be like that too!!"

-King of Fist & Tea [<-*cough*username*cough*]
We'll join, it's a good way to meet new navis.

If you have more room, mind letting us join in this?
Why the hell not? Its not like we have anything planned for the near future. And hey, you can't join a group this big too often. We are in, And I bet my navi won't mind either.

- Sieg

Valkyrie.exe is not available
That's one...two...three...twelve. Any more than that and might be overkill, even for this purpose.

Everyone who signed up, I'm looking forward to working with you. I'll see about getting us a mission once I'm done with the Planeswalker test.

~Duke Rigel

Hm? Duke, this seems a bit odd coming from you, but hey, why not.


((Estimated time: 2 weeks. Hopefully a bit less, though.))
This sounds like it could be exciting. I am going to go through the files and see if there is anything pressing that could require such a large group of talented Navi. I look forward to meeting and working with you all.

~ Det. Espial

Yes, and I believe I recognize a few of those names, Sire, though I do not believe we know any of them personally. Still, it would be good have companions once more. I relish the opportunity develop some new team strategies to bring back to the force.

~ Runeknight

((Cool. I'll just stay in my SciLabs thread until you are ready. If all goes well I should have my Pet by then as well. Any thought on who we can get to mod such a large group?))
(Grins all round! I would do it, seeing as it would take a large group a while to all post, fitting in nicely with my limited time-per-day. I'd be able to take care of this.)
((Too late! Twi stole it from you with practiced grace and skill. Perhaps you could aid him if you asked?))
Ahem, I have just received orders for the NetPolice concerning our little mission. It seems that we won't have to request one after all as a mission has quite literally fallen into my Navi's lap. In a recent battle, my Navi received a strange bit of program data that the NetPolice R&D Division would like studied. I have been told that there is only one program that can study the mystery prog and that it is located in a privately owned area of Internet City. We have been asked to find a "Burly-Looking Navi" in Internet City and request information about the program.

~ Det. Espial
This sounds interesting, it's good that it's such a large group, we could probably cover more ground easier.


<RRH.exe is currently in battle>