Inside the shop

Firmware already slotted in and loading itself into Dignity's systems, Vincent let the merchant rub his ego's metaphorical shoulders, murmuring a word of thanks. He made it to the door without further incident, only to stop dead upon reading the street signage. "How on earth did I wind up all the way out HERE?!" the man squawked, and reassured his earlier flail without missing a beat. It was, after all, one of those Days.

<(To Electown)>
((From -> Mikhail's Home))

Rather than carry the bulking speaker order around with him, Mikhail opted to stop by the navi shop first, and was humming the tune of his troupe's current piece to himself as he made his way in through the navi shop doors. He moved to the catalogue, while Pirouette appeared as her smaller hologram on the edge of the display, looking at her options. The ballet instructor gave a polite greeting to Suitachi as he arrived, but it was still a minute or two before the pair had finally worked out what Pirouette was putting the greatest priority on. Eventually Mikhail stepped across to the counter.

“Good morning. A few more upgrades this time than last, I believe. Let me see... We would like Customiser Expansions, versions five through ten, please, and also process upgrades, versions nine, ten and eleven.” He produced his card and held it across the counter as he spoke.


NC Expansion V5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10: (2000+2250+2500+2750+3000+3250 = 15750z)
Process Upgrade V9, 10 and 11: (900+1000+1100 = 3000z)

Total: 18750z
Funds Remaining: 160z
Turning his head to Mikhail and giving him a nod, the shop owner would quickly grab the items he requested, bagged them up with a neat little red bow on the front and proceeded to swipe the card, the balance quickly brought up and subtracted from the purchase. "Thank you for your business and have a happy holiday." Suitachi would speak simply, handing back the card.

Mikhail Get: NC Expansions 5-10, Process upgrades 9-11
Mikhail Lose: 18,750z
Mikhail accepted the cutely wrapped collection and nodded as he slipped his card away again.
"My thanks, and a joyous season to you also." With another congenial smile, he turned to leave the store. Pirouette had already started chatting to him before the door opened and closed.

"Oh! You should visit the coffee shop here, yes? They are doing their seasonal mint drink again! You can install all of the upgrades, and I can request more work while you do! Do say we can enjoy the atmosphere a little, before we return, Mikhail!" A soft chuckle answered her enthusiasm as they departed.

((Returning (eventually) to -> Mikhail's Home))
((Pirouette, Branch to -> Her Next Mission))
((Jenny, from -> Her Home))

The door to the navi shop opened to admit the fairly nondescript teenage form of Jenny, with the clear energy of someone who had jogged to the store front, then had to stop and wait for the sliding door to open properly.

“Yeah, I know, it'll only take a minute! I just figure, if you're going to stick it out for a while, I can get you a little more ready, right?” she was talking halfway towards her PET, while she quickly scanned the product list and checked her own navi's details a second time. After only a few moments she came to the counter, offering a quick rainbow-braced smile.

“Hey there! Can I get an NC expansion, a First Barrier Part, and process upgrade. Ah, the NC expansion should be, um, version five, and the process one is number ten, I think.” She produced her card and handed it across as she spoke.


NC Expansions V5: 2000z
First Barrier NCP: 2500z
Process Upgrade V10: 1000z
Total: 5500z
Funds Remaining: 960 z
Looking at the order and sliding the card, Suitachi was quick to nod, quickly grabbing the parts that he was requested of. Putting them in a plastic bag and sliding the card again to get the full balance, he slapped a bow atop the bag of navi upgrades, sliding both card and bag over with a nod. "Merry Netmas and enjoy."

Jenny LOSE: 5500z
Jenny GAIN: NC EXP v5, First Barrier and PU EXP v10
"Thanks! You too!" Jenny grabbed up her purchases and gave the shopkeeper another brief wave and a smile as she hurried out again.

((To -> A Cafe Nearby))
"Good, nobody around," Maru mumbled to herself as she looked around for any visitors of the store, before eyeing over the counter, "I'll take 3 Process Upgrades." She took a short glance at her PET, but VenusMan was nowhere to be seen on the screen. After all, he had been malfunctioning and was undergoing maintenance. "I'd like to pay without using my PET," Maru continued as she looked up at the salesman and took out a debit card from her pocket.

((Buying Process Upgrade 4, 5 & 6: Total of 1500z))
Finding a quiet moment in Suitachi's upgrade shop was a tricky business at the best of times, but luck was in and Maru managed to pick a moment when it seemed like there was no-one else about. the shopkeeper didn't seem put off by her furtive behaviour and instead just looked up at her from his paper, before standing with a short sigh.

"Right. That's no problem, we take all types of payment here. Except eggs and promises of children or souls. Zenny. Mostly we take zenny, but we take it in any form. What was it you wanted again? Right, right... Just a minute." He rummaged for a moment and brought out a handful of upgrades. "Which ones? Never mind." He squinted at Maru, as though appraising her aptitude, then nodded and fished three process upgrades out of the pile of different version numbers, and handed them across the counter. In the same action he took her card and processed it, then swept the other upgrades away into a drawer.

"There you are, all done. Enjoy your upgrades and come again."

Maru GET: PU v4, 5 and 6
Maru LOSE: 1500z
Maru's eyebrow arched upwards as the 'promise of children' was mentioned as invalid payment. But quickly decided that she did not want to reward it with a rebuttal or comment. Her curiosity, however, was piqued by Suitachi asking about 'which' Process Upgrades. "Is there an order to these things?" Maru asked herself while taking her card back from Suitachi and taking the upgrades into her hands, "They just look the same to me... I guess the runt can tell the difference." She pocketed the upgrades and looked up at Suitachi as he said his goodbye. "Thanks for the help," Maru replied and left the building.