The Hydro-Terrace Relaxation Cafe

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Only a short walk from Suitachi's Navi Shop, up a spiralling escalator and across a long, high-rise walkway, the Hydro-Terrace Relaxation Cafe was a venture that sought to bring a bubble of quiet balance and peace to the otherwise busy SciLab atmosphere. As the name implied, it was situated on a broad balcony terrace that offered a fantastic view, with seating arranged amidst hydroponic vegetation growing amidst the sound of softly flowing water. Inside the entry way, sound dampening measures reduced the outside bustle to near silence, and the cool, soothing atmospherics of the cafe covered the rest.

Jenny spent about a minute just looking around at the place when she entered, marvelling at the little escape oasis; she could see a number of relaxing science-folks dotted about, though the cafe itself seemed mostly empty at this time in the afternoon. Before long, Jenny had ensconced herself in a small nook that looked out over the complex structures and walkways below, and took a moment to breath the fresh air and settled herself before ordering something from the electronic menu.

“Oh! It says they also have other relaxation options here! It says there's a health spa on the floor below, and they also do massages, inside! Hmm... the fine print at the bottom here says 'for more information on back cover massage and spa options, please ask for a discrete attendant.' What do you think that means?” She read the words again, thoughtfully, then ordered a mint-chocolate milkshake anyway.

“Nothing I think you should be asking about today, Jen. Your mum would kill me. A little hand here would be good though, if you're settled. Things just got interesting again!” Courser's voice sounded calm but still cautious and serious, and she glanced at the PET screen, hurriedly pulling out her chip case again.
It was only a short time later that Jenny found herself sipping a drink and reading up about meta-viruses, monarch viruses, and a peculiar handful of other unusual viral aberrations that were being increasingly sighted on the net. It was all fascinating and strange information, and she found herself skipping from one article to the next as she read different reports from various navigators, in between operating for Courser.

Before long, however, he gave her the go ahead for their next shop run. A quick glance at the screen, one last time, confirmed to her that he had it as under control as it could be for now and she nodded and began packing up her things quickly.

“Yep, I got the message. It's a customiser upgrade, another instalment of the barrier program, and a couple of processor upgrades. We've got just enough set aside for that. I'll be as quick as I can!” She went over the list in her mind again as she shoved her other things back into her shoulder bag and put her PET away for the moment, then headed out of the cafe at a quick pace that became a light jog once she was in the open again.

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