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Mr. Farnam,

Your skills at Scilab have preceded you. We would like to recruit you and your Navi as new entry level policemen for us. Your talents would be used to help benefit the entire net by aiding us in the fight against the Mafia.

Would you like to join us?
Subject: (untitled)
From: NBShaitan@WhazzapMail.com

Hello there,

I'm the guy you gave a card to at the Chip store. My name is Na'im bin Shaitan, I realized only afterwards I didn't give you my name. My Navi's name is Djinni.EXE. Please let me know when you've got time. I could use the help.

N. B. Shaitan.
Subject: Cerberus' Reincarnation.
From: NBShaitan@WhazzapMail.com

Hello there again,

I apologize if this is starting to seem like overreacting, but I could really use your help soon. A strange 'evolution' happened in my Navi's programming. At first I thought it was an error on my side, but after checking it with guides from the Internet I noticed I did it correctly. An unknown part within my Navi is causing this, I think. Nonetheless, please respond when you've got time.

N. B. Shaitan.
Subject: RE: RE: Cerberus' Reincarnation.
From: NBShaitan@WhazzapMail.com

Thank you for responding. I would very much like to meet each other properly as I could use some assistance from a knowledgable man.

Electopia sounds fine to me, as I pretty much have no place to stay so I travel around a lot. Let me know at what time we can meet at that park you mentioned.

N. B. Shaitan.
TO: jtfarnam@NAXA.net
FROM: ChipTrader@SoryusChipShop.com
SUBJECT: Re: Season's Greetings!



Your Guard1 has been accepted and has been exchanged for a Bambooknife!

#-Attached: Bambooknife

Subject: RE:
From: NBAsad@WhazzapMail.com

Thank you for the katana. What is broken can be repaired so there isn't really a problem here. It might even be useful in its current state.

Djinni is not taking it all too well. We've had a bunch of defeats behind our back and it seems like they're taking their toll on her. I'm aware Broadside is not the greatest conversational partner, but at the moment she could use a pick-me-up. A friend to stand by her. If you could join her, here are her coordinates within Hades Net. I'd invite you to my pad, but unfortunately my housemate does not want any people he doesn't know running around.

N. B. Asad.

[Attached: Directional Data]
TO: Jared & Co. @ jtfarnam@NAXA.net
FROM: Waltz @ CharityEvent@sharofreemail.net
SUBJECT: Charity Event Award

With a silly lot like you all, I'm wondering if sending you this is even a good idea... Anyways, I heard one of you is interested in tactics and I'm sure this chip will be a great boon to you. Invis can help you line up the perfect shot or make a tactical retreat without fearing the blows of your enemy. I'm sure you'll get good use out of it.

Don't worry, Rosa, this will go straight to the hands of somebody who needs it.


*Invis1 attached*
TO: jtfarnam@naxa.net
FROM: gnomon@myjournal.com

Hello. Call me Gnomon.

I wish to participate in your chip-hunting project.

I will route all pertinent discoveries to your address.
To: jtfarnam@naxa.net
From: Arachnids_Lair@Yumland.org
Subject: Proposition


Hello again.

This is Rei Tylien. We've done some business once before through your trading topic, and i also left a little blurb on your latest BBS. After reading your idea, I would like to offer my services to your cause. I often find myself acquiring chips with little use to my navi, and we tend to do a large amount of hunts, so perhaps it would benefit to put them to good use. If we are to do it anyways, why not make it productive, right?

My navi is a spider-based girl named Sylk. She is quite strong and she seems to have great prowess against fire and wood type enemies, so perhaps she can be of use in obtaining chips of those varieties?

If your interested, please get back to me and we can discuss any concerns you may have.

Thank you for your time.

- Rei Tylien
To: jtfarnam@naxa.net
From: Arachnids_Lair@Yumland.org
Subject: RE: Proposition


Greetings again, J.T.

I'm glad to hear your getting some good use out of those chips. In our hands they weren't very effective so this was definitely for the best, haha.

I am also pleased that you've agreed to take us up on our offer. I think this will help my navi learn one or two things, giving her an honest days work opposed to her usual "what ever she pleases". Even i could use an honest days work, now that i think about it, so this should benefit the both of us.

As far as a net meeting is concerned, i can work with that. in fact that is probably the best idea. Sudden flights would be a bit tough I'd imagine, and costly. I'm pretty open with my schedule for that week, so... how about i just attach my schedule to this E-mail and you can pick what ever is best for you. I'm pretty flexible right now for time.

Looking forward to working with you.

- Rei Tylien

*attached: Schedule.TXT*
There isn't very much to say about me.

You send me requests, I send you chips, and you send me zenny. It's really quite a simple arrangement.

As a show of good faith, here is the first one.

[ATTACHED: Ratton1.chp]

Quote ()

Greetings, Gnomon.

Okay. Wait a minute. I'm glad you have an interest in this endeavor, but shouldn't we at least negotiate proper terms for doing business before you jump in? Also, I would certainly not turn down the help, but I'd like to get to know who I'm working with first. You understand where I'm coming from, right?

-- J.T.