Reaper's Pixel Art

I found something I am actually decent at: MS Paint Spriting! Most of my work will end up on my Imageshack page.
I sometimes get bored while waiting for a battle thread, so I am accepting requests!

Wait, does who does Tankman.exe belong to?
Tankman.EXE doesn't belong to anybody. I just made him for the sprite contest that never started.
Ah, okay. On the old board, someone made a Tankman.exe who had ear sensors, but he never RP'd or anything. Weird.
You could always do a Runeknight.Exe sprite...........
I'll see what I can do.
And in the future...Perhaps a MachCross Runeknight and a RuneCross Machman...

Quote (Zanallen)

And in the future...Perhaps a MachCross Runeknight and a RuneCross Machman...

Cool. I really like your current sprite. I don't know if I can top that, but I will try.

Could you elaborate on RuneKnight's Symbol?
Just finished Zanallen's RuneKnight sprite! Jubilations.
Yes, I am aware I am double posting... but I have a question for you all. Which of these two incomplete sprites do you like better? I am thinking of a more humanoid design for a Machman Support Program (If I earn one, of course.). My original idea was Vector.EXE in my first post. If they are too small I can make them bigger if needed. Constructive criticism appreciated!

(Note: the left sprite can have the spiked hair in the back; the piece just slides to the left until it touches.)

2 Reaper Coins to the first person who can guess both sprite bases!
Vent or one of the other ZX main characters. The other is, guessing, Leviathan. As for the sprites, I like the right one more.
Hmm... They're both good. If I had to pick one, though... I guess it'd be the second one. No real reason.

And yeah, the first base is Aile, and the second Leviathan.
ding ding ding! Bomber wins the 2 Reaper Coins! Shur, you were really close so you get 1 Reaper Coin.

Thanks for the input! I am favoring the right sprite as well; I am thinking about adding some floating thruster wings like Machman. I would probably keep the same style, but maybe have 6 smaller wings instead of 4. Or maybe 3 wings: one on either side and the third in the center pointing up or down. Who knows?
I prefer the right sprite. It just seems more support program-ish.
My newest creation, at the request of Zanallen: RuneCross!



*Resists urge to request something*
You know you wanna... :]
That... is awesome. I just don't know what to say other than that.
He's on fire again. XD