Internet Joys

Hey everyone,

I have some bad news I'm afraid...

The government has been screwing us over withth e whole national broadband network deal, and as a result, NBN Co. have suffered what they're terming a Network Shortfall... Which is really vague and tells us exactly nothign, except that, for our household at least, it means that not only could they not hook us up henthey intended, beign the 21st, but that it could be any time between now, and as late as January, before they finally get us internet capable again.

I'm typinghtis up from an internet cafe, and I don't have long at all, alas, but I wanted to let you all know why I'm STILL not back.

Miss playing, and hope I can get back soon... fingers crossed.

Take care of yourselves everyone, and have fun.

Sads :<

Hope you get to come back soon!
D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:

That is my only remark on this travesty.
Updates again!

I've not got long, as usual, but mostly updating to say I really miss playing here, and while I still likely won't have internet for another couple of weeks, I'm itching to do -something- so, I was wondering what others might suggest for me to work on or do in the interrim, for playing here, as a person who has scarce actual internet access and usually only breif periods of time to post in. any thoughts?

As it is, we're due to get seen to, finally, about the middle of the month, but, that's not been confirmed, and there's always the chance they'll pad that date out again... I hope not, I miss you all.

I guess I would do the normal busting run... but your character isn't really a battler.

It seems our internet joys are continuing, alas. the issue has continued to drag out with no further development, and we now have a formal complaint lodged with the TIO (Telco Ombudsman), but who knows when that will resolve.

The more pressing problem, however, is that we now have to return the wireless plug-in we've been using to the folk who have been lending it to us. This means we're going back into the internet black zone again, with trips to the library being our only available way to check things. My ability to post is going to drop right back again, as a result, sadly.

Hope it doesn't last too long, and take care, the rest of you!
So, as some of you may have guessed, we're back in the dark zone of no connection at all again. This update brought to you from the local library. Yay.

No eta again, alas, but I'll try to check in wheneer I can until they fix us up... what is it now... over five months, approaching six?

Also, Just because I'm not here doesn't mean I'm not here.... bumping you MC, hehe... I was hoping to have an update to save to my drive and take home with me today to work on but, nothing... sigh!

Anyhow, hope the rest of you are all doing well, and taking care. Have fun, and I'll update again sometime soon, hopefully.

Best of luck, m8