Favorite Megaman Game?

Hey guys, I was wondering what types of Megaman games you all were interested in. Obviously it's Megaman Battle Network to some degree, but is there a particular Megaman you like more than the others? Discuss!

For me, my favorite Megaman is X, from (what else) Megaman X. Megaman was a fun series to mess around in, and though I like it (it comes in second place) Megaman X had a darker tone to it that impressed me when I was younger. Maybe it was because I was playing Final Fantasy 7 at the time, but dark tones in games seemed to appeal to me. The first game I met X in was number 4, one of my favorite iterations in the whole series. I was always annoyed when I had to get the white armor piece in Storm Owl's stage, but it always felt worth it to pummel the hell out of sigma with a plasma shot or a rapid fire charge shot barrage. I liked most of the bosses, the only one I wasn't too awe inspired by being Split Mushroom. I thought that the characters in this game were pretty good too, Iris was a reploid who had feelings for Zero, but ultimately gave into her own emotions and fought, only to be killed in the end by the one she felt for (Or, that's what I thought it was always like).

Double on the other hand was a backstabbing asshole who killed a buncha clown looking maverick hunters, wait, that's actually a good thing, but, still, he's a traitor. I will say he's got a pretty awesome battle theme when you fight him on the final stages. Despite what I hold dear in this game, though, Megaman X 5 is what holds the championship title in my book. Megaman X 5 could have been the final piece of the Megaman X series, and that would have been perfectly okay with me. I felt like the story was interesting, but not long enough so that I got bored, I liked all the stages, I remember being a little creeped out by the floating Sigma heads, and the game had multiple paths that you could progress down.

In short, I loved it. The power ups were really awesome too, once they were charge up and let loose on your enemies the power made me feel like I was a god. It felt even more satisfying when I was able to save Zero until Sigma and then Fight using the awesome red maverick hunter to finish the game when I had started it off with X. X5 is the best Megaman game I've ever played, and it still lives up to what I felt when I first played it.

Anyways, which Megaman are you guys into the most?
Megaman Legends / Rockman DASH (or more particularly for me, 64) is probably the one that got me into the series. I think it was a game seeped in anime character that I'd eventually become interested in... before I even really knew what anime was. It's a shame the game's become such a rarity now.

My favorite X series game was X3. I think it had some cool boss concepts and stage themes, and stands out to me as a gem among the SNES era of Megaman games.

My favorite original series game is 2. I feel like it's the midpoint where the music of the series started to get really good, but the robot master designs were still at their most classic.
The first Megaman games I played, and probably my favourites too, are Megaman Zero 2 and 4. It was a brilliant rush getting through all the levels with just the dash and Z Sabre.

MMBN 5 is the best Battle Network for me. Loved the strategic team maps.
I'd have to say the Rockman Zero series is my favorite. I really enjoyed the art style and character designs, and the plot was pretty dark, in a post-apocalyptic sort of way.
I also enjoyed the more melee-centric combat, since I always disliked how you could never aim up or down with a buster. In MMZ, there were many different weapons allowing me to engage opponents from every angle. Though movement and attacking is a lot easier in MMZ than previous series, they were still really tough, especially MMZ2. I got at least a dozen "Game Over"s trying to get through the first level, and the grading at the end of each level was brutal.

My favorite Megaman would probably be MM6, because that was the only one I had on the NES, and is still the only original Megaman game I have completely beaten.

I have the Megaman and Megaman X series collection on the gamecube, but I never completed any of the others, and I don't remember much from the X series.

Sad to say I haven't played the RockMan Dash series, but I'd like to eventually. I enjoyed the Battle Network games, and the ZX series is pretty fun because every Model and A-Trans used a different style of play
I liked Star Force 3 and the original Megaman.

Ok that's it because I haven't played any real Megaman games :')
I think the Zero series are my favorite Megaman games. They felt like they had the most precise and fun controls. When you got the hang of them, you felt good about it.

Kind of like a miniature Demon's Souls on a handheld.

Oh, and Megaman 64 and Xtreme were the first I ever played. I love those too.
X4, my favorite and my first. In terms of MMBN, I loved BN2 out of it all.
First Megaman game when I was a wee lad was X3, loved the shit out of it but never did beat it entirely until waaaay further in my life. X4 came shortly after, sad to say I abused the shit out of the Ultimate Armor.

The only game out of the classics I played as 7, and even though it was ridiculously hard, I still liked it.

Battle Networks were cool, and in order of rough preference, 3 >> 6 = 2 > 5 >> 4 = 1.

Star Forces, 3 > 1 = 2.

Never played Zero, didn't bother to finish Legends/DASH at the entrance of the Main Gate. :'D
Megaman Battle Network 2 for obvious reasons.

Megaman X was the game that got me into the Megaman series, although I never played 2 or beyond that. I've played Megaman 1, 2, 9 and 10. And 'Megaman & Bass'. But I can't really say I honestly enjoyed any of those more than MMBN2 or MMX.

I also enjoyed the Zero and ZX series, but can't say I remember much of those.