Wi-Fi for Ds and Wii

Hey all. Just thought I'd bring this back, as I finally have my Wi-Fi adaptor.

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin: 498306575134

Mario Kart DS: 481126707199

Jump Ultimate Stars: 240609266252
Anyone got Advance Wars DS?

Here's an idea: If you have a Wii, enter your code into your sig.

Quote (Strikeman)

Anyone got Advance Wars DS?

Here's an idea: If you have a Wii, enter your code into your sig.

I got AW:DS...but I lent it to my friend and won't have for a good half-a-year. Also, I let two of my friends borrow 4 of my DS games...MK:DS is the only one that has Wi-Fi right now TT-TT
I don't think AW:DS has Wi-fi...
hmmm...i think it does
Advance Wars doesn't have Wi-Fi. Only close-by connection to battle eachother.

I got Animal Crossing, Mario Kart DS, Metroid Prime Hunters, Jump Ultimate Stars and Final Fantasy 3 for Wi-Fi. I'll put up the codes when I feel like it.
You better. You KNOW how long I've been waiting for this...
Um... ever since you met Shury?
Does anyone here that has MPH have a 3 star rank or higher?
Why? 2 star ranks not good enough for ya?

Oh. Wait... XD

Hey! I forgot about that! Anyone up for a go at MPH?

Metroid Prime Hunters: 2019 3386 9305

Mario Kart: 498280 192378

You can't die! I'm bored!
I'll get around to Hunters when I have my damned JUS.
Well, here's for MarioKart awhile, I'll add my Wii and other games later:

MK: 279263530349
I'll post my Wii code once I get the Wii-Fi working (which it's not).

For now, have some DS codes:
Metroid Prime Hunters: 1203 2803 1859
Final Fantasy III: 214839024883
This is kinda un-related..but any idea when Mega Man Star Force is coming out in the U.S.?
There is no official release date, but it is stated to be released in fall. Rumored to have WiFi.
Sadly, the Wii's system code doesn't cover games too. The Japanese version of Pokémon Battle Revolution has a seperate friend code, so it looks like the system code is just for Mii-related things...
Just thought I'd update with my new friend code.

Pokemon Pearl: Celeste : 0602 2823 7442

Note: I need someone to trade with soon, so I can give myself all the starter pokemon D:
I shall post my friend code, but I have a team of 6 level 50's and I'm looking for an opponent! Please reply if you want to battle!

And Leon, if you need a Turtwig, I could get you one.
I need a Turtwig and a Chimp-a-thinger. And someone to exchange geodudes and magikarp with. Geodude so it'll evolve to the max, and magikarp cause they suck to level.

Sadly I just started a couple hours ago and thusly suck ^^;