Opinion on General Mod Posts

This is a survey to see what players want in an average busting thread post. Please read carefully before selecting your choice in the poll.

Note: When you vote, please post and say which choice you selected, and perhaps why you chose it. This is also geared for the individual.

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- I like short posts; the faster the better.

You like what we have now. One-line moddings don't bother you. A summary is plenty. Viruses are merely there to provide more chips and Zenny.

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- I'd like a dash of flavor.

You'd like some description; perhaps a paragraph. You'd like to see your enemies show a little variety in their actions, perhaps doing things other than simply attacking. You'd like a little humor, and maybe some badassness from time to time, but you'd rather it was still kinda short and sweet. You'd also like more to work with than "Hey, it's some viruses."

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- I want lotsa flavor.

In addition to the above choice...

You want to see some action. You want viruses that think, fight, and show some personality at times. You want description. You wanna read and enjoy a little RP. You want more to work with, things to react to, stuff to make your RP better. You don't want pages, but you'd like something more than what you see. You want objects, you want terrain, you want variety, and you want plenty of fun. A couple of paragraphs wouldn't hurt on occasion right? A little bit of play-by-play would be nice too sometimes.

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- I want heaping piles of EPIC!

In addition to the above two choices...

I want enemies that fight like they mean it. I want them hurling insults at my Navi. I wanna fight in a richly described environment. I wanna be able to read it, and enjoy it. I want a page, in word, maybe two. I want the play-by-play on everything that happens in a turn, in detail, in order, with moments of pure win and epic fail highlighted. I'm here to RP, I wanna be modded like it.
I went with option numbah three...Though I'd be fine with 2.
I'm with Zanallen.

I picked 3, but I'd be perfectly happy with 2. I'd like to see a little more, but the heaping piles of epic can wait for battle 5 and whatnot.
I went with option two. I think it's important that we find a balance where the mods don't lose motivation from being overworked, but the players don't feel so bored from the grinding with "Here they are," "Now they're dead" that they lose incentive for the better parts.
I also voted for number three. Personally, I want to know what happened, not...stuff happened. Sometimes short and sweet can still be awesome ("Kaboom" after an explosion filled battle post, for example. But not always), but usually, I want more than that.

You know, on the other end of this (the delivering end), it would be easier if viruses could talk. But that's just me.
2 or 3, here. I prefer 3, but can go with 2. I find better-explained posts can actually inspire me a bit, rather than the bland 'they attack and hit' lines. I wouldn't suggest no. 4, because I'm struggling with that as it is >_<
I'll go for number 2 during the battle, a number one when you know I won this battle for sure. Then I won't a number 3 around the battle five, and even if I have never had one, for battle 10, I want the epicness so I can counter that epic post with some more epicness because my powerful posts come from other peoples works and reacting to every detail in that para. I'll learn from it, and the mods won't get sloppy.
There isn't a random option, I refuse to vote...
2 and 3...
Honestly, I'd like to see number 4 in play, but it's really unfair to ask that of the mods. I mean, if your modding multiple posts a day, being asked to write a page of text for each battle is really difficult. I mean, I barely find the patience sometimes to write that much for my battle posts, and even then I'm only posting once every 1-3 days on average.

So 3. I don't think it'd be too hard to make a paragraph or two, although making each encounter unique might be difficult. I want my enemies to surprise me from time to time, throw me for a loop, and I'd like to see some description. Add some flavor to the battle, maybe get some more definition to the Net. Hell, I'd like to see Net Sub-Forums that divided the Net, now that'd be cool, but...

Well, whatever. 3.
I'm joining the ZanWagon on this one. 3, but am fine with 2.
I had a conversation about this last night with Greco (PaladinGC for you non-chatters) and I told him what I think. He, and some others I think, know that I've practically already lost interest in this forum's RPing section. I only do it sometimes because this is, after all, a roleplaying forum. I'm just sick of practically doing the same thing every single post, never having something to react on. The viruses are plain retarded in the style Moderators mod now. Greco had as idea 'hurling insults' and believe me when I say that that alone would make RPing a lot more fun. Something for the RPer to react on, instead of mindless fighting the same viruses all the time. Viruses want to use strategy too, y'know! Let the RPer STRUGGLE!

I'm going for option 3, even though I'd love to see some of the Moderators present sweating over option 4.
I'm gonna follow everyone else. I can settle for two, but a three now and then would be awesome. Maybe something to compliment a kewl post or whatnot. The piles of epic should totally be saved for bosses tho.
Eh, I really don't think we should have a set level of epicness for modding. The responses really should vary from instance to instance. Option 1 should be used if a.) The player is writing shit posts and thus deserves a shit answers or b.) When its obvious that the player just wants the viruses to be dead. If they overkill like mad, its pretty clear they just want the battle over and thus 'everything dies horribly' is really all the mod needs to put. I think option 2 should be used the most readily, so I guess that'll be the closest you get to a vote out of me. You don't need to give graphic detail but if there are one or two actions you can tell the player spent a good deal of time thinking out and/or describing, put some effort into telling the results of those actions. For instance, during my last post when I used the Windbox on Empress's dress, I made it clear that I wanted some kind of mod comment on that action rather than 'the Wind starts up, throwing off the viruses' aim'. PA's mod post then aptly described the results, which showed he was paying attention to my needs as the player. Option 3 should be about the normal level for sub bosses. Normally the mod uses a custom enemy for these fights, so they end up going into a pretty decent level of detail, since they want their creation to leave some kind of impression on the player. Of course, option 3 for boss fights fills the creative need more for the mod than the player, though the staff needs to have fun every once and a while. Option 4 seems like it should be used for massively huge boss fights, like the Drakkas battle back on CN, or on posts where the player has gone well beyond their normal level of posting. Since huge battles like that tend to be epic, why they'd require an epic mod post should be obvious. As for the latter, well, when a player gets really inspired and puts a ton of effort into their post, it'd be pretty disheartening if they didn't get back a response at least half as good as what they put out. In any case, all those jumbled words I just spewed out basically just means that I think the level of epicness in a mod post should vary based on player's attitude, effort, and the situation.
4 wouldn't be fair to the mods, even though i'm an Epic fanatic.

So 3's okay.

Quote (MajinBooger)

Option 4 seems like it should be used for massively huge boss fights, like the Drakkas battle back on CN

Although I still laugh at 'Stuff hits 404', true.
If you can only write one sentence, what's the point of modding?!
There might as well be a machine behind there with the chances going 'hrm. OK, this one hits, this one doesn't.' Frankly, I voted for 'lotsa flavor' because people will skim under it; so really, 'a dash of flavor' is fine. Just SOMETHINGGG. D:

((EDIT: Holy shit! I didn't realize everyone said the same thing as me. Really. XD))
Prefer three, fine with two.

I'm so original. : D
lets save the epic stuff for the events and option three for battle 10's and above, i prefer number 2, but i'm just fine with a few mod posts that are one sentence stuff if it's just random virus battles in places like ACDC town and stuff.
4 isn't fair and 1 isn't fun.

3 is the reccomended, but you can get away with 2. :3
I went with 2. I mean, I'd like 3, but I'm good with 2 since it can be done faster.

I'd prefer not to have 1, as it's a little disappointing. 4, while it's nice to read, is too much of a burden on mods, and as I lack any epic whatsoever, would make my posts fail epically in comparison.