There will be... an event. I can't tell you about it here, unfortunately. :'D

Either way, the basic premise is that it will be teams of two. These teams will fight a few battles together, and will be pre-decidedly paired up. This thread is the basic sign-up for this event, and the reason I'm posting it is so we can gauge interest in the event, because there's certain things we'll need to tweak depending on how many people there will be.

This event will have large rewards, and will be used to introduce a few things. It will be epic.

And no, it won't have just one moderator.

Post here with either 'yes' or 'no', depending on if you want in or not. This event is still a little while off depending on the tweaks, but we NEED to gauge interest. Even if you don't want in, that's fine, post a No.

DO NOT just lurk over this topic or I'll hurt you.


---------SIGNUP LIST---------


Capuchin.exe [Paired]
Kitsune.exe [Paired]
Nikko.exe [Paired]
Bugman.exe [Paired]
Soundman.exe [Paired]
Cyclone.exe [Paired]
Zephyr.exe [Paired]
Geyser.exe [Paired]
Nachahmen.exe [Paired]
Teethman.exe [Paired]
Seraphim.exe [Paired]
Valkyrie.exe [Paired]
Pianissimo.exe [Paired]
Cheshire.exe [Paired]
Kenji.exe [Paired]
Binary.exe [Paired]
American.exe [Paired]
Persephone.exe [Paired]
Daisy.exe [Paired]
Runeknight.exe [Paired]
Kobozen.exe [Paired]
Voltman.exe [Paired]
Cyon.exe [Paired]
Empress.exe [Paired]
Aidan.exe [Paired]
Junior.exe [Paired]
Celes- ...Miyu? BAH! It's Leon! D:< [Paired]
DNR.exe [Paired]
Force.exe [Paired]
Gungnir.exe [Paired]
Hitokiri.exe [Paired]
Waltzen.exe [Paired]


If i can survive I do...
Yes please!
with my RPing......if you mod us for dureing battles twi, i would die, but i'm in.
I are the innards.
Coincidentally, I'll be joining the event as well. :'D

Frankly, I am not all that interested in joining this event, so it would really depend on who is joining it if I will join or not.

...And after talking about it, I think I will join.

Now drop the banana Tinman, I did what you wanted.
Okai dokai.

I look forward to dragging down anyone who I get paired up with, since I still have a level 0 navi and mediocre posting skill. :,D

Quote (ZeroSaber)

Okai dokai.

I look forward to dragging down anyone who I get paired up with, since I still have a level 0 navi and mediocre posting skill. :,D

I'm not in. I'm keeping my head out of this.
I'm on the side lines...If some more interesting people join, then I'll throw my lot in. Granted, the choices are random, but I'd like to have at least SOME odds of gaining a partner I can kick some arse with. 1, mebbe 2, out of eight are not odds I currently enjoy.
Count me in!
If Leon and my subplot is done by the time this starts, I'll do it. Really comes down to whether I'm free or not.
As usual, you can count on my involvement. I'm totally in.
*flops around for a bit, then falls on his face*

*looks beaten up (by a hammer, of all things)*

*Ish In*
Probably me.
.... *paces back and forth... thinks... thinks some more... remembers the Hospital fiasco*

... *Bangs desk Phoenix style* NEIGH!

... Okay okay fine .. MAYBE!
So be it...

I'm in.
I'm in.

Twi, you crazy skank. D:<