FREE Villians

This is where we make the enemy navis and netops. Try and create something, mean, diabolical, and just plain evil. Make a story for them too.

Here's mine.

Element: Normal
Type: Target
Appearance: Tan outfit with black gloves, boots and a brown helmet. His chest has an emblem of a target. He carries emblems wrapped around like a belt on his waist. He also has a blue goatee and he has a scar on his left eye wich is hidden in an eye patch.
Personality: Huntman loves the thrill of the chase. He desires to hunt down the greatest of navis and claim their crests as his prizes. His opponents, he'll capture and bring them to specific areas where he can hunt them down.
Custom Weapon: A crossbow.
Signature Attack: Bullseye shot. (dont really know)
Can the enemies be for your subplots?
No, this is a topic for enemies to give away... I think. Hence, FREE Villains.
Ummmm, perhaps....maybe after your subplot you give it to becoming an enemy.....just a thought.
These could be part of some Cyber Beast cult or Cyber Beast guardians. Hell, you could put them in a 'criminal group' which have a connection with the beasts.

Please note that the sprites used are not mine. I got them from internet around 3 years ago. I do not know who the creator is, but the credit goes to him/her.

I will edit this single post when I create a new one. Maybe one a day. They probably will be Operator-less Navis or differently if Moderators want something else.

Twisted Albatross

Twisted as his name claims. He also is a tad hyperactive.
Custom Weapon:
Regular buster formed on the right hand, can shift between hand and buster. [20 Aqua damage per shot]
Signature Attacks:
Wing Twister [60 Aqua damage, 3 turn cooldown] TA shoots and increases power by flapping his wings to turn it into a twister.
Fish Hunt [Summons 2 Shrimpy viruses, each with 60 HP, cannot receive chip awards from these, once per battle] Swooping in and out of a water panel, he picks up two Shrimpy viruses, then places them on the ground.
Fake Bird [Negate damage for the turn after the turn this signature attack has been activated, 20 Aqua damage, 5 hits, 5 turn cooldown] TA dives into the water and remains in it for that turn, he then shoots through the surface to attempt and hit the Navi.
When fighting TA there will always be water panels on the battlefield.
I think I got a Villian! I hope.

Name: Lord Slayer
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Type: Sword
Appearance: His body is Muscular and is a little taller than any Navi, he has Black Eyes and has short hair. He wears Chain Clothes with Metal Body Armor and Metal Pads, and has Metal Protected Boots.
Personality: He is a Noble Knight and knows Justice, and always fights fair. His favorite thing is destroying all Navi's whenever they commit a Crime or not.
Custom Weapon: Rising Blade, his sword is very long, and is powered with lightning.[10 Damage from every slash or stab]
Signature Attack:
Sword Blast [50 Electric Damage, 3 Turn Cooldown] He aims his Rising Sword at his foe and shoots Flying Lightning Swords.
Stun Arrows [15 Damage Each, might stun a foe] LS chants some Magic Words, which calls the rain of Stun Arrows, falling from the sky and to the ground.
Holy Shield [Blocking Damage up to 45, cannot attack when this is in used, can be vulnerable by behind] LS makes the Round Holy Shield appear in front, stopping any shots.
He Knows Justice, yet he destroys all Navi's whether they commit a Crime or not?
Your Honor, there is a huge contradiction in this witness' statement!

Quote (Savage King)

He Knows Justice, yet he destroys all Navi's whether they commit a Crime or not?
Your Honor, there is a huge contradiction in this witness' statement!

DimensionMan: *cries*

Alright, let's think... I don't want to give away ideas I'm planning to use myself, but I'll throw a couple out there.

Name: PlateMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Normal
Appearance: A slouching navi, highly muscular navi who's skin is yellow with no undersuit. His body is dotted in metal patches, and giant metal plates with a texture like iron float around him, acting as shields. His eyes are very wide with heavy eyelids and deep bags; his pupils are always very small. His mouth is covered by a very heavy metal neckbrace, made of 5 large metal plates encircling his neck and jaw. He wears metal armor on his lower half with detatchable metal plates lining the legs.
Personality: He is very cocky, and seems to be obsessed with his own defense. He believes that his defenses are impenetrable, and is always looking for new challengers to try them out on. He's also self-centered and greedy, so if he can make a little money as he fights, he never objects.
Custom Weapon: Sharp Bullet- Flings a plate at high speed to cut his opponent with its sharp edges. [9]
Signature Attack:
- Iron Assault -
Fires off six steel plates from their place at his legs to cut his opponents. [10 x 6]
- Steel Wall Defense -
PlateMan spins the enormous metal plates around him to defend himself from enemy attacks. [60 Health Shield that blocks at least one attack]
- Hot Metal Shower -
PlateMan launches scorching hot metal blades from the space above an opponent. [20 x 5, can break defenses]
- Falling Silencer -
PlateMan raises a giant steel plate from the ground. Although he cannot move it, he can cause it to crash down upon an opponent. It is immovable from any side other than his own. [Deflects any attack with under 100 damage (if exceeded, breaks) for 1 turn or collapses upon an opponent for 100 damage]
Navi: British
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Sword

((I may put more.))
Name: Golioth
Gender: N/A
Element: Normal
Type: N/A
Appearance: Golioth is bg, just like his name says. He kind of looks like a huge, mechanical trojan soldier, but unfished. He is missing most of his face, revealing gears underneath. He had only on eye, his right one, which is just a red scope on his face. He has several plates on his torso, but most are missing and also revealing the gears inside of him. His arms arm verlong, and reach down to nearly his ankles.his legs are not as long, but they are entirely plated. his whole body is just metal grey.
Personality: He really doesn't have much of a personality. He can't talk, and the only thing he really can do is destroy things.
Custom Weapon: His body
Signature Attack: Eye beam: He shoots a strong, thin laser from his eye.
Here, lemme give this a shot.

Name: Fartman.EXE

HP: 1000

Gender: Male

Type: Normal

Subtype: Wind

Appearance: A very crude Navi in design. His head looks like a butt, with one eye one each cheek, a wart with two holes in it on one side as a nose, and the crack as a mouth, while he speaks in a tenor. He's incredibly fat, and on top of that, he has huge moobs, but above that, he wears a standard Navi jumpsuit, so everything is very visible. His hands are constantly looking like they're about to grab something, usually either his jumpsuit bottom or a female Navi's chest or rear. His jumpsuit is a two piece, meaning that he can easily drop his pants and moon someone. His legs are short and stubby, and his ass is so huge and, you could use it as two beanbags. With all this, he must be compensating for something, knowwhatImean? His color scheme is green, yellow, and brown. (Use your imaginations where), and his Navi emblem is a green rear end on a brown background.

Personality: Perverted. He's always trying to pick up a chick, and if and when she refuses, he gases her and brings her back to his lair for a bit of fun. When not around women, however, he's an entirely different story. Rude, crude, and definitely not afraid to drop his pants. He's incredibly stupid, and will sometimes forget that he hasn't pulled his pants up. If so, then, well, ick.


Gas Fumes: Summons three gas clouds with 40 HP each. (Uses as defense or attack, can do 20 damage)

The Glomp: (Female Navis only) Fartman lunges forward, attempting to grab their chest. (0 damage, 3-turn paralyze due to absolute rage and embarrasment)

Fart Bullet: Fartman drops his pants, and unleashes a single high-powered blast from his bum. (60 damage + 1-turn paralyze)

Laxatives: Fartman pops a few laxatives into his mouth and chews vigourously. (next attack, standard, chip, or sig, will have 40 damage added to it)

The Hershey Squirt: (must have used Laxatives beforehand) Fartman drops his pants and strains intensely. Then, a stream of wet poopy comes out the crack. (100 damage to all, needs a turn to charge, once per battle)

Battlechips: Heatshot x1, Heat-V x1, Heatside x1, Cornshot1 x3, Bugbombx1, Wind xInfinite, Northwind x1, Dekopin x5, Tentacle x10.

Signature attacks:

Box Cars: Fartman drops his pants and delivers 12 farts in rapid succession (12x5, splittable)

Well, hoe do you like it? I felt like sicing my inner child on you all.
Is your inner child, perhaps, certifiably insane?
Please, for the love of Bukteban, no one. Ever. Use. That. Navi.
/blah /lol AT THE SAME TIME.
I think I put a little too much thought into that one. /swt

EDIT: And yes, my inner child is in the insane department. I visit him weekly. Well, I'll give it another shot.

Name: KingofallCosmos.EXE

HP: Infinite

Gender: Male

Type: Normal

Subtype: N/A


Personality: KingofallCosmos is, ultimately, overdramatic. Always spouting lines like "I AM THE CREATOR OF ALL EXISTANCE!!" or "ALL SHALL BOW DOEN TO ME!!!", his overdramatic-ness comes from his ability to make a Katamari. He makes them for fun, and enjoys watching them roll around the world, sticking everything they touch onto them.


The House: KingofallCosmos makes a Katamari that grows to as big as a house before rising up into the sky to become a star.

The City: KingofallCosmos makes a Katamari that grows to as big as a city before rising up into the sky to become a star.

The World: KingofallCosmos makes a Katamari that grows to as big as the Earth before rising up into the sky to become a star.

The Galaxy: KingofallCosmos makes a Katamari that grows to as big as a galaxy before rising up into the sky to become a star.

The Universe: KingofallCosmos makes a Katamari that grows to as big as the universe before rising up into the sky to become a star.

Battlechips: Every Gigachip that ever existed, as well as every PA in chip form.

Signature attacks: Endless Mode!: KingofallCosmos makes a Katamari that never stops growing. (insta-kill)

Extra Quirks: Whenever KingofallCosmos is in the area, the Katamari Theme starts playing really loudly.

Yes, he is the most godmodey character that ever existed. That's why I made him, to show the power of the KATAMARI!!!
Er... I may be mistaken here, but I think this is for villains that people might actually use...

Name: Fryght
Gender: N/A
Element: Normal
Type: N/A
Personality: Fryght doesn't really have a personality. The only thing that keeps him going is an ever present need to feast on the energy of other Navi's. He is fearless, merciless, and feels no pain or remorse. The ideal weapon that, say an evil organization bent on world domination, might seek to use for their diabolical purposes.
Custom Weapon: A blade that shoots out of the end of his right arm. He's also been seen to use both of the mouth-like appendages on the ends of his other arms in battle, both feeding and damaging his prey at the same time.
Signature Attacks:
Fright Blade: Slashes his bladed arm through the air, sending concentrated blast of his own nightmarish energy at his target(s). Not only is the attack damaging, but it forces the data construct it hits to become lost in its own nightmares for a time. (Damage + stun)
Feeding Frenzy: Fryght latches onto an enemy and begins to feed. During this time he focuses only on the target and may be left vulnerable if another enemy attacks him. (Damage and healing = .5 * damage dealt)

I can't think of anymore Sig Attacks at the moment, though if I do I'll add them to the description.
Dear god, that's awesome. Sort of pseudo-Lovecrafitian. Now you have me wanting to make my own monstrosity. DX
Meh, I was just having fun with KingofallCosmos. My Fartman enemy was an actual idea, though.
[Deleted for practical purposes]
Just gonna make a quick note about WHY Lunar started this thread. The other day in the chat, she was getting a bit depressed that none of the navis in the Free Navis thread would probably be used. I mentioned that a few of them, such as Voodoo, might make good villians (that being the one I was interested in using). She said she had other ideas and was going to PM them to me. However, knowing that this would probably cause a bunch of other people to do the same, thus bogging down my Inbox, she kindly started this thread for people to post serious bosses that could be used by us mod type people, or other members in subplots. Zeno and KingofCosmos seem a bit too silly and random to be included here. Kind of killing the point.