Cindy's Tactic Corner

This is my Tactic corner comic. It just shows of how to do chip combos for our RP site.

Tactic Corner!
3rd lesson has been added
all of these are useful to me! *shot by baka cannon*
The third one actually makes sense.
... I think have a chance of making that last one work, you'd have to have already begun damaging the rockcube. Otherwise, the explosion from a Minibomb wouldn't be enough to detonate it.
*reads Cindy's Combo page*

You just gave me an idea... Made of pure Ownage and concetrated Win.


EDIT: You just gave me a second, even more destructive idea. On the scale of nuclear devastation.

You're working on becoming my Battle Muse, you know it? :lol:
PaladinGC: That is the power of my brain, and logic.


Heat Sonata: You missied one thing about Rockcubes (or most of the other objects.) When a Rockcube hits a virri or a NAVI, it breaks and crubles at their feet (but it is a big cube, so it always does about 200dmg.) BUT! if you add a minibomb at the right time you propel the crumbles and do more dmg depending on what the mod says. (to cheat, if your subtype is cursor, snipe the minibomb for exact outcome.)


RevivedSin: True, it is less hard to figure out.


darkstar1006: Thank you for your words.


NOW! I have a new lesson for people who abuse speed upgrades added, pure overkill 80+80+80+80+80 etc dmg.
That's just sword spamming... Even a hippo with overweight could find that one. I once did a pretty persuasive combo of Boomerang, Wideshot and Icewave. >_>
And I remember one of Demonstar that was with Invis, PhoenixShot and Sword. But Invis is out of the systems now.
Yea, a lot of mine involved Invis.

Flameline + PhoenixShot = Flaming Arrow!

Throw in Invis, and you get Running with the Devil.

Invis + Magbolt + Boomerang + Thunder = Magnetically led vortex of doom.

Is this for this RP?...Kinda confused
EDIT: Is there a possibility to throw a rockcube or any object with rageclaw to do more...damage and stuff? (Not sure about CountBombs though...Maybe it can have more accuracy?)
The crumbs are being propelled by the wind force. Bombing them at the last second would be more likely, I'd think, to simply eviscerate parts of the cube or send them flying in another direction... in any case, even if the force is slightly increased you're going to have few chunks hitting. Besides that, a Minibomb hardly produces a big enough explosion to propel much of anything, at least the way I've always seen it.

Heat again, curses! ><;
AimMan: true, note the *more dmg* but the minibomb hit the SIDE of the rockcube, so most of it would be blasted at the enemy. But mostly only when you use you SNIPE from the sub-type: cursor like my NAVI.


Goroke: Ya, it has been tried though. (your windbox only having 10 hp left or something)


Demonstar: In my old forum, when I was a mod, They they a similar combo with invis, but it was called 'Unseen Flame'.


Shuryou: Old style sword spamming is still easier to use with a minibomb smokebomb, but my old fourm used a custom chip called smoke bomb which lasts longer. Ole the old being-a-mod day is what made me make this guide.


NOW! New guide, it show one of my favorite combo from my old fourm days. Behold! Heavenly Cross! (Cross'D lol)

And if any of you wonder what the old fourm I was a mod in called, it is known as 'Megaman BN: Battle City'. It had up to about 500 active members, but deleted years ago when super-noobs (or each noob making about 5 accouts.) spamed up our fourms and made the top admin delete it, oh I have a biiiiiggggg hate for noobs up to today.

You should try to do some strat about using the boomerang and stuff XD
I will, these should be 37 of those boomerang expert combos in my Megaman BN: Battle City files, I'll find one and add logic to it, just you wait!

EDIT: ok, I can't find a useful combo in my records, I'll make one in my next guide as a custom one.
This reminds me of Spriter's Academy.

You bet it does, it is just a basic tactic only center, so it is very basic. Like noobs, but it is not like:

Lol, leik vwoot, my awsomnesssofall mives and stuff cornner.

(ok, R-kid might say something like that but he is a NAVI based on a low 3-4 year old mind.)


On another note, new lesson, I just added a boomerang at the end for a finish, but this is more of a filler, the one boomerang combo I am working on still needs to under go research of normal logic and cyberspace's extra laws of added possibilty.
*AHEM* Kobo Cornrain!

unleash a ton of Corn shot all at once while dancing like an ideot
............. corn spamming while dancing?..
You do realize that your imaginary "extra damage" has NO effect in this forum? And if you do this so-called "strategies" while RPing like excrement, you still have a hard time achieving it the way you want it.
Wow. Harsh.

You have not, I noticed, put into effect any of my amazing combos!

Two boomerangs, hooked together at the ends to form a circular boomerang. Basis for the next combo.

Water/Fire/Elec BoomerRing:
Infuse a water/fire/elec chip to the BoomerRing combo. Can manifest itself IC as a colored BoomerRing, a ball of water/fire/electricity hovering in the center of the ring, etc.

Fuse sword chip with Guard, to sharpen guard's edges. Load minibombs into the guard. Toss under the enemies, with the curve pointing up. Shaped charge, for accuracy. Can bypass wind, as it goes underground.
(Gah! Where does the credit go?!?)

Place sword in ground next to stationary enemy. Fire boomerang at edge of sword. Boomerang latches onto the sword, spinning around for multiple hits. (Extra damage at mod's discretion. Used to rid myself of Will-O-Wisps mostly)

Infuse widesword with Fire/Water/Elec/Wood triple-hitters. Go to town on viruses, unleashing one elemental chip per slash. *WARNING: Using the second chip still uses a second action! But the fact that you have an elemental sword is cool as heck!*

I'll think of more. And that's not an offer. That's a fact. Include these in your thing if you want to. And while Shuryou's speaking was harsh, the fact that better RP'ing leads to better percentage of Ownage and Win is absolutely correct. Dunno what your posts are like, so I can't comment on them. But his ideas are, in essence, true.