The NetNavi Awards

Although the idea isn't new, the Navis are. During our changeover from RECN to RERN, many a user thought it high time to drop their previous Navi in favour of a newer, more refined, generally better one. In light of this, a plethora of new Navis has graced the new version of the boards, warranting a reissuing of the title of "Best Navi".

And thus, it begins! The Best Navi award is now yours for the taking! All you have to do is post your nomination for the title here.

Just a couple of rules, though:

    [li]You can't nominate your own Navi.
  • You can only submit one nomination. Make sure you think hard about your choice!
"Best Navi" is a question of many facets. Creativity, originality, style, and general all-around awesomeness are things that can and should factor into your nomination choice. Once a good number of nominations has been collected, a poll will be opened, and the final showdown will begin!

Luck to all, and the let your fellow roleplayers have their say!

Current Nods:

    [li]Broadside.EXE, by PaladinGC
    [li]Teethman.EXE, by Heat Sonata
    [li]Rass.EXE, by Skyrender
    [li]Triggerman.EXE, by Zal
    [li]Seraphim.EXE, by EonOmega
    [li]Meleeman.EXE, by AimMan
    [li]Valkyrie.EXE, by Knight
    [li]Hien & Souhi, by Bomber
    [li]Capuchin.EXE, by Lunarlion
    [li]Soulman (Jr.).EXE, by MajinBooger
    [li]American.EXE, by Wooga
    [li]Frag.EXE, by Demonstar
  • Titania & Oberon, by Kazuhiro
BroadSide...Why? Because it's a Mecha-Navi...And this moogle/bread digs mecha XD

Besides the joke, the reason why I nominate this navi is because it has hellavlot originality written all over it^^

EDIT: BroadSide.EXE is owned by Pally~ (PaladinGC)
The winner of the previous Most Original Navi contest.

Teethman.EXE by Heat_Sonata.
Skyrender's Rass.


Not only do I completely love and adore how he turned the biggest noob on the old forums into an actual navi, but I love the very premise. It's very original, roleplayed very well, and I can see Sky's put a lot of thought into it.
(This is a tough choice.... I've got 3 Navis I want to see nomintaed... One was Rass.EXE, by the way. I'll wait until later and see if one of the remaining ones gets nominated... Then I'll nominate the other. )
Let's see--

ARRRGH, can't choose. *flips a coin*

Triggerman it is. Noir ftw!
I think I'm gonna nominate TriggerMan as well, on the same grounds as Demon and on the ground that the "-Man" party always gets my vote.
Seraphim by EonOmega.
Not ONLY is he deluded by the fact that he's the so-called "main character" of the game, he's also friggin' hilarious, has friggin' spiky hair, and has a gunblade.
Cool. That covered my other choice. So...

Then I nominate Hien & Souhi (by Bomber).

First twin-Navi on RE:RN. Limitless potential!
All my choices have now been nominated.
i nominate valkirie for best female navi.
Dammit, so many good ones.

Well, I guess, I'll have to settle on multiples.

Triggerman, for noiring so well.

Teethman, for having the awesome speech bug.

Rass, because I love the conversations that go on in his head.

Hien and Souhi, for being awesome and having an awesome system.

Yes, I know I just nominated four (five if you're counting H and S as two) Navis, but WHO CARES?!?!? They're all so good.

Hm...everyone I would've nominated is taken, so I'm just going to second the nomination for Rass.

Sky, you have successfully turned either the world's biggest noob or a joke into the best navi I've seen on the new forums. Congradulations.
I hereby nominate Meleeman because he reminds me of so many detective movies. Like Dick Tracy, who settles things with his fists. This is why Meleeman deserves a nomination.
You can only nominate one Navi, Pheonix.
Hien and Souhi! The only other child navis on the forum!

And yes, Voltman is a child. His adult form has turned to his GMO.

No one thinks my navi is original??...*Grabs a RAZR phone and starts cutting*

Wow, that's kind of 2/3 of the way to a self-nomination there, Goroke. *eye twitch*

Anyway, as for the navi I like best that's currently in use (well, kind of), that would be Capuchin. I was so close to getting a Capu-Cross at RE:CN, too! Not gonna miss that chance again this time around. As for why, she's a cute monkey girl plus it was fun teaming up with her. Also, I like the references to Son Goku in her new form.

Red Riding Hood would be a close second, but I can only pick one.....

*Runs away from Majin as far as I can*
WTF I was nearly nominated?
Umm... Hello? No originality whatsoever.
(for my character I mean)