RERN Olympics

Yeah, this thread is probably gonna die real fast, but eh, it makes for some fun thoughts/drawing ideas. So, here's an idea: If your Navi was competing in the Winter Olympics, what would it do, and what nation would he/she represent? And since the Winter Olympics are kinda limited in sports, throw in a Summer Olympic sport as well.

Navi [& SP(s)]: Machman.EXE, Aera.SP, Vector.SP

Winter Olympic Sport: Team Bobsledding [Mach or Vector as bobsled, or all 3 in a bobsled.]

Summer Olympic Sport: 100/400/800m Dash

Country Represented: USA
You should put a link to all possible sports for reference, lol.
Or you could take 2 minutes to look it up on Wikipedia. >:0

Anyway, let's see...


Navi: SplashMan.EXE

Winter Olympic Sport: Skeleton (cannons make it hard to do the plain ol' luge...)

Summer Olympic Sport: Any swimming event


Navi: SplashLady.EXE

Winter Olympic Sport: Figure skating

Summer Olympic Sport: Any swimming event


SP: Blub.SP

Winter Olympic Sport: Curling (he'd make an awesome curling stone)

Summer Olympic Sport: Any swimming event/any track and field event that requires an object (as the object)


Country Represented: USA
Navi: Eternalis.EXE


SP: Aurora.SP

Winter Olympic Sport: Figure skating

Summer Olympic Sport: Diving

Country Represented: ....Russia?
Navi: Anyis.exe

Winter Olympic Sports: Women's Short Track, all distances (MAXIMUM AGGRESSION); Women's Hockey, offense (MAXIMUM VIOLENCE)

Summer Olympics Sports: *boycotts due to lack of Women's Boxing*

SP: Magna.SP

Winter Olympic Sports: Ski Jump (Disqualified for breaking the ramp); Men's Hockey, goalie (Bigger than the goal, good bet)

Summer Olympics Sports: Weightlifting (Weighs more than the weight, simple enough); Men's Soccer, goalie (Bigger than the goal, good bet)
Navi: Djinni.exe

Winter Olympic Sports: Biathlon.
Summer Olympics Sports: Gymnastics; Shooting.

SP: Fhyre.SP

Winter Olympic Sports: Curling.
Summer Olympics Sports: Handball.

Nationality for both is MagicCerealHasABigNose.
Rhea's banned for obvious reasons. :<

(Read: She doesn't qualify to be an athlete)
Navi: Blazeman.EXE

Winter Olympic Sport: Blazeman was kicked out shortly before trying out for snowboarding, because he kept melting the snow.

Summer Olympic Sport: Fencing (Because he is awesome at fightning) (I tried to convince him to do swimming, but he said "HELL. NO. COLE.")

Country Represented: USA (duh. >_>)

Disqualified for pretty obvious reasons.

Was going to participate, but they were having sound issues and he was 'drafted' to fix the problem.
Navi [& SP]:DNR.EXE, X-Ray.SP

Winnter Olympic Sport: Ice Skating [Either DNR himself or together in a couples competition]

Summer Olympic Sport: Archery [For X-Ray], Fencing for DNR

Country Represented: Jolly ol' England, hip hip!
Pianissimo: short track (all distances)
Edana: (Disqualified for melting the snow/ice)

Pianissimo: Fencing
Edana: (Disqualified for setting the competition on fire)

Pianissimo: Italy
Edana: not important (she was disqualified anyway)
Navi: Phantasm

Winter Olympic sport: Any that doesn't involve direct contact with ice/snow (Luge, Skeleton, Bobsled etc.)

Summer Olympic sport: Judo (Flaming arms are a plus when close range is concerned)

Country Represented: Great Britannia!
Winter Olymipcs: Curling, because it's the only I could think of that was close to throwing things.
Summer Olympics: Shotput, or Hammer Throw.
Nationality: Canada

Quote (Asator)

Pianissimo: Fencing
Edana: (Disqualified for setting the competition on fire)

Looks like maybe Blazeman and Pianissimo will fence to the death next summer. :V