Megaman Star Force

Here, my friends, acquaintances, and rivals, is where you post your friend code and stuff. I've just started playing (also found a Windows and managed to run Mother 3, but that's another story,) and it seems that I'll get a lot of hurt laid down on me if I don't get some Brothers. The game places some serious emphasis on Brothers. Too much, in fact; I like WFC at all, but I don't like it all up in my face.



Miek Volkov


3136 4019 1901

B. Combo: DCMC - 580


Add me or you shall be as never born, your thread obliterated from the face of history.

I'm paraphrasing Kelly McCullough, not threatening to b& you. I can't do that. D:

And I'll get to posting regularly soon enough... Things are a little rushed 'cause I'm heading off on vacation this Saturday. Should still have internets, though.
Gah, this is a great time to ask... is it worth the money?
Name: Count Edgar
code 197676070237
Well... Darn it... I went and got Leo (cause the store was out of Pegasus ;_;)

Name: Tone Deaf
FC: 073122086962

I now give 100 HP and Attack +1.
That must suck for you, Tonedeaf. Not really that you got Leo, but... "HELLO MISS DEAF. HOW IS YOUR SON DOING!?"

I've got Pegasus. I'll get my code later on.
I bought the store's last Pegasus. I'll get my friend code later. In the meantime, I decided if the main character was going to call himself Megaman later on, he might as well be the right person to do it. I may change the name later, but for now I've called him Rock Light.

Having me as Brother gives you an 70 HP bonus for now.
Version Pegasus, by the way...
This game is out? In the US?
But... I'm torn. Should I get this, or MP3: Corruption?
Both, arr. When you have the munnies.
I'm working my ass off to get all normal cards right now for the secret area...Only 4 more left!!

Sorry, I'm saving one spot for Shur's leo
I got my code. Was a bit busy with Ouendan 2. >:
Starforce Leo: 5112 0903 9412
As for people who want to send me cards, remember you can only send one at a time. You can send one again when the other gets the mail.
You wanna brother now?

0774 1692 5949

Level: 72
+100 HP
+1 Gauge
Why does everyone want Pegasus?

Dont worry. I'll get this game soon and clobber you all.

Quote (Kujajin)

Why does everyone want Pegasus?

Dont worry. I'll get this game soon and clobber you all.

Can't fight others over WiFi.
Fine. I'll make everybody want my brother-band, by having the best stats! Muahahahaha!
Wes Majin, On Air


i have the game now, i just don't have my brother band code just yet. i have Leo and i'll get my brother band code soon.
Damnit Shur, gimme back my Brotherband! D:<

Added you, suppose I should update and stuff.

B.Combo: DCMC, 580

That's right. I have a best combo. A desperado crash mambo best combo.

Of course, I pale in comparison to others' hax. D:

Now add me, or I'll impale you with my hair.
I got dragon...
And why DOES everyone want Pegasus so badly?

I've beaten the game, but I don't have very many cards, or a high level. Currently, I'm trying to beat the Jammer army in the piano.
Damn you 'Mericans!