Life, the Universe, and Everything

Hey. This is kind of repetitive, but I'm just asking for the record.
Please explain if you choose 'other'. Actually, explain regardless. XD
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...was a good book.
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Within 30 seconds?!??
Or, as the elites put it:

"Wort, wort, wort!"
reality is an illusion, all parts of it are subconsciously created by us...

the people in white jackets see pink elephants because they exist in their own version of the world...

most people agree on stuff because they follow, the grass is only green because everyone subconsciously thinks it's green...

to quote the simpsons,"it's the matrix, charlie brown"
The universe and everything is SIMPLE!

Its created on thought waves. It works the way WE thought it did and want it too. If everyone knew this and let the waves low more free then now, there would be no war, there would be fun (mostly anarchy).

The waves are tight, like a very tight string of rope. This mind rope must be loose and free for everyone to be happy.

Watch your language. This is Philosophy, not the Ghetto.
You know, I'm not crazy about these. I'm religious and quite serious about it, and I like to think I do it with some degree of common sense, too. However, the dominant opinion of religion on the Internet is less than tolerant. Believing in the unseen doesn't necessarily mean I'm blind.


I believe that whatever major governing force is out there created the universe.


I don't think that whaterver-you-call-it has to act outside the rules of physics to do anything. It created the way things work, and it should be perfectly capable of working within the rules it imposed. I've encountered a miracle or two myself. Maybe that's just because I'm mentally conditioned to write coincidence off as divine intervention, but I doubt it.

In essence, I believe that the universe was created by the big bang or whatever else there is to explain it. I'm not choosy about that part. But I don't think it was some giant accident.
I... honestly choose Miek's answer. I believe that some supreme deity made the universe, but I've always wondered HOW. He/she/it could've merely used something like the Big Bang to not leave too many traces of itself in the universe upon it's creation.

And don't even get me started on the infinite universes theory. We'd be here for hours.

I'm going to just stick to my religion. The 7 days and 7 nights things sounds true enough. Who would make a whole big book with so many chapters and series telling us about it over and over, so you know someone went through the effort to make that known. Oh god, now I'm curious on who wrote all those bibles! XD

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You, sir, gain 10,000 win.

Also, I voted Big Bang.
I have two theories..
1) The universe doesn't exist. Those who think that this is false, just remember that you do not exist, so your opinion doesn't matter. Everything that you see is false, and you are only seeing it because you don't REALLY see it, you see nothing for you are nothing.

2) We are mearly trophies that two gloves brought to life. If you look closely, and focus hard enough, you can see a damage percent meter. This focus is hard to gain, but is greatly boosted by consuming large amounts of alcohol and Super Mushrooms.

I believe in the second one.

Falcon! PAWNCH!

Didn't work. Zy, your second theory must be false. D':

More's the pity.
You don't like whut?
And Zyborg. =_______=
He was stupid. Although a philosopher. XD
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I always wondered if life was matrix-esque thing. I menan, we use like 8 percent of our brain, what if the entire world was some kind of hallucination? And it wouldn't be too much to handle for the brain, because it would only need to generate what was relevant to YOU at that exact moment.

I don't really believe that, but its an interesting possibility.

If I had to pick something, some force, probably like god, but without a conscience or anything, made the laws of physics and stuff, then let everything be. It didn't influence the big bang, it didn't create all creatures, that stuff just happenned to happen because of the laws of the world. Again, this opinion will probably change in 5 minutes.
For the record, I'm changing my title to Philosopher. And, er, the GUESS WHAT topic is the most important. Yet. : o
Pretty much no matter how you roll it, some greater being had to start things going.

Such as by making a bunch of gasses and such for the big bang.

As for life, same deal. The greater power made a base set of animals, bacteria, lizards, reptiles, humans, etc. Then after instituting the laws of nature, this 'base set' evolved over the eons into what we have today.
A bunch of wizards mucked around with space by throwing small rocks into other small rocks 'till they became bigger rocks and odd things like crabs and stuff happened.
The raging Lego wins the internet again...