The Ponder Thread

The Ponder Thread makes its triumphant return.
... Or not so triumphant.
Ah well.

I don't know what to think.
Heres a question, you think theres such a thing as a lolicon, bondage, furry, yaoi, necrofelia, shota, dickgirl, tentacle sex, fetish convention?
I know what some of those mean, and some I don't. But tentacle sex...sounds cool. I may change my mind tho, seeing as I don't know what it is.
I ponder that they do exist, but only in Japan, since that's where ALL the coolest conventions are.
*sick, perverted laugh*
Oh rly?
*laughs again*
Heh heh. XD

I wanna learn Japanese, then go to Japan. I just really wan to experience that atmosphere once in my life. Like a big-city atmosphere, but magnified tenfold.
I feel like I'm takin' CrAzY pills!

Who needs pills when you've got SMARTIES!!!

"Ohmdaler... that yellow b*****d...."

"Hey! I'm an oscar!"

"But I thought he was black!"

"Let's not be racial dear."
I wish I had a Scouter so that I could ponder the various power levels of the people I meet every day.
As soon as I arrived, I knew something was wrong. It could only be him...

Ohmdaler.... that yellow b*****d...

"Oh come on! It wasn't funny the first time!"
While watching "The Outsiders" film...
(Main character runs out of house screaming cuz he got hit by brother)
Ponyboy Curtis finds out his brother is an ass rapist...
Trust me dude you would definatley not like tentacle pr0n, if you do, then just wow.
Oh god, yahiko and darkstar will work together to spam the site. Is there any solace in this world? Should I die now, and end my suffering? Nah, that's what Xemnas was thinking, before he got his ass handed to him by yours truly. Whee! KHII is beaten! YAY!
What does raikostu have against tentacle porn? That is some good stuff. Which reminds me, I need to buy some.
*Ponders pondering the various ponderings of ponderers pondering stuff*

Quote (Zanallen)

I wish I had a Scouter so that I could ponder the various power levels of the people I meet every day.

"Hey, hey, what does the scouter say about my power level?"
"It's... under 9000."
"What? 9000? Dang."

Why do electronics hate me?
..White people who think Japan is the coolest thing ever are retards.....
I'd be a retard to think that without going to see it myself.
... Don't you live in Hawaii, anyway?