Lets Rock this place

You can call me Sir Syndicate
Big fan, of Megaman and this forums, I see its dying down a bit
But I'm a big Megaman fan, got a Facebook and Twitter dedicated to the blue bomber, lets see what we can do to help shape this place up
Welcome! I'm at a loss for anything funny to say here, but I hope we will see you around in the RP!
Always welcoming new players and friends. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
We have a Discord chat if you want to talk to us.

Welcome, read the rules and all that jazz. Welcome to the forums.
As others have said, welcome. Membership has somewhat leveled off in the past year or two after a sharp decline, mainly due to the MMBN series ending and old-hat members going off to more important things, but this place is still holding on valiantly. Any and all new members are welcome, we look forward to your creativity and perspective.

Feel free to pop over to the discord chat to meet members, especially if you have any questions.
Welcome, and thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself and say hi!

The others pretty much have it covered in terms of important welcome information, so hope to see you about some time.
Welcome to the forum, look forward to seeing you around!