Why sage isnt here

hi, this is griffin. i'm sage's roommate, i think he calls me roomie on the live chat thing. anyway, he wanted me to tell you where hes been lately.

kiddo got hit by a car a couple weeks ago. it was pretty nasty and he hit his head really bad, so hes been knocked out this whole time. he just woke up for the first time a few days ago. hes been recovering slowly, able to stay awake for longer and stuff, and the docs say he's stable, just needs to rest and heal up some more before he can maybe go home with a few casts and call it skookum. i visited him today, and he was lucid enough to say to let you guys know hes okay, and hes sorry he cant do his mojo here for awhile.

hope you can get on without him awhile, it might take some time before he's upright and i can try sneaking him his laptop or something. he really misses you guys, i think. anyway, will maybe check back in awhile to update on how hes holding up.

Umm, I don't know him, but I wish him well all the same. ._.
Crap, that's certainly not what I'd pictured was keeping him away. Sorry to hear that. Additionally though, we're fortunate both that he's recovering now and that you're here to inform us. We could have easily never known at all, after all. Thank you for coming here to tell us. Hope he's better soon as possible and appreciate any updates. We miss him too.
I'm relieved to hear he's on the mend. After everything else I've been worried for him, in the silence. Thank you for letting us know what's going on, and please let him know we're sending our care and our best wishes for him to recover smoothly and well, however long it takes. Please let him know that he's missed, but that his health and recovery have to come first; I'm sure we all want to see him back here and well again as soon as may be, but the former only in so far as the latter is taken care of.

Thank you again for taking the time to fill us in.

Yes thank you for letting us know what's up and about his situation. Please let him know our thoughts and prayers are with him and hope his recovery goes well and that he'll be good as new by the end of it all.
Yikes! That was unexpected. Hope he gets well soon. Give him a bro-hug from us!
We appreciate the update, and hope he has a speedy recovery.
hi, this is griffin again. sage told me to let you guys know what would happen today, so yeah.

sage's condition has been destabilizing rapidly over the past month. he was hurting enough to put his life in danger, so the doctors put him back to sleep today. he made it through alright, and he isnt outta the woods yet, but now that hes asleep and not in pain he should hopefully be able to heal. i don't know when they'll wake him up, but i'll let you guys know when he does.

Thanks for updating again, Griffin. Hope it goes smoothly and we'll hear good news in the future.
Keep him under so his body heals. Sleep does a lot of interesting things to the body. I'd rather he heal up fully rather than somewhat and then remiss again.
Keep letting his family and friends know that we are all thinking and praying for Sage and hope he starts to recover and gets better, sounds like he's in for a long and rough recovery when they wake him back up, so just remember he's got people out there who have him in their thoughts and prayers.
hi everypeople, its that one guys roommate here again. sage is finally ready to be woken up, so he should be coming back in the next few days.

Great news, I'm relieved to hear he's alright. Thanks so much for the update
That's great news! Thanks for letting us know.
I'm so very relieved to hear that, but tell him not to rush things, ok? Take it easy and be careful.
Glad to hear it, hope things go well and thanks for keeping us up to date.
I am also glad to hear that.

Boy... Has he been out for over a month?
Little over two months, actually. Hi everyone, sorry for dropping off the face of the earth for so long. Just woke up from Nap-ageddon yesterday, finally lucid enough to let you guys know I'm alright. I'm still a long way from being 100% again, but I'll be resuming my shenanigans here slowly but surely. Lurch, Rogan, anyone else I'm forgetting, I'll get your affairs sorted as soon as I'm able. And thank you all so much for your kind words; they (that is to say, you all) mean a lot to me.
Welcome back man. Hope there was no permanent damage to you/your psyche...I'd hate to have to dive into there to get your head back on right.