No, I am not terrible, nor am I a Boxbot (If you didn't get it, that's fine).

This will be a short introduction.


I live in an apple on a pirate ship. My name is (Blank) (Blank) and my favorite food is cheese ball. If you know what MMBNO is (alas, poor Yorick) you probably know who I am.

If you don't know either or one or the other, too bad. I don't know how to explain who I am, because that is arguably the most abstract inquiry in existence.
Several things:
- If you're not a Boxbot, are you a Danbo?
- Not sure if apples have the same Vitamin C content as oranges. Maybe a little less. Might want to relocate to prevent scurvy.
- Cheese balls are an excellent source of calcium.
- Alas, poor fanmade projects.
- You are defined by your origin, purpose, and destiny of life.
- Welcome to RE:RN, enjoy your stay.
I've seen intros like that before, but I think they were seen in works from the late Satoshi Kon... *shrugs*

Hello, I'm Grim, welcome to RERN. I see you're already attempting to register a character, but have you been to the chat yet? Hop in there to get to know the other members, and to get tips and tricks for registering and RPing. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.


Hope you have fun here.
If you're not Boxbot, then...

... I'm onto you.

(Can't say I know what MMBNO is or was, but welcome! Gotta second Grim's suggestion to drop into the chat if you have any questions -- it can get incredibly silly there, depending, but you can usually find at least a couple of staff hanging out there to help out with whatever you might need.)
Thanks to all of you! RE:RN is a pretty old community and I hope it'll keep going on even further (even though Mega Man is as good as ... I must not speak those words!)

Quote (AroTheHuntress)

... even though Mega Man is as good as ...


Revived and not Big-D.
Is this place still alive?
'Cause I got bored and remembered it.
We are very alive, yes.
Yes, sorry for the rude question. I saw 79 guests earlier. As such, it's safe to assume you're alive.
All those guests are bots...

Welcome welcome, hope ya have a good time, hit the Chat and say hi!
Wondered where you'd disappeared to. Welcome back.
Oh, we didn't scare you off after all. Hey.