New Guy

Hey guys, as you've already guessed I'm a new member here on Rogue Network. A day or two ago I was searching for a Megaman based forum for roleplaying and, welp, this popped up on a list of the top five sites, so I thought I'd pay this place a visit. Already I'm really excited to start roleplaying here and use my custom NetNavi, Ryuman (No he's not a Ryu from Street Fighter based netnavi). I will admit I'm a little baffled by all of the special abilities and what not that Navis can have, and I'm a little unsure of a couple things, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it fairly soon. = ). I've also seen a couple of custom Navis around here that look really cool, like Meleeman and Voltman.

Anyways, enough of the awkward first paragraph of a welcoming thread, I'm a huge fan of most Megaman games and series. I prefer the X series the most mainly because it's what I started with when I was a kid, but I grew to love the classic series as well as the Battle Network and Zero series. I think if I put my mind to it, my favorite character of all time would have to be Vile, he's an awesome robot with a shoulder cannon and has popped up multiple times to try and thwart X. Anyways, I've played all but the first Battle Network game, and it's been a fun series to re-visit from time to time. My favorite Style Changes are Heat Shield and Elec Shadow. What about you guys? What's your favorite style change? = )
Elec Guts, though that might be because it is the only one I ever received. Anyway, welcome. Hope you enjoy it here.
Welcome to the board! If you end up with questions as you make your character reg, I'd recommend popping in to the chat so we can help you get things sorted out.

Also, you clearly have good taste in navis.

I was a soul and cross guy more than styles... I can't really remember a favorite style.
Never got anything other than Heat and Wood Shield or Guts... So I'd have to say Heat Shield.

Like Aim said a couple posts up, go ahead and drop in the chat. The potential for understanding our rather large systems section increases dramatically once we get to help you out in real-time or something like that.

Also, I like HeatGuts. Only style, forever, and always the first style I received, because HeatShot and the buster are both fun to spam. AquaGuts is close second.

Screw the Elec and Wood users.
I ONLY PLAYED MMBN 5 AND 6 SO I CAN'T SAY but I liked Heat Guts in the anime so....

Welcome to the site.
I have only seen the anime and a playthrough of 3. So I would have to say I like Wood Shield.
All of those styles are pretty cool in their own rights, I wish I could have gotten the Bug style in number three, though, xD. I like the double souls that were introduced in 4+, I thought they overall they were a nice idea, plus Knight soul and Firesoul really saved my bacon a couple times when I played 5 and 4 (respectively). Wow, I didn't expect to get this many people commenting on my thread, xD. Thanks for making a Megaman nerd feel welcome! :3
Soul unisons were kinda lame next to crosses. Except the chaos souls in BN5, those were awesome.

Also don't tell anyone, but Voltman isn't actually that awesome.
Styles? I'm an aggressive player, so I always went with Aqua Custom. After the Style Changes went away, I guess I stuck with Aqua Unisons and Crosses. It was habitual by then. And so was turning every enemy in sight into a Popsicle.