Sooo yeah.

Yeah, I haven't really been around. Basically, I've been busy as fuck. But now I've caught up all of my schoolwork, told work to suck my dick if they want me to work extra, and am taking a solid week off from responsibility.

So hopefully I'll be back around, trying to RP some more and stuff.
Good, I was hoping you would continue your trek into VegasNet.
No worries mate.
Did work take you up on your offer? :[)

(hope to see you around)
Druidman shall walk the Path of the Children's Book once more.
You were always on the chat though...Oh well, glad to see that everything is cleared up~
In which time he broke the chat's idling record by going without activity for over 120 consecutive hours. Congrats, Steve.

*throws confetti*
No no, Bomber. He didn't BREAK the idling record.

He IS the idling record.
Yeah, I still don't understand how that happened, seeing as how I didn't have the chat open anywhere... And I still somehow got a PM or two from the ghost chat.
Java was probably ghosting the chat. :/
There's a lot of stuff in the cave that would greatly benefit from a simple nod of your head. Please check it out when you have the chance.