I actually joined a long while ago on recommendation of a friend, but was too busy to even post. It's the end of the semester so work is finally letting down, and because of a series of accidents, and pure luck I am able to have a generous amount of free time granted I manage it well.

I was told the site has been around for a while, so I am looking forward to RP'ing later on. Please ignore the name, as it is a long story. Simply call me Ina.
Oh, nice. Glad to hear you might be RPing. Welcome again then, I guess. : D

Your name does sound very familiar.
Good to have you with us, Ina. If you have any questions, be sure to ask. Hope to see you RPing with us soon.
Good day to you, then, Ina.


*Smiles like an idiot*
[Is a rebel]

[Calls you Chi]
You should have gone with Rabitta, Twi.
Enjoy your stay here.
*calls you Chilly*
Name is from Mega Man Z or ZX. That's where I recognize it.

Anyways, welcome!
Welcome to paradise!
Welcome to our happy dysfunctional family. Enjoy your stay and read the rules or else "the owl will eat you" as it is said.