Uh...hi ^^

Whelp, never been really good with intros, but then what else is new?

Anywho, I'm Jayge, probably one of the best name's I've gone by, but you're free to call me whatever you'd like. I can quite honestly say it's hard to surprise me on that note.

As for why I'm here, I'm an avid RPer, looking for a new challenge. Quasi-sci-fi-fantasy-metroid-bounty-hunter based forums get boring after a while, and I've never actually seen a Megaman based RP before, let alone an entire Forum, so this is gold for me :3

I like to think of myself as fairly active, but college is practically eating my free time these days, so unfortunately it might take a while for me to get started, but I'll be around as often as I can, and hopefully contributing to this place for quite some time to come.

Long winded intros aside, hello, happy to be here, I'll try not to eat all the cookies, but no promises.
Sup, I'm Grim. Welcome to RERN! Feel free to talk to any of us (especially those with colored names) if you have any questions about the forum, character production, rules, etc., and come on down to the chat so we can get to know you, and provide quick feedback. And just as long as you don't eat my secret stash of cookies, we'll get along just fine.

And btw, RERN is one of the only MMBN RPs around that are active, staffed, and aren't chalked full of rules that you feel like you have to STUDY just to play the game. Kind of sad to see all the others have fallen, but we're still getting stronger.
What Grim said, but I hope you make yourself at home at our vast community. Enjoy your stay.


Have Fun.

Be Manly.
Welcome to the forum. Hope you can get active and RPing as soon as possible.
Hey! I'm PA, local... guy. Yeah. I've been around a while, so I know the lay of the land a bit, but the current mods are still the ones to talk to for real questions.

And just so you know, Twi, one of the mods, loves to say hi to new guys through PM's, so be sure to... no, no, I can't do that to such a polite new kid. Don't PM Twi.

In any case, welcome, have fun, create characters, be manly.
Yes...stay far away from Twi. Trust us on this.
Yo. Good to have you.
Hey there.

*ahem* Anyway, good to have you, the chat is a nice place to be (General La-di-da - RE:RN Chat) and don't break no rules. Unless accidental. And minor. And uh, everything else except intentional. Any questions can be directed in a PM to the colored-name people or the chat.

Have fun. : D
Hey Muffins! Enjoy your stay my chocolaty freind.

....Well you did say to call you anything : P
Walcam to ARR EE ARR ENN.
Yoh newbie. Resident punching bag/bitch here to say hi and to tell you that twi will kill and eat you if you get within a mile of him.